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moosejuice5 chapter 10 . 3/16
nice fic, good idea, liked it
NX-Loveless-XN chapter 3 . 2/28
Lol the development of the bet was hilarious. "You shave your head!" - that line killed me.
Also bumi is apparently immortal.
Fleightfire chapter 10 . 2/18
Such a great story, I was a bit disappointed that Aang didn't win but oh well, other than that, it was fantastic
TomMaier chapter 10 . 2/16
Second time reading it and it's still as good as the first.
susana chapter 10 . 9/14/2013
Ok, I love the fic specislly since is the continuation of rhythm of the rain which I complete are awesome..thumbs up for your fic ..I would like them to at least have one kiss...
Jhelle chapter 10 . 6/11/2013
Oh god you're killing me. This is way too much - way too precious for me to handle.
I couldn't help but re-read this over and over and over again :D Congratulations you have made my day!
OPrincess ShinigamiO chapter 10 . 4/6/2013
Adorbz! XD XD XD I thought there'd be a kiss, but the ending was already cute enough for me! Zuko and Katara's kid is so adorable! This fic is now one of my fave Taang fics! ;)
Pinkie pinkies chapter 10 . 4/2/2013
Love this!
TaangFanToph chapter 2 . 4/4/2013
TaangFanToph chapter 1 . 4/4/2013
CantankRUs chapter 10 . 2/23/2013
I think you captured the essence of their pairing. Both don't want to be grounded; it's not that they fear commitment, it's more that they love their freedom. They both have ensured each other that they won't take the other's freedom away, whether it be by love for the other or by marriage. I've always imagined Taang to be the relationship that flowed with their love as they flowed with the wind; freely. They won't be restrained by love. You definitely characterized that well. I loved the chapter. Heck, I loved this story! You've definitely inspired me and I find the whole idea of Taang a more approachable idea after this story. Great job!

P.S. PASSABLE? Are you crazy?! It was PERFECTION.
CantankRUs chapter 9 . 2/21/2013
The people of ATLA have some very interesting pets... A bison, a lemur... a bear! Haha, I can imagine Ai Li Zhen telling Kyoshi to ride her bear with her. So cute. And, gods, Zuko is just the perfect father, isn't he? Haha, almost as great a parent as Iroh is a granduncle, haha.

Lol, the awkward moment between Aang and Toph about the glider; god, Katara just wants them to get together that bad. I always imagined Katara would be the type to encourage Aang to chase a different girl after she and Zuko got together; one that's closer to his age and can help him become more mature towards the idea of love. I found it interesting that she trapped them in those romantic situations; even after the Gaang broke apart, she continues to act like a maternal figure, which I've always admired in the waterbender.

They had a lot of physical contact in that story. It was brilliant; I liked how Toph's romantic realizations intensified. She seemed to understand the results of being in love with her best friend. Every physical contact was looked at in a different way. It was very cute.

Haha, Sokka's reaction to Kyoshi's crush on Haru.. LOL. He's still that overprotective guy we loved during ATLA.

I feel like Aang is treating Toph with more respect and space than he did to Katara. With Katara, he was constantly trying to please her. With Toph, he acts like himself to get her to like him, without even having to really... try. Still, his comment of "name me your champion" reminded me of something he might say to Katara, just to please her and make her feel loved. Only, I'm glad it was directed toward Toph. She doesn't recieve much feminine praise in the story (i.e., you're pretty). She's not really chased after as much as Katara is during ATLA, which makes sense to me in some way, because Toph is younger and has a reputation as the Blind Bandit, and etc. I'm very pleased that she is finally introduced to actual romance; not like her little crushes on Zuko or Sokka, but actual romance in which she is in mutual love.

Great job. I'm really looking forward to the last match. If Aang and Toph's last talk is any proof of that, it's going to be quite brilliant.

I'm so sad it has to end. WHY?
CantankRUs chapter 8 . 2/18/2013
Aang's reaction to his proximity.. Oh geez, the only thing that's even funnier is Ai Li Zhen's suggestion! Hahaha, oh god Aang, you are so clueless.

I found it very interesting that Toph began freaking out over the lost whistle. I never thought the invincible Toph Bei Fong would be so distracted over the loss of a whistle. In some sense, the whistle is a part of Twinkle Toes, forever hers... It makes sense for her to be freaking out, I guess. I have a feeling the whistle is going to be tossed around like a hot potato, haha.

Oh, Zuko's jealousy never ceases to make me grin. Gosh, they're so cute together. Almost as cute as Aang and Toph, haha.

I'm very troubled for Toph; her distraction was so clear, and though I feel bad for her, I'm touched by Aang's immediate and instinctive reflex that he has to get down there and help. It was about as touching as Zuko's confused expression when Katara kissed him over Toph's victory... He bet against her? Hahaha.

It was also very cute that Aang could sense she wasn't the same; there was something off about her. I have a sister... even I can't tell if she's hurt just by looking at her. It only intensifies how close they are to each other.

Terrific, I loved it! I'm dreading the finish... but all good things must end, no?
CantankRUs chapter 7 . 2/18/2013
Boo. They didn't fight. I'm sure, if their animal escapades are any sign, their sparring is even more enjoyable to watch... er, read. Toph's reaction to Aang was exactly as I'd imagined; it's interesting to see how both of them approach their feelings, with such confidence and reassurance, and I think... some nonchalance, though that may just be me. I liked the Toph/Katara scene; I've felt, despite their quarrels, the two are extremely close and like to be in each others' company.. like sisters.

Aang's reaction to seeing Toph: My god, he's so whipped. It's almost as funny as Ai Li's love for Bosco... :D And Zuko's frustration over that, haha. You know, I wanted to strangle the guys who were touching her. Yes, she's absolutely gorgeous. Now let her go with her destined soul mate, the Avatar. That was brilliantly executed; you keep Toph in character so well.

Kyoshi's overprotectiveness... hahaha, she's more like her father than I give her credit for.

The plan Katara came up with was awesome; a gigantic waterbender sneeze. I can completely imagine Katara doing something like that for Taang. It was adorable. But not as adorable as Toph and Aang's little chase.

Haru and Jet with Song and Jin; why that's an interesting outcome, haha. I always imagined Jet and Ty Lee together, Haru alone.. He seems like an independent guy. Well, I wonder if Song and Jin ever predicted that little, awkward Lee would turn out to be the Fire Lord. How interesting.

Taang's little dance was cute; it was one of those rare touchy-feely moments that made me smile. The last scene though was DA BOMB. I always imagined Aang to take care of Toph in that endearing manner. It was cute, hehe.

Great chapter; though you insist it's a filler, it's amusing nonetheless and an enjoyable read. Nicely done.
CantankRUs chapter 6 . 2/17/2013
Oh, Aang... What's wrong with you?

I'm celebrating the fact that HE FINALLY REALIZED IT! Oh god, this is by far the best chapter! I don't like the other competitors. What prompted that one guy to FINALLY realize how amazingly attractive Toph is? Gosh, it's as if Aang is the only person who isn't blind in this story. (The irony.)

Hair loops... That reminds me of a certain waterbender Fire Lady, lol. Ai Li and Big Bosco make a great friendship, you know. That girl is so adorable; she just makes me grin. As for Zuko and Katara... well, they were strange to begin with, haha.

I like how Aang faced his love for Toph in a more mature manner. It was interesting how he seemed to think it out rather than just swallow his love whole and try to digest it, as he did with Katara. I've always wondered throughout ROTR how Aang managed to get over Katara. He just needed separation, and separation is great.

I can only imagine what that Shu guy is thinking. (Sorry, I'm bad with names...) Sweetness, Twinkle Toes... Miss Bei Fong has some strange friends, I should think. This story continually makes me smile. With the characters' different dillemas and progressions, it's almost as if the series never ended, which makes me smile to no extent. It's always a pleasure to read as fulfilling a story as yours.

Yes Zuko, let your daughter play with a wild, furry beast... Wait, she's ridden on Appa before, hasn't she? Lol, that just popped into my head.


Little side note: saying final ultimatum is a little redundant; it's better to just say ultimatum, or even, final offer to make more sense. Just a small, very insignificant detail. Other than that, your writing is impeccable. I'm impressed.
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