Reviews for Crimson Ties in Lullabies
PhantomWolf64 chapter 30 . 10/16
I haven't reviewed a story in years, as I find it a very difficult thing to do, but this was such an amazing and satisfying story that I just had to comment. I greatly enjoyed reading this story, and I will no doubt reread it and Son of Apophis many times in the future.

The writing and plot are great, I loved pretty much everything about it, but what I loved the most about this story is the characters, especially Minkah and Afika, and how you handled them, their relationships and their character development. I usually don't like OCs, but I loved yours and I wish I could read more about them (also, do you still have their drawings? If so, I'd really like to see them, please). I wish that I was better at explaining how much I enjoyed this story, but I want you to know that I absolutely love it and I think that you did an amazing job. :)
NekomataFangirl chapter 30 . 11/29/2014
I am totally open as to what will happen or be contained in this chapter. The heaviness of chapter 28 was somewhat lifted by number 29 that saw more acceptance and even had laughter in it. I really do not want to be done with this story. On the other hand- I MUST know the ending.

Lovely humour so far. I see Yami and Malik are doing fine again, with Malik understanding his mistake, as shown in the last chapter. It is good to hear Minkah is integrating into the society smoothly.

The legendary squeeze cheddar gets mentioned. 'fuck you Kaiba :)' Jou is absolutely hilarious for setting it as his ringtone

I wonder if there will be a final twist to the story. Perhaps Severa will kill them all and the last thing they will see through the flames burning their skin is Afika? Huhu hope not ;)

I will laugh if Jou's suspicion of Niu and Honda turns out to be true. It is mentioned enough times to mean something. Then again you never know what is going to happen in Crimson

This is what I am wondering too- if the guys are even on Severa's agenda. She shared a lot of Kasiya's beliefs, and he did not deem killing the guys much more than Afik's personal vendetta.

So everyone thinks she was the one to drive the injured ones to safety? I never considered that

So Jou and Honda live together now? In an apartment. Honda probably had to move away from his family to gain some space after what's happened. They would never stop badgering him after seeing the change in his personality and behaviour

Minkah is so full of empathy now. Not so long ago he still despised Ryou for having had a better life, and now Minkah sees the consequence of what his actions years ago have done to Ryou in the long run.

:( I am done D: So you really are dead Afik :(

The merciful glimmer of hope at the end cannot quench my sadness at being done reading this story. I was hoping for satisfaction, yet there is nothing but the feeling of having lost something precious now that the story is complete.

Now where do I send this truck full of orange tic tacs to? ;)

The sequel is beautifully tangled, a thought provoking and a breathtaking story of internal battle and a journey to find the truth in the lifetime of lies and a new purpose amidst existence that never honoured hope. It is written with skill and maturity racing beyond the author's age. To me Crimson will remain unforgettable.
NekomataFangirl chapter 28 . 11/29/2014
I was not expecting anything particular from the chapters following the major battle, but thus chapter is really depressing. Particularly when Ryou states how emotionally everyone has drifted apart. The unflawed realism hits again.

Everyone's outlooks have changed so much since the last time they were at school. Perhaps I did hope for some kind of resolve and relief after the main battle is over

It seems like all innocence is gone
NekomataFangirl chapter 27 . 11/28/2014
I did not review the past few chapters for two reasons:
1) MISA got killed off -_-
2) The chapters were so amazing that my reviews would consist of nothing more than paragraphs of 'awesome' and 'omg' being used inetrchangeably, followed by graphic description of how I am drooling.

Now I am sorry, but I just have to put the biggest I-Told-You-So right in here. What did I say in the review of the first chapter where we saw Niu coming over to Otogi's cabin? I said grandpa will no doubt want to adopt him. Surely so, in this chapter we are finding out that indeed, grandpa was intending on adopting Niu.

Body count: 163 confirmed
NekomataFangirl chapter 19 . 11/28/2014
Ryou is maturing fast since Minkah reappeared in Domino. Once an emotional bundle, now he manages to stay cool and think with perfect logic.

The whole military being officially obliterated 135 people are now officially accounted for on top of whom we saw killed before. that makes the body count go to 145

Misa is dead. end of reviews.
NekomataFangirl chapter 18 . 11/28/2014
A bit weird there with that dead flesh Severa. I feel I should not be complaining after having yelled for more flesh a few chapters back

1)'Afika would have not shot Kasiya if I had not drugged him' immediately followed by:
2)'it is because of everyone'

Severa is as logical here as Minkah was stealthy back in Japan ;)

Mink is awfully wrong there isn't he, assuming Afika was merely a victim

Oh no, not such betrayal :/

But why target Minkah specifically, when there are bunches of orphans to pick up with no hassle?

So I guess Minkah doesn't love Afika anymore now?
NekomataFangirl chapter 17 . 11/28/2014
Oh I am silly. The body count should also include 4 other men that got killed 5 body doubles of the Apophis members. The plot swayed me off my feeties and I couldn't think lucidly enough. So the OFFICIAL body count is 12. The number of people dead will be much higher since more soldiers died at the base, but those numbers are unknown. I know there is 100-130 men at the base, no idea if all were assassinated that night or not. Apologies!

Um is very kind. It appears Minkah's memories of her were gruesomly distorted by Apophis

Hmm perhaps Afik was poisoned by Kasiya somehow? We know he likes poisons but doesnt stand a chance in 1:1 combat

Minkah- the killer Minkah- now speaks to people saying 'could I be alone for a little while? Please?'. His transformation is uncanny.

As soon as he remembers the true Um, Afik's plan goes plop

Paha the confirmed dead body toll raises to 13
NekomataFangirl chapter 16 . 11/28/2014
Oh shit, the woman at the beginning is Um! Omg Um is saving Afika. And she has a gun? A big dose of WTF there. Awesome

Niu 'owes' Ryou. I bet he will die taking a bullet for him

So Afika does have a mission. Is it simething to do with Minkah's mother?

Ichiro you hero! You destroyed the evidence and supplemented the body count! Oh Ichiro :( I actually liked you. So thoughtful of you to destroy the files and the computer

Body count: 3
NekomataFangirl chapter 15 . 11/27/2014
Aww Honda and Niu cooking together :3

I have bursted out laughing when Jou asked Nui if he is straight. This chapter is a much needed light in the soup of despair. But then I like soup.

Oh something tells me this cheery chapter will be followed by something dark and deathly. The deal toll HAS to rise before Niu gets adopted. Please.

Ahh so cute with Niu being everyone's buddy :) I bet h will die first
NekomataFangirl chapter 14 . 11/27/2014
Minkah said 'brother' :D

Oh no, don't worry about Afik being alone Minkah, there is still plenty of places at grandpa's adoption clinic

Jou and porn xD so gloriously inappropriate. I should make friends with him

The clash in the forest was amazing.

Absolutely incredible twist with Ryou keeping the sketch of Niu's face not Afik.

What a heated chapter. .
NekomataFangirl chapter 13 . 11/27/2014
I cannot wait to read Severa's first POV. Apparently no-one can read her thoughts, so it will be a priviledge to be able to see what's in her head. Oh and now I see the chapter begins with it. Lets see what she thinks of.

I like what is in Severa's head. Surprisingly only three mentions of fire. She seems very intelligent, calm and calculated. Her devotion to Kasiya is interesting. I wonder if her mentor returns her fondness of him.

Pretty sure the assingent in England was crashing Ryou's mother's car. Minkah is 11 here, making Ryou 10- thee age he was when they crashed.
Ryou will be delighted to find out.

Wait a second- Charles said Minkah was 8 when his Um died. On the plane he is 11, stating he has trained for the assingment for 5 years. making him 6 when he started training. Stuff doesnt add up. My fascination is growing. [pity the body count isn't! feed me flesh!]

Now Minkah is revealing the truth to Ryou. I can't even imagine what the boys reaction will be. It's an emotional see-saw with those two.

So when Minkah was 11, Um was either still alive, and somehow her wishes made Apophis follow, setting up an entire mission to grant her what she wanted, or alternatively Minkah was already heavily schizophrenic, and Apophis went with 'his mother's' plan fot the sake of having him tested further.

I am so schocked Minkah is apologising. I am probably so stunned because a few hours ago he was going to slash his brother's throat. My gosh, what a turn of events!

Ryou, your heart is made of gold...:( it is heartbreaking to have Ryou understand the situation and not give in to horror and endless anger.

So the bond between Um and Mink is broken. Ryou gave him all she always held from him to use him. Simultaneously Afik's secret weapon has lost its power. This will make Minkah see Afik has changed and becoming more like Kaiba...ready to do anything, no matter how revulsing, just to keep Minkah his

I hate (read: love) those mid-chapter cliffies! I am so impatient ;)

Minkah loves his brother :) and is talking to him- answering all questions without being sarcastic or getting annoyed. It's almost too good to be true

'This is my chance to see what grief does'. I had to stop reading here. Screw my impatience and itching curiosity. After all I have seen- this line there- it leaves me speechless. The true crystalline brilliance of Ferris' writing is beaming, outshining all manmade light sources and racing to make the sun eclipse. How can anyone, ANYONE have such talent? I may ooh and aah over pretty words, funny phrases and precisely constructed characters...this line there, it was not written, it was BORN in the mind of a real killer, calloused and curious. How can anyone tap into a mind that was purely imagined, and then draw out elements so astonishingly genuine? I cannot get over the fact this was written by a young woman, and not said by a real-life gang member. How can one create a comprehensive mind of such an intricate, elaborate and tangled character, and then walk right through it and spread it out for us like a map, pulling out thoughts that came to be by themselves within this built labirynth of a brain of a person that does not physically exist. This phrase there signifies something a lifetime beyong creating countless parallel universes within that of the story, jumping between them, letting them evolve in their own right and seeing right through them. This is beyond..I think my brain exploded... I am mumbling, too overwhelmed to present my point precisely.

30 minutes I was dwelling on the phrase above. 30 minutes of not reading the story- of sitting here, taking in that, and everything it means there and here

Go on Niu, shoot him right through the head, like I've been telling you. Yes, you want him to suffer, I get it, but just do it already! The Shrine of the Body Count needs your action Niu.

Oh damn you, Niu. I said shoot him. You didn't listen. Fine. I bet it will be you who will die next. Your choice.

Afika is the only person responsible for keeping alive positive emotions within Minkah. Without that Minkah would never become close with anyone. He would never be able to be where he is now, feeling what he feels.

Sugoroku Mutou was just itching so badly to adopt, he took care of the paperwork amidst a hellish blizzard and while hiding from deadly asssassins. So who will it be next? Will he adopt Niu too, since the lad has lost his family, making him available for adoption? Will he start snatching children from parents when he runs out of kids nearby? We should make it into a TV spin off- Grandpa Mutou Adopts

Seriously, the adoption toll in this sequel is as high as the body count. Somebody die please.

Minkah: 'didn't I nearly kill a few of his grandsons hours ago?'. A FEW OF HIS GRANDSONS. the Otogi lodge is filled and oozing with Sugoroku's grandsons.

An incredible and pleasantly long chapter. Lets see what Niu is planning to do now
NekomataFangirl chapter 12 . 11/27/2014
I do not see how Minkah managed NOT to kill Ryou swiftly with his lighting-like speed. He seemed to be clumsy with Ryou there. Someone please supplement the body count already!

What did Niu say about Minkah's mother? 'she should be dead'. SHOULD. is it possible she is not and this is the thing Afika is keeping from Mink?

Niu has my full attention now. Maybe he and Kek will rebel against Afika and kill him? Niu seems so nice. It is weird to think he is a bomber. Weird to think Apophis would keep someone as 'soft/human' as him alive.

What a nice chapter. A nice amount of tension and mild gore, with everything becoming more convoluted. I have no idea where this story will take me next. Lets find out
NekomataFangirl chapter 11 . 11/27/2014
I need to know more about Minkah's mother asap.

Why is Minkah so devoted to his abusive mother, but resents his father so much? Both of his parents are pretty much the same- pieces of loveless uncaring shits.

I'm putting another bet on Yami and Mink winding up in one bed and being found like this by someone in the morning. Preferably Malik.

I am enjoying Yami being weirded out so much . Right now I actually hope it's not Malik who will find them two together in one bed in the morning. He may raise hell if he sees.

I guess Minka's mother probably wants the Bakura family destroyed or something of this sort. Whether it's that or not, I cannot see how Minkah did not kill Charles when the first opportunity arose.

And one sentence later my suspicions are confirmed. Horrible woman. Charles- I get it, he has to die, but why Ryou too? Purely for being Charles' child? So that his genes are obliterated? But that would mean Minkah would have to die himself too.

Pah, as if she'll love you Minkah. You're smarter than that.

Evil cliffie.

But really, the body count so far is 2 (2 people usually serve at a gas station). We NEED the body count to rise. Even if it's Ryou. Just as long as it's not Misa.
NekomataFangirl chapter 10 . 11/27/2014
Why are the men lunging at Minkah instead of just shooting him? That would be so much more efficient. Absolutely amazing moment of realisation the guys are after Minkah not the Mutous. I did not see this one coming at all.
The big questions for now:
- will and how Minkah get away from the bad men with guns?
- what is Afika's cargo?
- who will grandpa Mutou adopt next?

So they did capture Minkah. I was sure he would get away somehow, like he always does. He really is a mess mentally, isn't he... when he first landed in Domino he was gloating about being trained in withstanding torture and being almighty. Kaiba really broke him

I am hoping perhaps Afika and the guys will team up to save Minkah, thus prompting Afika to drop the murder-all plan. Unlikely, as the guys have nothing to offer in terms of combat skills or anything that would prove remotely valuable in setting Minkah free.

Please let somebody die before this chapter ends, the body count is feeling so lonely and cold :(

OMG! So the 'bad guys' are a team sent by Charles to protect the guys!
I cannot believe this, this is about 900% different to what I (and probably most of other readers) imagined. Awesomeness concentrated.

Mr Mutou says he is going to check on Minkah and asks everyone to stay where they are. £100 on everyone being out of that room and all around the place before Mr Mutou even gets to Minkah.

Minkah chose Yami. Take that Malik!

Kasiya is voicing my own questions regarding the Apophis survivors- what is th point of destroying the bases, since it lets everyone know they are still alive, and beside personal vendetta, why chase the 'petty civilians'?

I want to see what th big plan for the Apophis guys is
NekomataFangirl chapter 9 . 11/27/2014
Shut the hell up Ryou, grandpa said no arguing!

I am confused- so is the Mink/Afik relationship a brotherly or romantic one? Or a mix of both? I was reading it as romantic with strong will to protect from Afika and the need to stay attached from Minka's side. So kind of like a mix of both. But probably with sexual undertones (chest touching was mentioned before).

Tell me already what Afika's cargo is, I am about to die of curiosity here!

Well done Malik, Marik knew what he was saying when he told you to leave Minkah to himself for a while. And Mr Mutou said strictly no arguing!

I adore the drama! And this chapter is oozing with it!

O.o They've surrounded Minkah. who are they and why are they after a bunch of harmless teens?

So Afik has some kind of secret that would make the all-Afika-loving Mink turn against him? It's not possible that has something to do with his mother or something? Something like a possibility of letting Minkah having a normal life, but wasting it because he wanted to keep the boy to himself?

What is up with Charles, should I count him into the body count? I am on chapter 9 and no-one's died yet. Hopefully that will fix itself very, very soon :D

Afika knows Kek is after him. Being the perfect assassin, he certainly knows exactly what Kek is planning, and Kek's 'perfect revenge' plan will probably see no-one but Kek himself die. I am waiting in anticipation.

Blood on the snow :D I knew the death toll would pick up soon :D

Brilliant chapter. Drama angst and murder is what I like best. As long as Ryou and Jou and of course the ever-precious Misa are spared.
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