Reviews for Exodus
Kaz Obsidian chapter 2 . 3/14/2007
Did you have to have it all centered? and you could've warned me that the first two chapters centered around your oc... then i could've skipped past those... anyway, don't like that it's centered and decided that maybe you might like to know that some people can't read a story that centered all the way through, i tend to start skimming over large chunks of the story, and perhaps other people do to, but might like to try and read the story, but can't because its centered and quite annoying...
geek'd chapter 6 . 12/24/2006
'hurting' him? you killed him off. ah well, nothing i can do 'bout that. but you -really- like evanescence don't you? you have four songs from the last chapter.

i'm -attempting- to write another story, but so far: nothing. my mind has drawn a blank. major writer's block.

this chapter was cool, but i'd REALLY like for you to just kill at LEAST half of the order for killing sev. please? but, if you can't, i'll just go and imagine them being killed.

go go go go go!
geek'd chapter 5 . 12/22/2006
*gasp* i haven't? oops. sorry. i thought i did...or, maybe that was for your other story...yeah...i think it was...

WHY DID YOU KILL SEV? WHY? that is so -cruel-

*sigh* well, i can't do anything about it, i'm not in charge of the plot line. you are.

other than that, it was a great chapter overall. again, i am so so so sorry about not reviewing. i'll try to from now on.

keep going!
geek'd chapter 2 . 11/12/2006
woah. bounty hunter? ouch. she better RUN!

i bet dumbledore hired him. didn't he?

great chap. people need to start reading! damn! it's getting on my last nerve that people aren't reading them. i'm almost the only one!

this story-i'm sorry if i'm insulting all your others-is so far my fav. one, because it seems cool. two, because she's wearing HOT TOPIC THINGS! YEAH! i love hot topic too. it ROCKS! and three, action in the second chapter! yay!



this story AND suddenly i see, please!
geek'd chapter 1 . 11/4/2006
oh! new story!

i really don't care that you haven't updated your other stories in a while, now that i think about it. as long as something comes, i'm good!

so...yes! this sounds uber awesome! i just had a bunch of chocolate from halloween that i stole from my sister (shh. don't tell!), so i'm super hyper...

so tom is cassandra's godfather? cool. really cool. like you said, EVIL(yet awesome!) twist.

now, this might get on your nerves, but whenever i see someone put 'sp?' i just gotta fix it, so here are the spellings(sorry):




and i GUESS that makes tom hot...probably does. so is the ENTIRE world against dumbles here? i mean, you said poppy is refilling tom's stock, so is everyone against him? i'm actually feeling sorry for your evil dumbley-dork. really, i am, and that's not common for your stories.

update! this along with your other stories! (if you get the chance with the others, that is)