MidnightHalcyon chapter 1 . 2/11/2011
Whoa, very dark; awesome story.
BonesDBchippie chapter 1 . 11/10/2006

WOMAN...when you go DARK...YOU really GO DARK! W O W! I mean WOW! I gotta go with Jaed on this one and say I momentarily felt sorry for her...BUT it was feeting! Seeing as we are the Official officers of the "We want Booth and Brennan together, DAVID and CAM HATERS" FAN CLUB!

WHAT a different perspective of Brenn's father THAT was! NOT to mention Cam's past! Although the thought did occur to me that he was only PLAYING her! STILL tyring to keep his children from finding keep them safe! AS the saying so for Cam...What goes around comes around! Your psycho muse definitely worked overtime on this ONE! HOPE it's had it's fill for a little while though~~WELL WRITTEN! LOVE your stuff! KEEP it coming our WAY!

~G :D
jaed621 chapter 1 . 11/6/2006
Oh woman when you go dark you jump in head first, this is a story that has a maturity beyond the ff world. It was well written, and I actually had a brief second when I felt sorry for her, then it was gone. I'm a little creeped out that the guy is Brennans father but I guess we never stopped to consider that he may actually be a bad guy. I just want Booth and Brennan to be safe, it seems to me that Cam just got what she had coming you don't live your life at the expense of others and expect it not to catch up with you. Really well done, and don't worry sweetie, we all dip inot the dark side now and then...

Hope all is well with you.

Take care,

Bella-mi-amore chapter 1 . 11/5/2006
oh I adore this story, love that Cam got what she got. In a dark creepy way. No I am not sick. Just enjoy the good reading. lol
willowwood chapter 1 . 11/5/2006
WOW. I loved what you've got going on here, the way you've thought out the whole story and everything. Cam being involved with Max Keenan is just pure genius, amazing even, and the way you presented it all was just brilliant, complemented the plot perfectly.
goldpiece chapter 1 . 11/5/2006
Geez. I guess your muse goes psycho. for myself, I personally think that Max is trying to protect his kids as opposed to wanting nothing to do with them, but that's just me. I really think Cam is manipul;ative, but I just can't fathom Max being that way. I can't at all. But, it's your story, and it is dark indeed.