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Guest chapter 4 . 4/21/2015
Dude this is simply amazing! Carry on like this, and your novelization will stomp Dietz's "The Flood" in no time. I cannot wait for it's completion. Good luck.
HaloSlayer98 chapter 1 . 12/28/2014
Man, I really, REALLY wish that this fanfic would be updated, although it is nearly 100% likely that it won't be. This is easily one of the best works that I have ever had the pleasure of reading. It captures the Halo universe in a way that very few writers could. The battle scenes are vivid, well written and easily comparable, if not better than any Halo novel. All characters are depicted in their proper likeness, unlike how many other writers portray them. This is simply a gem on the fanfiction website so please Peptuck, if you read these reviews, PLEASE continue this someday!
Sanokal chapter 4 . 12/20/2012
I keep reading this fic, and it just keeps reminding me how much better it is than my Halo 3 novelisation that I'm doing. I just can't lengthen and deepen it as much as you have done with this so far.
One problem that I feel that I have (and that Dietz demonstrated in The Flood) was the skimming over combat and the repetitveness of the fighting. This is not in any way possible an issue here. And that's brilliant.
In fact, I admit that I try to emulate this more than I do The Flood when I'm writing. Completely guilty.
So I ask, no I beg you, please continue this. There's the Flood for the first game, I'm committed to 3 at the moment, but there cannot be any substitute for a 2 novelisation, it just wouldn't be as good as this.
rebiec vadumee chapter 4 . 5/23/2012
Awsome:) when like the next chapter comeing out
Saphroneth chapter 4 . 5/12/2012
With regards to the Carriers (and I've been thinking about this on account of an AU fic), I think Covenant ships are likely to be overly reliant on shields - this continues the general trend of the series in ground battles, that Covenant weapons are powerful but especially effective against shields, whereas Human ones need a shield-free target but can still do substantial damage. (Where Covenant shields are especially effective at dissipating kinetic energy, as seen basically all the time in the games.)

I mean, the kinetic energy of a standard MAC round is about point two seven petajoules, which comes down to about 60 kilotons of explosive (if I've got my conversion right) and a reasonably hefty nuke. And all that energy is going to go right into the Covenant ship properly, unlike explosion weapons like a nuke which will waste anything in the wrong aspect and not have much of an overpressure effect. In other words, a MAC round is more efficient at delivering energy in a space fight than a nuke is - much more.

Super MACs are sixteen times as powerful as that, so a "sniper rifle" analogy could be used where they can go right through the shields of a light ship and still do some damage. (I'm assuming that the 120,000 kps is a mistake, and that they really meant 120 kps - if a super mac could fire shots at hundreds of exajoules, they could wipe entire countries off the map.)

And it's entirely possible that the UNSC frigate is basically a MAC gun with engines and crew, and some secondary equipment, with a cruiser being a much more general combatant with superior refire rate. I know that I'd accept massive sacrifices in everything but firepower if I were building small fleet units to fight the Covenant, on the grounds that a plasma torpedo will gut a cruiser as easily as a frigate. So IAC and FUD probably could do significant damage to a carrier - nothing immediately crippling, but sending a MAC round into the main cargo bay is going to shred much of the invasion force, making things much easier for Humanity.

PoA is a special case in all this, of course, with modifications made to her involving extra capacitors (one assumes) making the spinal gun able to fire three-round bursts, which is going to be devastating against any Covenant ship that can't tank all three shots on the shields. No wonder she did so much damage.

Indeed, in my fic I have a ship with human and covenant tech pulling a "noob combo" on an enemy covenant ship - energy projector nukes the shields, MAC round hits for the damage.

All this results in the Forerunner tech paradigm having advanced so much past kinetic weapons that they're no longer used much (since shields can absorb them easily) and taking down the shields being by far the most important part of combat. Hence the widespread prevalence of plasma and energy weapons. (Analogy - tank on tank combat doesn't consider the use of machine guns.) Of course, since Covenant tech is an imperfect copy of Forerunner, they missed some of the finer details and you get a situation where, once the shields of a Covenant ship are down it's vulnerable to relatively light Human weapons - hence why Archer missiles are still used.

Evidence of a sort - the fragment of High Charity in Halo 3 went right through Shadow of Intent. And an explosion was able to go through the hull of Truth and Reconciliation without being nuclear-grade shred-the-ship.
9 chapter 4 . 10/4/2010
While brief, this is probably the best Halo story I've ever read.
DarthNacho chapter 4 . 11/2/2009
Well... Awesome. You have proved once again why you are the best author on this site. I really don't think I have much left to say... It's perfect.
Hawki chapter 4 . 11/18/2008
Seems almost redundant to be reviewing as this story seems to be simmering in the fanfiction equivalent of developer's hell. Anyway:

-Admittedly some of the information on Drones as depicted here has been rendered somewhat null by Contact Harvest. Even so, I don't recall there ever being any information that Drones can exist in vacuum. Wouldn't their method of propulsion render movement impossible?

-Depiction of the Covenant advance felt appropriate considering the nature of space engagements. Kudos.

-Always wondered why the bomb was so spikey. That the spikes provide adhesiveness seems to be a good explanation.

-The descent to the carrier felt more realistic than it did in-game, given that while some level of co-ordination seemed to be present between John and the Longswords, the destroyed UNSC capital ship not withstanding, felt better fleshed out here.

-Concerning the carrier length, Regret was using an Assault Carrier, which is 5,346 meters long. As for Star Destroyers, it really depends on which class is being referred to, though the longest length I've come across is 3.8 killometers.

Anyway, that's just me nitpicking. Would be nice to see the fic continued someday, but that's not my call.

Anyway, good job.
Warp Ligia Obscura chapter 4 . 10/29/2008
At the risk of flogging a dead horse, I do believe this should be continued.
SirDeathShriek chapter 4 . 10/5/2007
Dude, PLEAE, for the love of god, continue. This is most definitively the most WELL-WRITTEN, CORRECTLY SPELLED, and ACCURATE Halo novelization I've read on this site.

Not only that, you're also the first to attempt a H2 Novelization.

Keep it up, this is REALLY good.

Looking forward to reading the Scarab fight
Rawr chapter 4 . 9/15/2007
Well thought out, well played.

Update plox!
Ranger24 chapter 2 . 4/18/2007
I lkethis man only one error I found. Krik and Rene weren't killed in battle they were unable to continue servaice fter the agumentations. Other wise this stroy is awesome!
Ganheim chapter 2 . 3/22/2007
Chapter I: Cairo Station

Master Gunnery Sergeant Mike Hanes was not a particularly huge,

[More often ‘large’ would have been the adjective to begin this string, and I think it would fit better than ‘huge’.]

And by "field testing," Hanes meant "fucking up everything in the whole damn suit and making him spend seven hours on the line with some jackass in Songnam to get the replacement parts shipped up to the station."

[An excellent humor break in what began a story with bleak overtones, well done.]

"What the hell did you do to this damn suit?"

[The typical emphasis in this sentence would just be the word “hell”.]

Even with their massive technological advantage, fifteen ships were far too many, especially if the Covenant were expecting to attack Earth.

[Shouldn’t that say that fifteen were far too few?]

Johnson flashed the Spartan a perfect white-toothed smile.

“Now that’s my kinda thinking, Chief.”

[You were doing so well, and then you went and mixed subjects in the paragraph. Moving Johnson’s action down to his line of dialogue would fix that perfectly.]

I'm also going to take a few steps to make the Cairo Station battle progress slightly more logically than it did in-game; for example, Johnson's accompanying the Master Chief.

[More logical progression is excellent, but however you explain it, I don’t think it makes sense for a man without body armor to be following the armor-suited ‘Master Chief’ into combat. Just my opinion, I know games and stories violate that often.]

Other than your mix of object source near the end of the chapter, that was excellently written and a thrill to read. Your portrayal of combat seemed calm and accurate and kept its pacing the whole way through while remaining detailed enough that I could visualize everything going on. If you don’t mind the fandoms, I’d be pleased to see your feedback on one of my stories.

God bless and happy writing,

CowgirlTEX chapter 4 . 3/12/2007

Simply put, this is definitely one of the (few) best and well-written Halo fanfictions that I've read. And one of my favorites, now. ;-)

Your descriptions of battle scenes are great. Descriptive and fast-paced.

And, I'm majorly grateful for this, the Master Chief and everyone else are in-character. I see a huge problem with OOC-ness in practically every section of fanfiction I've read, but your writing doesn't have it.

Can't wait for the next chapter! :)

Reanimation-06 chapter 4 . 2/28/2007
WOW... have u considered becoming an author? Simply WOW... those are some amazing literacy skills...
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