Reviews for Raz's Jump
Lyre-19 chapter 1 . 5/16/2007
I agree with Digitaldreamer. This was a good read. You portrayed Raz in character and did well with the emotions. Aside from a few spelling errors, which, hey, everyone makes at some point (I myself am banging my head against the wall with my stupid spell-check ~ XD!) your vocabulary and wording flowed nicely. and i am in complete agreement with your closing statement. SASHA NEIN RULES THE WORLD!

for my closing statement, i will just say that although Sasha rules the world, VERNON IS THE SECRETARY OF BORING..ER, I MEAN FORIEGN AFFAIRS! XD!

happy gaming!
Digitaldreamer chapter 1 . 11/10/2006
Oh, nice.

I too had some trouble in that p;art of Gloria's mind...poor Raz. Good thing I saved at some point during the catwalk, so if I fell I just loaded and restarted before Raz fell to his death...

Anyway, this is lovely. You discribe Raz's thoughts and emotions amazingly well, that you do. You have a few spelling errors here and there (Psychonaut is spelled...well, like that) but overall they weren't too distracting.

This was very nice, I hope to see more from you!