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Guest chapter 29 . 3/11/2015
Guest chapter 29 . 3/11/2015
plz make new chapter
we won't be mad even if you update now!
SlashAnimateYUS chapter 29 . 2/25/2014
You know CV, I've been reading fanfiction for a very, very long time. More than ten years of hours upon hours on this website and a few others reading predominantly slash pairings and giggling like the mad fangirl I am. And you know what? As much as I love my slash pairings, as many as I've read, this story right here is easily the best I've ever read. I couldn't even begin to describe all the right buttons this pushes for me, but I'll try, if only because you deserve the praise.

For one, I prefer slow burn fics, and the more chapters the better, and the longer it takes the two characters to realize what they're feeling and come to terms with it, all the more hoo hay. I especially delight in fics where the characters are kept IC up to their sexuality and how any straight male would react to that being challenged. I don't believe it to be something that should be ignored, but it often times is, or breezed over quickly and unconvincingly. You handle all of this naturally and with a fluidity that makes me dissolve into a mass of satisfied goo. And after that? The easy flow of the story, the attention to the characterization, the details, descriptions, tone, the inclusion and importance to the side characters and their effect to the storyline...again, I could go on. I can't even...I love this fic. I looooove this fic. This fic sets a fire to my love for IkkixKazu that despairs my spirit because this thing hasn't been updated in four years and anything else I read with these two will always comparison.

I seem to be writing a short essay, so 'm going to go by saying that if you do read this one day, I hope you're doing well in life and that you could find the time someday to finish this beautifully written story. You have my gratitude for this gift and the inspiration you've granted me to become a better writer.

With nothing but well wishes,

whiskedaway chapter 29 . 11/18/2013
Just amazing.
Dae chapter 1 . 5/15/2013
I absolutely love this fic, no words. I've liked this pairing for long so this is easily my favorite fic, since honestly, there isn't enough stuff about them out there! This is the kind of story that makes you go AHH I DON'T WANT THIS TO END. I especially love how you wrote kazu it makes me grin so much.

I hope you are doing fine and still write? Since your fics are some great stuff, i'm loving em enough to save these on my computer haha! Thank you!
Cellandning chapter 29 . 2/24/2013
.GOD! I just read through all 29 chapters and I've never read something so amazing. Your language is varied and interesting, a few words or phrases were a bit overused though. I've never read the manga and have only seen a few episodes of the anime but even so it was still LOADS of fun to read. Kazu were in a lot of danger many times but never felt like a damsel in distress and all of the characters story development felt natural and real. You took up things from the original series that could cause plot holes, for example Ikki and Simca, but you handled it well. I other words, you are GREAT,this story is AWESOME and you should keep ad it!
Guest chapter 29 . 1/15/2013
Please tell me that there will be more? I have fallen head over heels in love with this story.
the hotpocket hunter chapter 29 . 8/6/2012
This is absolutely amazing. Please continue soon, and I have to say, stop doubing yourself. You just keepnsaying your chapters aren't good, but they are! I know people who woukd kill to write like you!
OrangeBoxFox chapter 1 . 7/8/2012
I love Folly and Sin! It has drama, romance, action, etc.
I wont lie, a numerous amount of times did this story have me on the edge of my seat and squealing. The characters are well written to.
CorruptedQueen chapter 29 . 4/14/2012
I do so hope that you continue this story. I absolutely loved the tortured Kazu chapter. 3
Elynie chapter 29 . 2/2/2012
Now where do I even start? It's been a long time since I first time found this. It's not everyday I find a story that keeps me up till early morning because I simply can't stop reading.

There was many nice quotable things and I have re-read this like 3 times! The way you wrote about the characters was great&lovely. And I honestly can easily re-read this later again, that's how much I liked it haha. This is one of my favorite fanfictions ever (especially since I adore this pairing, but it's fandom is now nonexistent).

So I had to drop by again and this time actually say THANK YOU for writing such amazing story. I do hope you someday finish this, but I'm happy to have read what there is.
Fimberry chapter 29 . 12/25/2011
Truly this is a masterpiece at work.

It's a doggie-dog world and Ikki's the doggiest. Your character analysis hits home; from the insecurities of Kazu, to the recuperation of broken hearts. It is a story which entails the inner struggles of growing up, and acceptance. A transition from friends to something more.

And I salute you for sharing such a story to us readers.

No constructive criticism here.

It’s been a year, but I still wish you the best with this story (and the rest of your upcoming stories, if any).
NyokoKuro chapter 29 . 8/12/2011
Sooooooo gooooooooooooooood! update soon.
black pudding chapter 29 . 8/8/2011
Okay, so I just found this story and


Yes, ahem. It's all I can do to not flail around excitedly like a hyper Emiri would (Oh wait, I'm already doing that).

Ths fic was just so AMAZING, it is the one and only GOD of Ikkazu, or, you know, Air Gear fanfiction in general. I'm like crying my eyes out here 'cause I found such an amazing fanfiction Q.q

Okay, now for a coherent review.

First off, the pairing. I absolutely ADORE Ikkazu 'cause they're just so right together. I mean, seriously? Anyone can see that Kazu's obviously the hots for Ikki and Ikki is always so adorably concerned about him. And especially now after I've finished chapter 100, after that EPIC fight between the two and friendship and wings and pride and rainbows flying around in the aftermath I LOVE THIS PAIR TO PIECES. So it just makes me very happy that you, unbelievably talented writer, decided to write Ikkazu :D

Then, your writing.

It is simply awesome, period. You got me feeling everything from teary to heartstruck to hot and bothered to tense and I love it. I'm addicted to your writing. I was like sitting HOURS on this piece of genius fanfiction and I couldn't stop. And you don't fail at all at action! Rather, it was totally tense and suspense-packed and I'm still totally up for the next chapter!

And then, finally, the content.

I wanted to see a piece that deals with Kazu's insecurities for a long, long time, simply because I thought that would be not only fun to read, but especially to write. I love character study, and this one is really interesting. If you consider that Kazu's character, if left alone, could very well develop into something ... don't know, unsightly and dangerous. I mean, the boy has so obviously a complex about his personality and abilities, and you described it so Perfctly with a capital P, I just don't know anymore. And everyhing you wrote was like totally plausible and I still think it could've happened in canon :D

Ikki eing concerned ovr Kazu while trying to deal with his own problems was great, especially since you see his point as well, as in: He isn't omnipotient and he can't make the impossible happen. I liked how he tried to do both at the same time, deal with Kazu's giant complex while still having to do what his position as captain of Kogarasumaru commands him to do, and at the same time hiding his own problems like the murder on Storm Riders, while being somehow backed into a corner by Iron Clock (with good intentions, of course, but still.). And because he tries to do all of this at the same time, he somehow can't finish up any of these cases, and the fact that he somehow can't really go at it one by one even if he tried to because all of these problems are tied together like a Gordon knot just makes it worse for him.

Uh... I fear that wasn't at all understandable and coherent and I totally overwhelmed you with all these speculations and etc. Especially since my English is so bad (it's not my first language, so please forgive me u.u)

But anyway, I'm ranting on and on about Ikki when I really want to speak about Kazu. You know, I absolutely adore that character. It's actually my favourite. And you portray him so well, I'm just... wow. You're great.

I would like to keep ranting about the greatness of your fic, but I'm totally exhausted now orz

Sorry for dumping all of this on you. What a long, incoherent and struggling mess of trying to word my excitement for FaS :D I hope you don't take it too bad. Sorry!

As final words: YOU RULE. THE AIR GEAR WORLD. Hip hip hurray!

... :D
Deaths.Last.Prayer chapter 29 . 8/4/2011
I think I'm in love with you... er... this story... yea. That's what I meant. I've just finished reading it in one sitting and I am thoroughly enamored.

Not even joking.

Loved it so much it hurt... and there were some ridiculously cute moments too. Dear me.

Although, I kept wondering for the first 20 chapters or so why the hell I kept reading this when no real Ikki x Kazu action was happening. Seriously, it pissed me off so much but it was so intriguing trying to guess when it would happen and what would be the spark that set everything off so I just kept reading and kept falling in love with your characterizations...


Epic run-on sentence right there but I don't care. This was an amazing story (so far) and I can't wait to know how it ends. Seriously. I loved the build-up of Ikki and Kazu's relationship and I've loved Air Gear and this Pairing ever since I read the first ten chapters around the time the manga first appeared and... and I was so glad to stumble upon this fic. It's so hard to come by a good Air Gear fic of one of my favorite pairings.

It's written amazingly by the way. I just blatantly disregarded the grammatical errors because, honestly, this is lengthy and the plot is supper developed so I'd be surprised if I didn't see any errors of any kind.


I hope you decide to update at least at the coming anniversary of this story ;} It was a wonderful read. I'd read again. And it's inspired me to read more of the things you've written. Kudos to you dear.

Again, lovely story!

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