Reviews for The Phantoms: Return To Amity Park
zoxy2 chapter 5 . 12/30/2013
that whole coversation between all of the ghosts made me laugh. they seemed so out of place, looks like nothing has changed after all these years, there still so dis-orderly! :)
zoxy2 chapter 3 . 12/30/2013
i like the part where you wrote they have a particular hatred for there cousin, and had only just met him.
zoxy2 chapter 2 . 12/30/2013
okay im liking the story but is tucker gonna be in it because that's just wrong if he isn't
DannyPhantomluver2 chapter 8 . 11/21/2012
hope u update soon
DannyPhantomluver2 chapter 7 . 11/21/2012
good job
pat chapter 8 . 9/13/2011
loved story but sad u r unble 2 continue :(
SteffieGee chapter 8 . 9/8/2008
...but it's the 2nd week of september and that's a long way from july 1st! r u really gonna update? or what? i would really like to read the rest of ur series! please! please update...and if u would happen to have a minute after u update, could u send a quik email to me b/c i have different fanfiction tv shows/movies/cartoons that i keep up thanx!
cdunn2010 chapter 8 . 7/31/2008
this is disappointing yet, I've dealt with worse.
S2Teennovelist chapter 8 . 8/23/2007
I finally ot an e-mail adress! God I miss this sotry, but once again i know exams and bording school must be hell so i'm waiting for an update, but now i can finally e-mial you, and yes i'm aware that phantom Planet is the last episode, and i got the info for it, and MAN IS IT AWESOME!

They finally stared showing the third season this summer and they've been showing new episodes for two weeks, and this friday fer hey show D-stabelized they're showing the final episode, and I can;t wait! anyway e-mail me whenever you can, i'd love to talk, and if you ever get around to responding to my reviews I'd love to hear them.
S2Teennovelist chapter 8 . 6/10/2007
relax, if there's one thing this site and having four idiot younger siblings have taught mw, is to be extrememly patient, and i know your pain i have exams this month too. Thankfully i only have my chem final left, and i got an 84 on my history, which is good cuz it was all multiple choice and i hate those. bad news i gte all the exams back tuesday. we ge off this endsday and get off the next two weeks, unless we have regence, and unfortunatly i have two, history and chemisrty.

yes, i found out later phantom planet was the final episode, i didn't know at the time it was a tv movie(though in retrospect i shouldve' figures), can you send me the site you found it from, cuz i tried lookign up the season three spisodes on youtube and I CAN"T FINDTHEM! And THER'S BEEN NO NEW EPISODES IN THE US SINCE OCTOBER! i know they were goign to stop airing in febuary, but for heaven sake! anyway, all your chapters are up to my standards i just wish they were a little longer, cuz i know you like many of my other favorite authors are faithful in updating eventually, but once and month updates i like long chapters which help with the wait. though one of my favorite yu-gi-oh authors Angel of your soul hasn't updates in almost two months, but like you she has exams too. anyway take your tijme and i look foreword to you updates in july (and for the record yes the us gets off in june but dependng on the stae it varies, for example i gte off next week cuz i'm in high school and we only go back to take exams, while my brothers who are in elementry school don't get out till the 21, whilw my cousin who lives in florida gets out in may due to intense heat but she goes back n late august. anyway i look foreword to your next update and don't worry about the comments, i just love asking questions.
S2Teennovelist chapter 7 . 4/22/2007
YES! THANK GOD! I was afraid you wrre discontinuing! Sweatdrops, sorry about all the detail, but i detail evryting, even in my stories, though the details are neccessary, but i'm glad you like them. I LOVE designing my character's clothes too, one of my favorite things to do is sit down and create outfits based on my character style and i give them all a different and unquie style, allowing you to not only tell them apart and see that each character is different, but also it somehwat reflects their personalities. speaking of which i finishe dmy novel a while ago, and i'm almost done editing it, and i have bunch of freidns on fanfics that want to read it, if you're interested i'll send you the title, i also came up with very orginal idea a while back for my next series that i've started about shepe-shifters in ancient egypt, if you're interested i'll send you the notes. I'm a little shaky on e-mail addresses, accoridg to my sister i have one on aol thanks to aim, but i'm unsure how to use it, (i';ma little clueless with that stuff, dor i just use my mom's e-mial which is the above e-mail address, i'll send you mine if i figure it out, so until then feel free to e-mail me.)

i'm so happy you updates close to no one on danny phantom's updates whihc i can understand since we haven't gotten ANY new episodes for the third season except Urban Jungle and that was in october last year! Meanwhile an arists i'm a fan of on devaint art, neoyi, she lives in korea and they'e got the third season up to the third to last episode or final, i'm not sure which called phantom storm, i read her review for it, and the infor and spoilers on T.v. com and HOLY SHIT! IS T SWEET! I'm going insane aiting for the new epsidoes but that's soo cool, Danny decided to activate ather accidednt to get rid of his powers desciring a normal life, but then a meator heads striaght for earth, so danny goes to the ghosts zone and surprisingly the ghosts help him ake the entire world intangible, and danny gets his powers back, it's a hell of alot better than i'm makign it sound, also Vlad and danny's secrets are both out! and valeri found out danny and vlad's secrets in the previous episode D-Stablized featuring the return of Dani, and wolf is back too! i love him he's one of my fav charatcers. anyway vlad is hated cuz he's evil, and man are jck and maddie mad, epsiecally jack, and danny is excepeted, course we knew danny's parents wuld except him, but that's not the main reason why i want to see the epsiode, i really want to see it, becuase they're this amazing moment(i reas the wuote for it) between danny and sam where danny shows her its her name on the class ring, he gives it to her, and they KIS! and actual KISS and not a FAKE-OUT, Make-out! DANNYxSAM FANS REJOICE! and they offical get together int he epsidoe! i could hug butch for that! but anyway i'm rambling now onto the long awaited review...

Oh man, danny's pissed! not that i blame him. and of course jazz is the logical one, i love how in character you make everyone. i loved the monologue-mins thing in through rocoue's eyes when sam, jazz and danny came back, it was so ! i knew it was spectra! bet she didn't expect danny, man she got her ghostly ass kicked! go danny! now the ghosts have a HUGE problem! that was such a cool fight and i loved the return iof the fenton thermos. and the kids loved it! that was so cute.

I AM SO JEALOUSE OF YOU!we still haven't gotten the thurd series in america, and THIS IS THR COUNTRY NICK STUDIOS IS IN! if we don't get the thrid season soon i'm gonna be so pissed! sorry ignore that, anwyay i can't wait to see the finale, i thought it was phantom storm though like i said above, but oh well, it's gonna rock! butch is offically a geneous! anyway i look foreword to your next update!
Thouqhts-of-Nothinqness chapter 7 . 4/22/2007
Aw. Thank you. You deserved way more than two reviews. I'm surprised that's all you got...Anyway, awesome chapter. I knew that Mia was Spectra all along. But I just love this story. Only update when you can. I'm not bugging you.
ily.not chapter 1 . 4/21/2007
Wow, Sam just pops 'em out there dosn't she! seriously great chappie
S2Teennovelist chapter 6 . 1/23/2007
you welcome(blushes) anyway any questions you need about america i'm your girl, you live in the Uk, i live in the US(New York to be presise, in the country/suburbs-technically i live in the country, cuz my house is a good ten-15 minutes from the towns, but the towns are suburban which is fine with me cuz 'd hate living in the city, i'm and enviormentalist, but moving on)i'm impressed that you wrote that ij only half an hour, and i didn't think it sucked, lacked a few things yes, but i know things are a nessity so...(and you're the second person who tells me i'm their favorite reviewer, th efirst was Secret Spy Guy, she loved my reviews and i'm actually helping her co-write her dannyphantom/digimon stories, you should check them out, the're The True Key and the New Key,) but anyway, i'm sighed to see what the ghosts are up too...

the title of this chap kinda confused me, but it made much more sens later on.

thanks for clearing up what happened to the kids in the begining. i know they're pain, i hate being cooped up in the house all day, plus they may be ten, nine and eight, but they can still kick butt!nice to see jack and maddie haven't changed much, i still think danny and sam should've been more open about telling poeple there location (epecially tucker of all people!) but still storie clears up the secrecy which is of course understandsable. it's really cool that john is so open about this, jazz made a good choice, course then again she always did have good judgement.

OH MY GOD! JACK FENTON WITHOUT HIS ORANGE HAZMAT! Is that even possible? it's hard to imagine jack in an ordinary black suit? hell i dont think him and suit belong in the same sentence! but still very cool, and once again and very creative and orginal turn around. i love jack, he's such a fun-loving and funny character and he can also be really serious when he neds to be and he cares tremendously about his family, epeically danny, obviously.

danny's such a fun parents, but he's als very responsible, a very well rounded parent if you ask me, espeically since the kids are still young, but he can obviously be as strict as sam when he has to be (LOL, she's rubbing of on him)

I loved sam's outfit! perosanlly i'm like sam, i love wearing black, cuz it goes with anything but alos with an acess color, and i love mixing and matching colors and stuff, cuz i'm a colorful person and i'm also very rebellious and independent and i stand up for what i beleive in and if i'm against soemthing(just ask my math teacher, after and incident with out final exam, but moving on...) so yeah, plus i loved the way you design clothes, clothong design is always a favorite of mine especially among ther characters in my books, where i try to put in as much detail as possible with out over doing it, which is very difficult, because i beleive each person like my characters have thier own unique style and persoanlity, and it eflects inthier outfits, even when they wear uniforms they wear them in a different fashion from eachother and the other stidents to show they they're different people and have thier own persoanlities and style, and you did a grest job keeping sam in style.

poor mia, i'e babay sat before but i always like to hae fun playig with the kids, plus they like laying with me, but i do get board soemtimes.

Curiosity brought the ill fate of the cat? (not to gte cliched) and apparently mia's no exception. but i'd be amaed if i found the fenton's lab! Oh crap! mia's overshadowed and their's a ghost in the house! ow come lily's ghost sense didn't go off? i know her powers don't show up until later but her a luke are twins, so... and i didn't notice the primary thing, if you made lily green instead of silver, they'd be the four elemtal colors(i read, researched and do alot about that stuff...actually they kind of are depending on how you color earth and wind; fire-red, water-blue earth-green/yellow, , but i'm gteiing off track..)

M ia possesed by spectr isn't she! i recongized her the secnd i heard the word misery(keep in mind i revewi while i read) and danny and sam didi a great job rasinign their kids, Rscoe had reallt good jusgement to figure out something's wrong just like that! danny's good. red eyes are never a good sign! hope the kids can hold out untildanny gets ! You have the evilest cliffhNGERS! very good thought, you a great job keeping the reader hooked! plus i can already tell the next xhapter's gonna be intense! i can't wait! i have regences this week, so this was a real spirit lifter, granted my tests arn't that hard, but i gte nervous so easily and it kills me, so fanficion and writting helps calm me down but i've been on a bad case of writers block (due to lack of ideas not motivation, which to me is even worse!) so once again nice chap nice cliffie and update soon cuz i can't wait for the enxt xhap! (and if you have any questions on the US feel free to ask me.)
Thouqhts-of-Nothinqness chapter 6 . 1/23/2007
Great chapter !
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