Reviews for Last Chance
mandyg67 chapter 25 . 5/22/2017
Wonderful story!
thecarouselneverstopsturning chapter 20 . 3/26/2017
I don't like Addek at all, I mean I can stand them and all but that doesn't mean I like them. But the moment between them was adorable, I love it.
And Maddison about to do the nasty with the door unlocked? SO HOT!
thecarouselneverstopsturning chapter 25 . 3/26/2017
Why did you delete the other three chapters and your livejournal of it?!
Msmiumiu chapter 1 . 3/3/2016
I really love it!
Msmiumiu chapter 25 . 3/3/2016
I loved this so much.
I think there should be more, :)
Guest chapter 25 . 4/7/2013
I loved this so much.
I think there should be more, :)
ee chapter 6 . 10/4/2012
love the karev addie scene, i think they were cute as friends. hmmm :)
iamkellylouise chapter 25 . 2/28/2010
aw, this is perfect ))

so so cute!
mockingjay-x chapter 25 . 1/26/2010
I was having an early night tonight... That didn't happen. For a couple of reasons, but this story was the main one.

It was awesome. Absolutely awesome.

Addison and Mark never cease to amaze me in every FanFic of them I read.

This one was definitely no different.
CitronPresse chapter 25 . 2/7/2009
This is such a wonderful story: beautifully written and very in character. I loved how you developed everyone; the emotions were so real and strong and vivid; the dialogue was perfect; and I especially loved your Mark. I would say that I wished I had found this before, but then I wouldn't have had the pleasure of reading it now. It made me very nostalgic for Season 3 and how things could have gone. Thank you for this. Fantastic work.
Kate chapter 29 . 1/1/2008
Wow that is SO good. i love this story. i got in trouble for staying up so late trying to finish it. I really hope that you continue it soon. I love your writing thanks so much.

keep writing

Docinho chapter 29 . 7/27/2007
i just read the whole thing and.. wow.. it's an amazing story!

please, update soon.. we're all looking forward to seeing what happends with the baby..

aw, maddison is so cute!

ps. one-shots would be more than apreciated ;D
Jamie chapter 29 . 7/23/2007
Please Update soon! I love this story.
AddisonFM chapter 29 . 7/8/2007
Please, please update...we're all anxious to find out what happens with their little girl.
Frust-sheep chapter 29 . 6/2/2007
Hello hereisnowhy,

I read your story and I have to tell you that I love it. You are a awesome writer. The story is so beautiful and fantastic and they are all so in character. I really love your story. :) And I would read the one- shots too. Cant wait for more chapters and the one- shots. Please write more. :)

I wish that shonda would take you and your story as an example. :)

Maddison, Mer/Der, Izzie/Alex rocks. :D
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