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Angry Realist chapter 1 . 12/23/2013
The Sith technology is EXTREMELY overpowered. A plasma torpedo would probably easily pierce their shielding, and I somewhat doubt a turbo laser can be that powerful, even against Covenant ships. I have never heard of a turbo laser splitting a Republic ship in half.
kaleb-yamato chapter 1 . 11/9/2013
Interesting start. But the forerunners did not create the Flood the Precursors did to battle the Forerunners.
Warpwind chapter 8 . 5/16/2013
if some as**s murdered my soldiers and than smart talked me, covering an enemy who was responsible for thousands of my dead... I would NOT help them. Let them burn, sith aren't responsible for idiots.
Orumon chapter 8 . 5/7/2013
Pfffhehehe. The scene where revan refused to release the UNSC officers was priceless.
GinsengH chapter 16 . 4/17/2013
Awesome story, it's a shame you didn't keep it up (or your other amazing stories for that matter). There are just so many good things to say about this story. This is the only Halo/SW crossover I've ever seen and it does both series justice.

A great story that sadly appears that it will never have a conclusion.
Tempest's Bane chapter 16 . 1/2/2013
Very good, another amazing chapter. Again the only problems that came up were the uselessness of plasma on the Sith's ships and the carrier form exploding so close to Revan.

1) The plasma torpedoes would do a lot more damage against Sith ships (They lack protection from such) most likely disabling the shields and/or doing some damage.

2) When carrier forms self destruct they cause an explosion much like a fragmentation grenade from Halo. As the carrier form was very close to Revan it would have done a lot of damage (If he can be seriously hurt by some bullets imagine what a frag grenade could do...).

Again you are doing an amazing job here, I'm really liking how you are slowly making it so the Flood and the Covenant aren't pushovers. The Flood combat forms possess super strength so they wouldn't be easily taken down even by Revan. The very fact that they are the Flood (which you noted) they can just overwhelm you. Even a Sith Lord has to be tired eventually. Great job!
Tempest's Bane chapter 8 . 1/2/2013
Still developing the story :) Love it! Only one detail here everything else including the story was excellent.

The plasma grenade... It would be stuck to his helmet and even if he had removed it (an act which is virtually impossible) it would have simply attached to his hand and died... That and the energy sword thing seen in my early review.
Tempest's Bane chapter 6 . 1/2/2013
Another great chapter. Only two details in here to work on.

1) The gravity well generator wouldn't work. As I have seen before there already has been plenty of talk about it so I will leave it at that.

2) Would the "pulse cannon" really be able to traverse that distance in a split second? To fire the Covenant shields only need to be down for a split second or less. I somehow doubt if the pulse laser would be able to travel that fast especially as the lasers in the Star Wars Universe are know to be slow.
Tempest's Bane chapter 4 . 1/2/2013
*This is regarding the Chapter after this one as I already posted and it won't allow me to add another one.* Sorry to bother you again but I completely forgot one of the points here, hope this helps :)

4) Regarding the virus that the Covenant had sent to the ship, it would not be as easily eradicated. As seen in the novels and such the degree of computer knowledge in the Halo Universe is MUCH higher then in the Star Wars Universe. Yes, in the Star Wars Universe they face similar things but the UNSC and Covenant have it to a much higher degree. The fact of AIs for example. Yes, the Star Wars Universe has it but in the Halo Universe they are so much better. The Covenant AIs aren't as good as their UNSC or Forunner counterparts but would still be more then a match for the Sith's Artificial Intelligence. It also must be told that the Covenant AI are based off Forunner AI technology (Although from the novels it is shown that they didn't do a very good job) and they even had artificial sentience. Much higher then what that time frame shows AI wise. Due to this the droids even with their combined intelligence would not be able to kick the virus out, in fact the AI would be completely new to them and they would be hard pressed to find it in the first place. Yes the Covenant AI would have the same problem but they show (Unlike the Covies themselves) the ability to readily adapt. That and the droids mentioned are maintenance droids! They wouldn't have, even as a collective mind anything NEAR the power required to stop a Covenant AI from destroying them. I am sorry but that is one point which drives me nuts.

Again I hope this was constructive and could help with a possible fix in the future if not I hope this helped with later stories including the two universes. This was not meant as an insult just as some pointers.
Tempest's Bane chapter 5 . 1/2/2013
Again, I have to compliment you on how amazing this story is. Though there is more little stuff that I have to pick out.

1) The Plasma Pistol: I don't know if it is just me but the Covenant seem to be very weak (At least thus far) and this weapons especially doesn't get its justice. When overcharged and shot the plasma pistol also causes splash damage which can cause severe third-degree burns as well as flash vaporization of fluids in the body, etc. Even if he did block it (something which could be argued as plasma - as used in the game - is neither a gas, liquid or solid which possibly means it could pass through or at least still cause some harm to the lightsaber or its user. Again no harm meant, you have an excellent story here I am just ironing out the details.

2) Revan hitting the jackal's shield. In the Star Wars universe shields (especially energy shields like the jackals) have proven themselves able to block and even deflect lightsabers, again this point could be argued but as it has been proven in the Star Wars Universe I think it can be applied here.

3) The Energy Sword: Except for the wrong name you have this about right though there is some problems. The energy sword is not held together by a plasma shield but an electromagnetic field. Something of which Revan could disrupt with his lightsaber. This is turn would not lead to the weapon shorting out and I believe that since both the energy sword and the lightsaber are made of plasma (albeit a different plasma then in the Star Wars Universe) it would be able to block it.

That is everything again just small details which you can choose to ignore. Most of these are finer points which just reflect how the different things act in their respective universes and as this is a crossover is mostly conjecture. Hope this was helpful and keep writing this! It is amazing!
Tempest's Bane chapter 3 . 1/1/2013
Amazing story, just started reading it. I love how you chose a different time frame from the others as it can get quite old after some time. If you don't mind I'm also going to offer some constructive criticism as I have a couple questions. About that "pulse laser" I've never heard of anything like it I checked up on the time and there is no such thing. Did you mean something else? That and there is also the problem of it easily piercing the Covenant ships shields... Nothing in the KOTOR universe was capable of that (as far as I know, then again you only mentioned a single one which means it could have been bigger). Covenant shields are not easily taken down as portrayed, in fact when facing energy weapons (except their own plasma of course) they are quite resilient. This is not meant as an insult in any way I'm just wondering how it is possible, looking forward to reading the rest!
AnthonyR89 chapter 16 . 12/10/2012
re-read this out of boredom. kind of a rough start, but a good story overall. i hope you actually update this at some point and don't just leave it abandoned.
N0W 0R N3V3R chapter 16 . 10/9/2012
I really like this story, please update soon.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/18/2012
halo fan you are wrong about the Precursors trying to enslave the Forerunner the Precursors seeded the entire milky way they saw the Forerunners as a potential race to be give the Mantle or peacekeepers of the galaxy but letter the Precursors change that and ordered the complete destruction of the Forerunners as the Precursors didn't sea the Forerunners as fit to be given the mantle when the Forerunners found out about the Precursors planes to destroyed them they retaliated and nearly wiped out the Precursors as a fail safe the Precursors release the parasite known as the flood at first the parasite was nothing more then a few stains or partials or something. Humans about 110 thousand years ago who were as advance as the Forerunners found this partials of the flood they didn't know what it was but soon found out that this thing can change this type of animals behavior and this animal soon became a favorite among humans and San 'Shyuum as a domestic pet and was breed for hundreds of years. But soon it stated to show mutations and the humans soon found out that it was a parasite. The very first floods or something didn't infected humans and humans try to quarantine the flood but soon escape and it became the Human-flood wars in the end the humans won and came out with a cure for the flood but humans were so deserted from the lost territory and lost of human life that after the war ended they invading Forerunner control Territory and soon became Human-Forerunner war were in the end the Forerunners won and the destruction of the human empire and all humans to be sent to earth human home world all their technology was destroyed and humans will be nothing more but hunters and gatherers, but before this the humans try to warned the Forerunners of of the threat the flood has the Forerunners ignore this and destroyed all evidence of the flood existence to be destroy and data and potential cure for the flood to be destroyed as well. And most Halo fans will know the rest were Forerunners lay down their weapons, Prometheans (Forerunner military) were exiled and began and era of peace that lasted for almost 10thousand years then soon ended with the returned of the flood and the Forerunner letter learned of their mistake and learn why the humans were so desert and how they should have leasing to them about the threat that the flood is and they would end up paying with their excitation and that the humans were the rightful heirs to the mantel. This was explained by the last Precursor latter it was learn that it was a gravemind/Precursors it told the humans of it plans and that they were to be the heirs for the mantel and how the Forerunners revolted on their creators.
halo fan chapter 1 . 5/19/2012
If you read the halo books cryptum and premordium you will discover that the flood is older than the forerunners and was actually created by a race called the primordials. The primordials were to the forerunners what they are to humens. The primordials created the forerunners to be a slave race but when the forerunners discovered that they were in line for extermanation they rebelled and overthrew there primordial masters.
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