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NekomataFangirl chapter 7 . 11/27/2014
the first sentence: 'All of the grimy, shaggy-faced fuck drivers' I read. I wondered what an interesting profession that must be before reading the sentence again. That takes me back to Kaiba and 'your precious little fuck'. I wish we got more description into his execution. After all he did, it would be nice to see him beg for the end of his life. I wonder what's happened to his head after it got dropped off at the game shop. Maybe one of our guys picked it up and hid under his bed as a souvenir. I suspect the shrimp-imp.

Afika is so methodical.' The tv fuzzes every 6.8 seconds'. 'It is exactly '. '672 people died'. I take to people who are precise and exact.

I knew Mink did not kill his mother. Ah, so Afika is truly fond of Mink in his own way. Mayb that's why it was so easy or him to enjoy what he was doing with Ryou, since the two do resemble each other.

Eugh 'lumpy drink'. Why drink it if it's lumpy. The last think you want while heading north Afika, is to get shits. Just don't drink it.

I see, so Ryou was the only survivor in the car that crashed taking his mother's and Amane's lives.

Everyone's forgot they've locked up Yami and Malik haven't they? The guys have been in the room for the whole night. What if one needed to pee

I am surprised Mink is not regressing to being cold- before he would leave Marik alone after saying a word or two, not wanting to have to deal with it. Now he scoops the boy up and comforts him, not even thinking of what he usually thinks of people crying ('pathetic'/'weak')

May I please ask to see the drawings mentioned in the front and end notes please?
NekomataFangirl chapter 6 . 11/27/2014
I wonder if Afika is Minkah's Egyptian koi. Probably not.

Aw the guys wouldn't break up if they knew there is a killer running after them, who intends on cutting off everyone's heads and Malik's precious bits. I'm talking particularly the precious bits- use why you still have them Malik.

I really enjoy Mr Mutou's POVs. They genuinely sound like a grandpa would. Very well written

Considering not everyone will get murdered- how will grandpa manage to financialy support 6 people (8 if Honda and Jou become integrated into Mr Mutou's ring of newly acquired grandchildren). I mean, first of all grandpa would adopt only kids with no parents. Now he doesn't even care! Got to love him :)

Wait a second...if Mr Mutou adopted Marik and Malik, then doesn't that make the Yami/Malik relationship a bit weird..? Practically it's not incest since there is no blood ties, but technically it is, isn' it?

Oh Marik you clever thing. It takes a pair of balls and brains to make an impression on Minkah.

Malik is voicing my own thoughts- out of all people we have on earth it really is astounding we manage to find someone to team up with for life.
Told ya they would end up having a three-way xD

Mother, what did you do to Minkah?

Oh Mikah is still sickly jealous of Ryou and his 'good' life. It won't be all that easy

The end notes...
NekomataFangirl chapter 5 . 11/26/2014
Ahh I've lost my review... long story short:
- i slept for 4 hours dreaming of the rest of this chapter so it is 7 am and I am awake reading
- Afika is a great villain because he is systematic and multi-dimensional, as opposed to Kaiba who was psychotic and acted upon his sudden urges
- broken fingers are bad
- Charles is horrible
- I hope they do not decapitate Misa
- Malik Ishtar, protect your privates

The original review I wrote was long and comprehensive but my cat has kindly restarted the laptop with his paw when I was grabbing a cup of tea. Uhh...
NekomataFangirl chapter 3 . 11/26/2014
And really Charles, if you want to kill people, aim at their head -_-

Ryou: '(...) eyes fixated on my father who's been reprimanded by Honda and Jou'. WHAT? Shoot your son in the chest and get a reprimand? At least ground him or take his pocket money...

I knew Charles was passing bullshit when he was speaking about the whole 'Minkah's mum' business. Since shouting and shooting commenced, I guess Marik is scarred for life again..?

Uhh Charles...die already...

Gosh, Mr Mutou is like Brangelina- addicted to adopting kids- he had Yugi and Yami, then added Marik and Malik, and now it's Minkah's time. And I am sure Ryou will be integrated too- not like Sugoroku would allow the boy to go back to his scum of a dad.

Ryou is finally defying someone :D I'm proud of him

I'm happy.
NekomataFangirl chapter 2 . 11/26/2014
Everyone will assume Yami has gone insane and no-one will listen till they see Minkah for themselves. And I bet the first thing Ryou will say to Minkah is ask him whether Khalil cared. To which Minkah will lie to protect Ryou, no matter whether Khalil did care or not.

'Everyone is supposed to think we're dead' says Minkah. I guess that explains why he is strolling around domino with his rare white hair and recognisable facial scar, popping in for a tea at the Moutou's. Minkah Stealth Mode should become an official term. -_-

Oh please don't tell me Yami is falling for the Mink too? That would be glorious- all problems with Marik resolved- they could all have a three way relationship. Let's just hope the last encounter taught Grandpa to remember to knock when entering one's bedroom.

Bad Charles How many times do I have to tell you shooting people is not a way to greet them! Go back to standing in the corner!
NekomataFangirl chapter 1 . 11/26/2014
Good Malik, suffer- if Minkah was willing, you two would have run away the moment you left the changing room, without as much as letting Yami know.

Yugi, you are not deceiving anyone- you are moaning how horrible school is, and we rememeber very well how you were rejoicing when school was cancelled when a bunch of people got murdered. If you were a bit more muscly, you'd probably go around yourself killing men so that you get more days off. Impious shrimp.

Why is everyone that excited about the coffee shop? Unless it's an Amsterdam-type coffee shop ;)

Ah, so Yami would rather talk with dead Otogi, then talk to his grandpa just because supposedly 'it's weird'.

Wow, I did not expect Minkah to be seeing the guys till about 5th chapter. Pleasant surprise.

I should have not started reading this, now I will be stuck to the laptop for another 10 hours. Once I start it is impossible to stop reading. Looks like it may be another night of 30 'just one more chapter and then bed' promises ;D
lemerly chapter 30 . 6/18/2014
To sum this story up in one word itid have to be wow! I swear I tend to avoid stories with oc's in them but they were all so good! I actually bawled my eyes out when afika was shot and minkah asking him to tell him the truth it was so sad I cried at the last 4 chapters. Everything abou this was great especially the length I havent come across a story this long EVER! But anyway this ( and son of apopis obviously) are the best things iv read on this site! Iv been reading this for the last 4 days non stop! I'm definatly going to read more of your stories
Orochi-Dragon14 chapter 30 . 6/17/2013
I just realized I spelled your character's name wrong! Sorry about that! Anyways, I've been meaning to send you a review for this lovely story! I don't understand why there's less reviews for this story than the prequel to this! Both of them are really great! I love Minkah's struggle with himself when he finds out about his mother and Afika killing her. I really love Niu, he doesn't want to kill anyone and he knows how much Ryou and the others care about Minkah. Kek is crazy but I love it! I felt so bad for Ryou when he cut his face. I'm glad Malik realized he isn't in love with Minkah like he thought. The story was really good. I loved it.
Purple Dragon Of The Flames chapter 30 . 3/6/2013
I am so sad to see this story end. :( it Brang me great joy to read. I love how well every character is defined and different. You truly have made them all come to life in our own way. The words just drawled me in making me. It was like I could feel exactly what minkah was feeling. I'm a little disappointed that minkah doesn't a confirmed answer that afika is dead. I was hoping severa would appear and their would be some explanation, but I like this ending as well. :)
I can also not explain how joyfull it was to not have Tea (anzu, what ever her name) in this story. She always e rotated me and on most stories never helped. She just well makes me angry. (. Li harbour a lot of hate for a fictional character. Great. This defiantly means I'm not crazy. :/ )

Kek was well- crazy/insane and the rest. But I liked him. He in away outwitted everyone because the undermined him. I thought that was rather cool. I also laughed my ass of when he died. By a GUN! A FRIGGIN GUN! I couldn't control my laughter. Of all the ways that he could have died/been killed it was a gun. Poor guy. That surely would have pissed him off. I mean he's mister tall strong mussel man and a gun ends he's life.

Afika. Words can not describe how awesome/insane he is. He just brought this story to life. He reminded me of my sister though. Not in the whole evil hahaha I kill you all kind of way, but the whole: I need to control someone because I'm scaried to be alone. That is legit was sister perfectly summed up!
I just love how he never gave up hope of winning minkah back. That even in the end he still protected him. I just have to ask one question: did he kill minkah's mum or did he and Nui lie to protect him? I couldn't tell.
If kek was going to tell Nui everything and cut his tougn, then you think he would tell the truth because he assumed that Nui would die in the end or use Nui to convince Bakura that is was true. Argh I don't know I'm confusing myself! I just kind of think that he did do it and they want to protect him.

I'm glad that Malik and minkah didn't hook up in the end. For some weird, un know reason I want Marik and him together. But I guess he still hoping afika will come back. :(

I can't wait to read more of you stories when I get around to it. You have just become my favourite fanfic writer and I hope you wrote you own books one day! If so tell me so I can go buy it :)

Thank you for the awesome fanfic!

Mikayla. D
Purple Dragon Of The Flames chapter 29 . 3/5/2013
Last chapter next! It's horrible that minkah will never be able to say that he forgive afika (secretly I was hoping he was still alive) for what he did. Niu is a epic and awesome as always. *grins* friggin love him!
Purple Dragon Of The Flames chapter 28 . 3/5/2013
Such a way with words you have. This was absolutely amazing, no doubt bout it. I like how Nui is still an very inportant person even though he cannot talk. I feared that he would just fad into the background. Oh how wrong I was, then again I have been wrong most of the time for this fic. When ever I think I know what is going to happen the whole dynamics change. Rather fastrating, but it got me hocked! Just two more chapter to go!
I not sure if I'm excited to finishes reading this or sad that I am drawing close to the end?
Purple Dragon Of The Flames chapter 27 . 3/4/2013
STOP MAKING ME CRY! Ugh, this is so sad I just want to hug him and tell him it will be okay. The poor boy is so lost and confused, he reminds me of myself. :(
Purple Dragon Of The Flames chapter 26 . 3/3/2013
I am crying right now! My mum walked into my room and was like: why are you crying?
It's so sad! I don't want afika to die. Sure he is evil and crazy, but still!
Purple Dragon Of The Flames chapter 24 . 3/2/2013
I love Malik. He's so awesome in this story, in the first story I found him rather annoying though... But now! He is like OMFG!
I wonder what Kek knows? And poo niu :(
Purple Dragon Of The Flames chapter 23 . 3/1/2013
Shot just got serious. Friggin excited to read the next chapter and see what Malik does.
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