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Rebatrek chapter 32 . 8/10/2023
Good with unexpected elements!
DoctorWolfBane chapter 32 . 8/5/2023
I feel Rons death was a little lazy
Crafter34 chapter 32 . 8/4/2023
This has been a great read and I have enjoyed it immensely, I think that this is the third or fourth time I have read or rather re-read it, and have enjoyed each time .
Thank you for all of your time and talent to write your stories I have read all or almost all of them at least once and many of them multiple times.
Here's hoping that you can continue to write, as you have a great ability to think of a story line and have to me the ability to get it down to paper and on this site I have thought about writing myself but thinking of a story and getting it down on paper is very difficult but I am trying to get it done but I lose the thread and then forget what it was I wanted to do with it, but I will keep trying and maybe one day I will succeed at it.
Your stories are so good and worth many rereads.
Busymom75 chapter 17 . 7/20/2023
I thought that in a previous chapter, Draco had splinched himself after firing the reducto curse at Auror Wood, beheading himself in the process?
malexandria chapter 10 . 7/9/2023
I loved HP up until book 4, everything after felt like Either JK no longer cared or someone completely different wrote the last 3 books. The unforgivable thing for me will always be that he named his son after Snape or even Albus. But especially Snape. One or two acts of “bravery” does not wipe out years of Abuse and then all the blind eye he turned towards death eater activity. And you’d have to be a fool to think his hands were clean. We won’t even get into all of Albus’ manipulations
Books85 chapter 23 . 7/1/2023
It looks like I reviewed ch 22 the first time I read this.
Thank you for sparing us from the canon "camping trip from hell" which originally ate up most of book 7.

To make up for it you are laying out the gray areas in fighting invasive species, (extinction of a species vs. freedom from the damage that the species inflicts) but then perhaps not, for dementos weren't a natural species but created from murdered people by a dark wizard. Perhaps their deaths were a mercy after all.

I am enjoying this as much as I did the first time I read it. Many thanks
noylj chapter 13 . 6/25/2023
You name a lot of very good but long dead stories.
TrickyTwist chapter 32 . 6/24/2023
What an inspired tale. I picked this up on something of a whim and find myself incredibly greatful that I did. While sometimes longwinded, I found the plot well paced and well thought-out. Its rare to find stories where the author makes references early on you can clearly relate to in later chapters. This story has it in spades. I perhaps would have appreciated more substantial interactions with Freedom as I feel she became a literary device to facilitate quick travel and healing. However I suppose that is the meat of her creature nature so it can be forgiven easily enough. The romance is light and grounding throughout, and while I am personally a fan of Hermione I found her outcome actually realistic, painfully so, but truly realistic to a woman of her character in these parameters. Honestly its a bit refreshing to read a tale where the outcome is not necessarily predetermined. Lots of death and gore, but a good balance. Very human.

The work put into this story is phenomenal and I wish to thank you for sharing your very meticulous work with us. I understand the time it takes to truly outline a story like this, let alone add real character development while packaging it in a way so easy to consume. Genuinely, thank you for sharing this.
yardchicken2 chapter 32 . 6/10/2023
Just finished reading this and thank you for sharing your time and talents!
odonnellzoo99 chapter 31 . 5/27/2023
Always a pleasure.
Lord Cartwright chapter 32 . 4/22/2023
Still love this after all this time
SMB chapter 28 . 4/4/2023
You skipped the most important part of Harry being injured and his fight with Susan by a month? Seriously? I'm stopping reading now. That's just too idiotic to enjoy the last three chapters. I know the ending is going to be stupid after everything else you set up and didn't deliver on.
blzrgurl71 chapter 32 . 3/28/2023
I was sent here because of the story "Harry Crow" and I'm so glad I came. This was an amazing ride from start to finish. I've gone through and read most of your stories now and although this was the only one I commented on you should know that they've all been good. I usually ship Harry with Hermione but...I'm coming around, mostly due to this story. It deserves every favorite it gets.
Guest chapter 5 . 3/14/2023
Darknessdawns chapter 32 . 3/11/2023
Overall this was a very interesting piece. I was rather amused by how things resolved themselves throughout the story. I also quite enjoyed the relationship that developed between Harry and Susan. Several parts of this surprised me and I really enjoyed how it went its own direction. Unfortunately there were also several bits of confusion and typos that I noticed. Of course there was also that odd time jump after Harry was injured right before the start of the school year. It almost felt like it was missing a chapter right there. Thankfully most of my questions were resolved within that chapter. At any rate I did enjoy the story and look forward to reading more works from you.
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