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Purple Dragon Of The Flames chapter 7 . 2/23/2013
There hasn't been a death in awhile... It worrying.
Purple Dragon Of The Flames chapter 6 . 2/23/2013
They are so cute! I really love how the since came out- pure geniuses!
Purple Dragon Of The Flames chapter 5 . 2/23/2013
I like afika... Don't know way, but I do. He is rather interesting.
Purple Dragon Of The Flames chapter 4 . 2/23/2013
It killing not fully knowing what happened to Hamas a child! Must read more...
Purple Dragon Of The Flames chapter 3 . 2/23/2013
Yay! The evil bastard is gone?, gone I say gone!
Poor Bakura!
Purple Dragon Of The Flames chapter 2 . 2/23/2013
What the! Mr Bakura is crazy!
Purple Dragon Of The Flames chapter 1 . 2/23/2013
First chapter! Super amazing!
themoonlightphoenix chapter 30 . 4/6/2012
OMG your story is AWESOME! and so are you i only started reading this the other day but i've become obsessed and i've anoyed my friends and family with all the details hehehe oops there mad at me cos i dont shut up (have you noticed) oh and could please email me those drawings you mentioned in chapter 7 they sound cool yeyyy i'm hyper... ok i'll shut up now :)
BumblingLobster chapter 30 . 3/26/2012
It's over! D: After all this time, it's hard to believe... But for as melancholy as the thought of no more Minkah makes me, I'm really happy with the way it ended. Finally I get a heavy dose of Minkah Ryou interaction that I crave to much! It was like that last final step I was holding my breath for. I think they'll be OK. I think they'll all be OK, which I'm really relieved about, because I was half expecting (more than half, I guess) for there to me some bitter goodbyes in this last installment. I'm really glad Honda was there for Niu. I could see them building the kind of friendship that lasts unscratched for years and years and years. And I could see Severa never making contact with them, and as time passing everyone thinks about the threat less and less until it's a surprise when someone remembers. I kind of like imagining that. It's peaceful, in a way.

If these characters were real, I'd send them all lovely cookies! But I think the one that deserves yummy treats the most is you! Thank you for all your hard work, and for never giving up on this beautiful story! It has inspired me for so long, and brightened so many of my days. And it was such a magnificent project for you! I'm sure there were parts when it seemed like you'd never reach the end, but you made it! And it's wonderful and fantastic, and definitely due for some re-reading on my part. I hope you have a great big celebration in honor of the final chapter! You absolutely deserve it!
SHADOWoftheFOX chapter 30 . 3/25/2012
Well that was a fairly happy ending! Yay!

I think this ending really suits the story - it shows that while they are all healing, everything is not all fine and dandy. Also, I really liked the last couple of lines, they show that Minkah is really "finding himself" for the first time. Very powerful.

Anyway, thanks for posting this wonderful story!
dragonlady222 chapter 30 . 3/24/2012
Minkah is still haunted by ghosts of past but they seem to be making peace. Ryou seems more haunted by Minkah's past than he is. Malik and Yami seem to be doing well and Nui is settling nicely. He has found that missing piece, family and friends. Tristan and Jounouchi never change but Tristan seems older and more mature. I hope Yugi and Marik find their peace too. They all are surrounded by family and should live happily but they still have the army and Severa to worry about; but that is for another day.
Milleannis Clepta chapter 30 . 3/24/2012
That was a beautiful end to a beautiful fic. Congradulations to you on completing this masterpiece, and thank you for gracing the Internet with it. I am so pleased with how things turned out for the lot of them. It's good that this came to such a happy ending. Your characters are brilliant- it's rare to see OC's used so well, so I'll congradulate you on that too.

Even though this is done, I'll not be forgetting it!
BumblingLobster chapter 29 . 3/12/2012
Yayyyy! An update! Just in time for my birthday, too. BEST. PRESENT. EVER.

I really liked this chapter (I say it too much, but I mean it!). Especially how everyone's trying to move forward, but it isn't as easy as it seems. In some stories it just ends when the bad guy or whatever loses, but I'm really glad that you're taking the time to let the characters struggle through the aftermath. you do a really amazing job at showing how everyone is trying to deal with things different ways, and how some are having more trouble, and will have more trouble, letting go and moving on than others. No one is the same. Everyone is changed in some way, and you have expressed that really well.

I especially liked Minkah's interactions with other people. I hope Niu stays a bit longer. It sounds like Minkah really needs him for now, although I could see Niu coming to the point where he feels Minkah would be better off without his help and disappearing... I hope he doesn't. It would be really sad, not only for the characters, but for me! I don't think I'm ready to say good-bye to everyone, even though I know you only have one chapter left... (guess I'll have to re-read these stories, too?)

the scene with Honda was really striking, too. I'm kind of worried for him, actually. I think out of everyone, he might have the hardest time moving forward and letting everything go, not because he has the most baggage, but because it's so hidden most of the time. It seems like his anger can sort of hide away and go unnoticed... or at least can be ignored, whereas Minkah's is pretty obvious to everyone and keeps being addressed. I hope someone helps him out. Maybe Jou, who might relate the best... although strangely, I could see Ryou helping him out. Ryou seems the type who can also go fairly unnoticed and can hide things for too long, so maybe if they can talk, they would be able to point things out in each other that no one else could... mah, but what do I know? You've already got your plans, so I'll just have to wait and see!

Um, also, that book I mentioned in my last review! It's really, really amazing... and actually, looking at the kinds of things you focus on in your writing, I think you would really appreciate it (and enjoy it, of course!). The series is called "The Doctrine of Labyrinths" and the first book is called 'Melusine' by Sarah Monette. (looking it up I just realized that Melusine is the name of a mythical mermaid, but it's got nothing to do with mermaids... sorta? muh, you'll see if you read it!) Oh, but I'm sorry, I gave you a spoiler, didn't I? Um... forget what I said! Or don't go back and remind yourself... because you really should read them, if you have time. They are absolutely beautiful. They're the kinds of books that don't shy away from dark topics and really focus on characterization and believable actions/reactions, and have lots of moments to painful, you can feel it. And like you, Sarah Monette doesn't like magically healing/recovering characters. The main characters spend the entire series trying to work out their issues (granted they have a lot... but not like the over-emotional, over-reactive kind of way. If you read them you'll understand.) Oh, um, also... if you do look at them, don't be deterred by the cover. Whoever did the cover art was a dummy-face and should be ashamed. I promise they're not nearly as hokey as the cover makes them seem.

Anyways, it sounds like you've been doing well. I'm so glad! :D Good luck with work in a few weeks, and I hope your time till then goes well. No worries about slow replies, your writing makes it worth it, and always brighten my day. I don't mind waiting!
dragonlady222 chapter 29 . 3/10/2012
I'm glad that Ferris dropped back into Earth. Jobs are a pain but also necessary. Minkah seems to be a lost soul living with other lost souls. Yami and Malik are starting to heal their relationship. Yugi seems a bit better but grandpa really seems weighted down with care. I'm glad they got rid of the bloodstain, I hope the army is just as easy to get rid of. They all have their ghosts from the past to banish.
ThornyRoseIsTrue chapter 29 . 3/10/2012
I feel sad that this is ending.

I love how when Minkah and Niu are talking Minkah thinks of it as if Niu and him are really talking.

I also like Minkah and Malik's talk.
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