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Kingofclubs8129 chapter 14 . 11/6/2016
Still one of my favorites any chance it'll be continuing at any point?
Th3SmartAlec chapter 14 . 6/27/2013
I've been reading this and ReEducating Miss Roth for the last week and my main wish here is for: 1: The story to continue, hopefully, and 2: If it does, for Raven and Jinx to have a heart-to-heart about what Jinx is going through/has gone through. They've haven't been talking since ReEducating Miss Roth and it was something that's made these good to read.
But in any case, thanks for writing this and I hope you get the time and inspiration to complete this.
Guest chapter 14 . 6/10/2013
I hope you update soon.

I'm a huge Raven fan, and I like your stories which have her in it.

You have converted me to a Raven/Speedy fan, and I hope to see more of your stories featuring the two of them. I also like the hints of Raven and Robin as well.

I know you haven't updated in a year, but I do hope you come back to writing. Your writing is really good.
S.J Spencers chapter 14 . 5/3/2013
You should have Jinx get pregnant because of Robin and everything that would make the plot a lot more interesting than it already is
RedSteel001 chapter 14 . 4/21/2013
I love this story! You need to keep posting more chapters! I've, and I'm sure many others are waiting D:
drsonicfan chapter 14 . 3/18/2013
The story is very well thought out, a few errors, but nothing major. I think this is probably the best FanFiction I've ever read.
Question: What type of document do you use to write your stories?
TyrionGreywind chapter 14 . 2/4/2013
Okay, first up... Obviously how you feel about writing. I think passion doesn't have an age. If people are giving you shit, fuck them. I think you are a superb witer and maybe you just hit a rough patch, it happens. If you're uncomfortable, well I don't know how to advise you. I think reading stories within that genre, practicing, watching the show/game/movie/etc, has always helped me when I feel that way. If you feel unispired, listen to music, draw or maybe just take a break and write something else. I hope you get back into the swing of things though, I love your stories!

Next up, story stuff!

- I forgot about Cy and the cheating stuff. I guess I didn't think it'd affect him. I'm glad he found some one so complete for him though.

- That leads us to Jinx. What's up with her and bad guys? Seriously? She has waaay better taste in women, man just be a lesbian Jinx... I don't know how she could pick Jose over Cy... And when I said that I thought her and BB were gonna work together I thought more of a partnership not a crazy BB...

- Man, BB... What's up with the beard? If he couldn't get good facial hair then how does he have a beard? And how did he make it just dissapear? What the hell? And the claw, is he turning into 'The Beast Within'? I dunno, he needs to pull it together though!

- And the stupid Halloween Party! Right now that's so dangerous, I mean Slade or anyone could turn up! And are he and Ravager cool now, or is he just playing her? I mean she went BATSHIT and now they're friends? And why do they need 'nukes anyways? Why does jump even have 'nukes? Whatever, Jump is dumb...!

- Other stuffs;
- I wondered about the modeling, I thought you forgot.
- And that one part,
"A moment later, the two girls were gone, and the two Titans were left alone in the room. They glanced at each other.

"Wanna braid my hair?" Donna asked with a grin.

Raven stared at her for a second with an arched eyebrow, "No.""
That made me laugh so hard. I don't know why though, it just struck me as funny.
-And really Cheshire, no one likes you. Get out. And is she with the Triads? I have a feeling...

So if you've started the next chapter...
TyrionGreywind chapter 13 . 2/3/2013
So, this was a really sad plot set up. I mean sad in an emotional way, a devastating way.

- Terra, Tara... I'm so sorry, things shouldn't be like this. And why isn't Robin helping? He really could and should.

- What's his deal anyway. He's in love with Star. He loves Jinx. He and Raven have feeling for eachother, and he and Tara are kindred spirits. WHAT THE HELL?

- And poor Jinx, is she the new Hannah of this? Man, she deserves love, she's been deprived her whole life and now things are even worse. And man, Giz and the crew are harsh. Doesn't anyone care, do they even want to try and understand? I think Hannah might, they have a lot of issues they could overcome together.

- And Raven and Tara... Why would Tara be upset with Raven? I don't know, but I think Raven should help her get her old-self back and combind it with her new-self so they could have a Super-Fusion-Terra-Tara... That would be bad-ass. And what is Tara/Terra anyways? She seems too strong to be a meta. In a few stories I've read, she's been other stuff...

- And of course Jinx? Is she only a meta, or do you plan on making her more? In more than a few stories I've read she has been so much more, and I think that would be cool to see here as well. If she was gang boss that was more powerful than humans ANd metas... Well, sh might just be on par with Troia!

- And with Troia comes Dick. What's up with her, and what does she mean by 'she dis- agrees' ?

- So she thinks he's wrong about BB but I don't care. I just miss his more matured self.

-I'm honestly glad Becka is the way she is, she did the right thing telling Robin and Hannah. I hope she makes it with Brad. They're good together.

End Note- You know I keep a notebook with me now every time I read a chapter? Why you ask? Well so I can leave more serious reviews so that maybe you will FINISH THIS STORY! Gosh...
TyrionGreywind chapter 12 . 2/3/2013
Okaaaayyyy. So alot happened.

-Glad you explained the memory thing with Terra and Tara. But with her 'parents'. Damn, and how will her and Robin 'help' each other? Hmmm.

-That leads to Rose. She's a crazy bitch, but... I still like her. I pity her and welllllll, that stunt with her eye. GOD DAMN! I mean wow, off the deep end much? I always wondered how Slade lost his eye, and I knew Rose did it to prove herself. But I didn't know it would be like that! Good twist there, it was a really good idea.

- Talking about crazies, what's up with BB? I mean it sounds like he's going deep undercover, but I think he might team up with Jinx in a way. Oh Jinx... Where do you stand? You're right on the line between hero and villian and you might just fall... And killing that poor bastard, that would have been hard if she wasn't over guns... Or is she?

- Side character/Side events action...
- Really Chesire? Now? C'mon!
- And Rose, SERIOUSLY! Get more than two swords! And did the 'Chemical X' do that to her? (The bat shit crazy thing I mean.) Or did Slade use mind control and it went horribly wrong due to her meta traits?
- And I thought Tara jammed out Slade's good eye...?
- And DAMN STAR! I thought she never cussed! She whooped ass!
- And now I think most everyone is an orphan right?
- And if BB is going where-ever what about Hannah?
- Plus that backup came kinda late... Why didn't anyone call for some sooner?!
- Man, when Star left the girls I thought Ravager was gonna kill one or maybe all of them. Scared me shitless!

So over all... UPDATE! By the way, do you mean a seperate fic when you say part two or do you mean something else?
TyrionGreywind chapter 10 . 2/3/2013
I almost forgot about the Jeep! But man am I curious about everything, I mean duuuuuude! This is so interesting!I really hope Jinx lives though, she is way too bad ass to die, and Raven should live too I mean they're like the stars! And I like Tara/Terra too. I feel bad for her, and I have always liked her character even in the show. But honestly, what's up with Slade? Does he have any powers like his daughter? Hmmmm, I think he might.
TyrionGreywind chapter 8 . 2/2/2013
Man, are you cruel! I'm glad that everyone has made up sort of. It was good to see them having fun at the beach though I think Ginger is still a bit bitchy. Whatever, I'm just thinking that maybe if I review you'll be inspired. And I kind of liked Maggie, butI don't know if it'd really bother me if she died... I'm pretty cruel too, huh?
The Prophet Of Lies chapter 14 . 1/12/2013
Just read the whole story arc both of them and loved it. It was a real master work and I know I could go over a long list of what I like but that would be pointless and I know you done this a long time and feeling less love for it but don't quit till you reach a true ending no matter how long it takes you got more then one fan
SafsSoren chapter 14 . 11/14/2012
So I started reading your work quite a while ago, at least 6 years ago as all I can remember is that I was still in high school. I stopped for a while though as other things in life got in the way, this story had only just begun when I stopped and I must say i'm really happy that you've kept going with it. I have enjoyed reading every single moment of it and i'm looking forward to reading more! I hope your still having a go at writing this as I think your writing style is fantastic and I just love it so much. I'm hoping I will see an update for this in the future.
Zarohk Korobase chapter 11 . 10/9/2012
And, wow! This is all starting to remind me of "The Dark Knight Returns" especially with Jinx leading the gangs ala Batman. Even though the reasons for Beast Boy's emotional transformation are horrible, I love that he's gone all 'Protector of the Innocent' and has taken the law into his own hands. Emotionally, this feels halfway between Teen Titans and Watchmen or "The Dark Knight Returns".

"There's only one way to fix this city, and it's not the way Robin wants to do it." Beast Boy says. Actually, from what we've seen it's the way Robin wants to do it, he just has a scary amount of control, and it's not the way he thinks will work, so it's not the way he operates.

I like your so-sane-that-he's-scary Slade. And I can imagine how he feels that the Titans have to be taken down for their own good. They have a pretty black-and-white view of the world, and given how much stronger they can grow to be, well…
Slade's afraid that they'll become the Supreme Squadron. Except even more powerful.
Zarohk Korobase chapter 10 . 10/9/2012
Beast Boy did the right thing here. If the young man hadn't shot Brad, well Beast Boy was going to prevent him from thinking with something he didn't have. Unfortunately Raven wasn't there for the less (physically) violent solution (See "Identity Crisis" for that solution) but still, Brad needed to be stopped some way or another.
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