Reviews for Beyond the Glass Wall
yamishadow chapter 1 . 12/7/2006
well it's a good introduction. I'll be looking forward to the next chapter. The only thing that bothered me is that Kenshih Reaves (suppose to be Oscar Reeves...damn english dubb.) is a guy even though he looks likes a girl in many different ways. If you have any question regarding what happened before growlanser 2 feel free to ask me cause I have growlanser 1,2,3,4 and 4 return (working on getting 5...). Hope you update soon!
GreatLight432 chapter 1 . 11/18/2006
Okay, couple of things(don't worry, I'll be gentle;) ):

1. Kenshin, despite the sound of his voice, is a male. Be sure to correct that before going any further.

2. Blocking anonymous reviews isn't too wise. I know the potential for spam is there, but you are able to delete them as you wish.;) Enabling anonymous people to review can help with the encouragement.

Now, on the story: interesting start. There isn't much to say at this point, other than that I didn't notice any other glaring errors(beyond the one with Kenshin's gender). I'll keep an eye on this fic, but don't get TOO attached to my reviews...I tend to be erratic on them with 'in progress' stories.:)

Look forward to more.