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ChinVilla chapter 4 . 8/6/2014
I know this was written a long time ago and I'm not asking for a continuation, but since I got hooked on Dark Angel just recently and stumbled upon your story just now, I wanted to at least let you know that I very much enjoyed reading your work. I love your insight into the thoughts of Bling. Nicely written.
ViolettBlack chapter 4 . 6/29/2013
Please continue writing this fanfiction!
ML Only chapter 4 . 8/27/2008
I just came across this Mari83 - very enjoyable. An interesting look at Logan through Bling's eyes. I liked this because the focus is firmly on Logan - you haven't made Bling the centre of the story - in other words, you've kept him in-character in his role as a secondary character in the series without turning him into a male Mary Sue, lol! Nicely done! Nice to pop back into DA and find some good, canon S1 stuff still being written.
shywr1ter chapter 4 . 2/23/2008
Do you believe this? How could I not have posted a review? (bad, bad Shy; bad, bad Shy-memory!) Luckily you know how much I like this (you do know, right?) but I know I haven't taken the time to mention the stuff I liked the best...

(And one of the best: it occurred to me that this story may well become the entire S1 thought Bling's eyes, both the episodes we know and other scenes they never showed us! Can't wait to see more of what "really" happened in S1 eps, thanks to Bling!)

But as always, another POV on a great scene lets us enjoy it all over again, and it's ezpecially good coming from Bling's view (yay, Bling!) In the Bling-as SEAL context, this scene has so many more layers of meaning than if someone else, maybe even Max, had walked in: Bling relives his own loss in the shooting, his friend Peter, and has that pain to handle, but is willing to put it aside knowing that Logan needed him as he fought his own battles with the shooting. Don't we all want a 'Bling" in our lives, to watch out for us during the rough times!

"his eternal mantra of ‘I’m fine’" liked your pointing out how this scene was a peek behind Logan's tough "somebody's gotta do it," get- back- to- business- as- if- nothing- happened veneer.

"Bling could only guess why Logan had decided to drag those moments into broad daylight." Good point - and I admit I hadn't really thought about that pre-scene scene (how about writing THAT from Logan's POV? :D) but have now- other than Bruno's being alive and *there* - what exactly led Logan to getting the tape? Did he have the copy all along and if so, just not pull it out yet, or hurry & get/download a copy from the news station that day? (the 'morbid fascination' is so strong and the "that is definitely me," it seems like, either way, this was his first time watching it.) What was going thru his mind as he thought about the tape, went to pull it out, loaded it up... clearly Bruno's appearance raised lots of stuff he was probably trying to ignore/get past (and who will write all THAT?) but why the video, in particular? (other than the obvious 'writers want a scene with Logan angsting so the audiance will get / remember the connection... :P)

And these are such fitting lines summarizing the scene as Bling left it (in partial quotes so as not to take up a whole page with this review!):

"Sometimes ... he feared losing Logan to Eyes Only, the artificial identity still offering the control and validation that seemed to be impossible now as Logan Cale." and

"Bling looked back at his friend, sitting in the same position as before, just as if their conversation hadn’t happened. Logan’s expression was grimly blank, focused as if he could continue watching for hours, becoming more and more numb with every time Peter died anew, with each time he saw himself going down." (this in particular - Logan watching as if their conversation hadn't happened; more numb as Peter died anew..." Such perfect thoughts to describe this scene!)

"Calm, never screaming, never crying." But so much going on underneath? "But who knew whether Logan didn’t scream, didn’t cry when he was alone at night, when there was nobody to witness his weakness..." (More "Logan needs a hug" fic potential there! Someone needs to get this written! ;})

Thanks once again for a wonderful Logan-Bling scene- can't even get enough of them! ;}
gypsydoggy10 chapter 4 . 2/18/2008
Beautifully written. You're writing just gets better and better-it's a pleasure to read.
Sossoca chapter 4 . 2/12/2008
That was really good!
lisa316 chapter 4 . 2/11/2008
I like that last sentence best of all, very powerful.

Nice work, Mari.
Obsessed Pam chapter 4 . 2/11/2008
This was such a thought-provoking chapter delving in to the inner workings of Logan using the most traumatic moment in his life. Very much looking forward to what is to follow...
BlueAngel137 chapter 3 . 2/5/2008
Mari, this is just perfect! I really like this a lot. It's great to get a look at Logan's life through Bling's POV, and I think I understand Logan much better after seeing him through Bling's eyes. And you have so many beautiful details in there.

Favorite parts:

-... As so often, Logan was hard to assess, his status as patient and friend, employer, admired local hero and object of worry making it impossible to find a sane amount of professional distance. His attitude to their therapy sessions oscillated from dull resignation or absentmindedness to driven, almost angry overachieving that seemed to be fueled by the secret hope of getting back his legs. ... (such a great observation, and love how you phrased this)

-... In eerie stillness Logan would have sat by the windows, the glassy barrier separating him from the dizzying edge that now seemed so alluring. Ignoring his altered silhouette, he would have stared down at the city below where life took place without him, not for an hour or two as he sometimes did now after a long day of work, but from morning to evening, caught in a numb cloud of sadness. ... (again perfectly put into words, and such a sad "what-if" scenario)

-... Of course Bling wasn’t that easily distracted. Giving his friend a quick, scrutinizing look, he decided that a bit more teasing was safe. Over the last months he had learned to read Logan, to see the the signs that preceded annoyed snapping or that state of lost melancholy when he’d accidentally touched a forbidden topic.

Now, however, there was none of it, just fidgeting nervousness interfering with the self-assured calm usually characterizing Logan in the kitchen. (Ah, can picture Logan perfectly ... and prodding/teasing Bling is always nice. ;-))

-...The triumph of having tricked a well-organized unit of soldiers without even leaving his office, the fact that it had been his abilities, equipment and quick thinking that had saved Max and Hannah, had been enough to give Logan a boost of confidence that no pep-talk could have ever achieved. The lingering high of the mission had brought the realization that he could help Max like nobody else could, could fool her pursuers and help her find her siblings. ...

(This is such an interesting aspect. And yes, you are right - Logan looked really satisfied after he managed to trick Lydecker. And he certainly needed a boost of confidence at this time.)

jfg207 chapter 3 . 2/3/2008
Very nice... Keep on going, please.
shywr1ter chapter 3 . 2/2/2008
Oh, so satisfying!

Is it terrible to admit I find myself liking the buddy-scenes like this, between Logan & Bling, more enjoyable than a lot of M & L scenes? The solid, steady, sensitive Bling just draws out the most interesting parts of Logan, the whole range of petulant and stubborn and insecure... I always sense that because of Bling's role as therapist, Logan would start being truly honest with Bling before he would with Max: Bling has seen him through the worst, and now Logan will look to him for his opinion (like here, his reaction to the idea of having Max over for dinner) and might even feel more genuine in his responses (grumpy, angry, frustrated, insecure) than he would be with Max. After all, if he is (even secretly) holding out hope that he might have a chance with her, he might be more guarded in his responses and in his revealing the "negative" stuff like fear or doubt or insecurity. I almost get the sense that Logan understands that being dishonest with Bling is like trying to fool himself- he may almost believe that the man can read his mind! (so who over-analyzes?)

All that to say you have this aspect of their relationship shown so beautifully here. As Lisa said, I can just see the two of them, their expressions & movements, during their conversation. Along with the line Lisa quotes, I can see this so clearly, too:

"...Bling noticed that the counter was covered with fresh bundles of spices, creamy-white cotton napkins and matching placemats, all seeming a bit over the top for just one person.

"He was sure that something was going on when Logan fixed him with a short, suspiciously disinterested glance from the corner of his eye. Nodding to the upper cupboard where the less frequently used items were stowed, he addressed Bling with an as yet unvoiced request, his tone of overly casual. 'Could you please get down two of those wine glasses in there? And there should be silver candlesticks, too.'”

(studiedly casual- can so see it!)

"Bling started the prodding, for the moment ignoring Logan’s wordless attempt of distracting him with a bowl of homemade mousse au chocolat."

(well, it would work for me, but luckily Bling is made of sterner stuff!)

"With an exaggerated sigh Logan gave in, putting down the knife to give Bling a long-suffering look, conveying that he knew his trainer’s game perfectly well. 'No, thanks, Bling, really won’t be necessary. Unless I cut off a finger because someone,' his look became even more pointed, 'keeps distracting me, I’ll just have a quiet evening at home and…' A short pause, then the crucial point came out, a flicker of insecurity replacing the grouchiness, 'invite Max for dinner…You know, as a way to thank her for all her help…'”

(just love this scene- so perfectly clear an image!)

"Declining Logan’s offer for another round of mousse, Bling stood up to go, still faintly smirking with the knowledge that, today, he wasn’t needed around here."

Another nice image, and great ending for this scene. You just have to love Bling! I do and I love the feel of this chapter and the relationship you draw between the two, how you show Logan as he reacts to Bling. Terrific!
annie200 chapter 3 . 2/2/2008
Logan and Bling, my two favourite characters..and you have drawn them exactly right. What a pleasure this is ti read!
lisa316 chapter 3 . 2/1/2008
"Logan’s only reply was a short, polite “No, thanks”, eyes not even leaving his work, as if he hoped that simple ignoring Bling would stop the nosy questioning." - love that line, I can totally visualize the look on Logan's face as he says it.

I really like looking at these characters from an outsider's perspective.
lisa316 chapter 2 . 4/1/2007
"In the end Logan had gone in alone, with bold, confident strokes wheeling himself into the arms of those to whom a human life was worth nothing at all. He left Bling – the bodyguard, the soldier, the one who should be at the front – behind, going crazy with waiting and imagining all the things that could happen to an untrained civilian in a wheelchair when bullets started to fly." - This was my favorite part! So nicely worded!

"For a terrifying split-second Bling thought that she had gone crazy, was sacrificing herself for the man who no doubt meant so much more to her than she would ever admit. Then, with a weakening jolt of relief, he registered the rope around her waist, securing her in her drop toward the bone-crushing pavement." -Or possibly this is my favorite part...I can't decide...this is good too...

And I'm very grateful that there are no drop-off cliff hangers in stories like this so I don't have to wait until they are complete to enjoy them. This is wonderful, Mari, I can't wait for you to continue it!
lisa316 chapter 1 . 4/1/2007
You have such an amazing and unique insight into our favorite cyber-journalist...

I really like the way Bling is curious about him from the beginning, trying to figure out what a guy like Logan is doing mixed up in EO business. He probably did stand out a bit.

"Bling quietly took in Cale’s handsome face and intelligent eyes, curious about what this man had done to deserve the unmistakable respect in Peter’s voice"-nice line.

"In the weeks that followed the shooting, Bling got a first hand look at the all the intricate thoughts, idealistic motives and hapless circumstances forming Logan Cale….and coining Eyes Only. Almost none of his new knowledge came from Logan himself, who, unlike many other patients facing such a life-changing injury, didn’t feel the need to entrust his therapist with his life-story. Quite contrary, Logan was as tight-lipped as ever with everything concerning his life or feelings… only now, hopelessness, defeat and melancholic vulnerability had conquered the place of idealistic optimism." -this was just easy to visualize the looks on their faces during the exchange about Logan's personal life.

The visit from Logan's family was so well done. "An interruption hadn’t been necessary. After barely 10 minutes the couple had left, their expressions speaking equally of anger, self-righteousness… and even embarrassment – all emotions which had been strangely mirrored in Logan’s face, together with just a faint trace of hurt and disappointment, when Bling looked after him an instant later." You beautifully captured the feeling of 'family' here. They really don't understand each other, don't accept each other, don't really like each other, but they're stuck together because they're related!

In summary: LOVE THIS!
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