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Valancy Stirling chapter 2 . 9/24/2016
Oh my God! You are such a good writer! Are you professsional, bc if not, you should be. This story was simple aweinspiring, and it especially made me love tamaki even more! But im still so jelous of haruhi! I want a fiancee like that! I also wish tamaki was treated better by his grandmother!
SquadronGal chapter 2 . 9/23/2012
If i hadn't known any better id say this was taken straight from the manga. The characteristics were captured perfectly, the descriptions were detailed to a T, and the sweetness of the relationships here is plentiful enough to give you cavities! :3
GoldenRat chapter 2 . 5/30/2011
Very interesting Haruhi versus Tamaki's grandmother fic.
tomboy 26 chapter 2 . 11/28/2010
It was just perfect the way it ended .. and I loved the way she can make him blush with a simple kiss.
HimeHeenim chapter 2 . 5/15/2008
I like how this I like the prospect that Tamaki's grandmother acknowledge him because of haruhi. I dunno..I feel some satisfaction reading that Tamaki finally receives acknowledgment from her and continue to make the Suou conglomerate prosper ( and my ideal world XD).Therefore, reading this was refreshing in all for writing this!
Fyliwion chapter 2 . 12/1/2007
Love the way you had it play out, very nice interaction between the characters. Excellent job.
hellerii chapter 2 . 8/21/2007
I liked this story. The author keeps the characters much truer to their canon selves than most romantic fanfics do.
Jav-chan chapter 2 . 2/26/2007
I REALLY love your stories. Yours is one of the few ones that is not only well written, but also has the ability to capture the attention of the reader.

You did a wonderful job with all of this, the characterization (I know I didn't spell that right) was just amazing. I was mad when it ended. (When I came to the end of Part 1 I actually did a mental happy dance that it continued even though I knew it was a two part).

I really need to finish reading the manga. I was first introduced to Ouran on YouTube through a friend and have been in love with it since.

And I'm babbling.

Well, anyways, this is wonderful and I look forward to more of your stories.
sakuraichigo chapter 2 . 11/29/2006
Brilliant work! I was laughing almost the entire way through. I think you remained true to the characters and handled the unwieldy event rather well. I just love it when Tamaki goes into his verbal torrent at the end.

Great stuff!
Irusta chapter 2 . 11/27/2006
I must say, you are extremely talented. I resigned myself to the opinion that there would be noone that would be able to piece Haruhi with anyone. Its just not in her nature and I got the distinct feeling that the original creators couldn't think of anything definitive either. Although I won't say the transition between your stories and the series is flawless, it is by far the best characterizations for these two characters I have thus seen. (Let's face it... as loveable as a character as Haruhi is... she's about as romantic as a carrot)

I also didn't fail to pick up on the subtle reference to your previous story 'Points of Reflection'. I thought that quote "I’m me before I’m a Suou" was great; so great in fact, I was conviced it came from the actual series and spent the better part of today combing through the last episode of OHSHC for that line. (aside: Have you ever noticed she's wearing a dress in that dance scene durring the ending credits and none of the other students seem suprised at all?)

Keep up the wonderful work. Your stories are truly a great read.
Goddess Evie chapter 2 . 11/27/2006
Well, what an interesting little fic you have. I've been skimming the Ouran fics and this is the first good one I've found. I really like it because you did a great job of staying true to the characters. This is a hard fandom to write for: translating the characters physical activities (all the crazy wacky stuff they do that doesn't have to be described in Manga or anime, just drawn) into words. I especially appreciate that you didn't write Haruhi and Tamaki all lovey kissy over each other which other fics I've read did. That's just not them. As you so well stated in your fic, Haruhi is Haruhi and Tamaki is Tamaki.

I also like the interaction between Haruhi and Tamaki's accursed Grandma. That's something I have contemplated myself. The balance Haruhi would have to keep disliking Tama-chan's grandmother but knowing Tamaki didn't hold any ill feelings for her. You handled it well.

All in all, I absolutely enjoyed this fic. I personally think you could have broken it up into two or three chapters, but it's also fine this way. Oh, and I like how you wove in the other characters. Even though this is a HaruhixTamaki fic, the other characters are still very important.

I could say so many other things, but I'll just finish with a great job and thanks for the good read.
MadMoFunk chapter 2 . 11/23/2006
Wow! This was an amazing read!

Your writing has a nice flow, and it's really well-balanced. You don't have any of those little awkward sentences that really stand out and disrupt the flow of the read.

The characters were amazing! Some poeple make Tamaki way too flamboyant, but you nailed him!

And I was so happy to see you kept Haruhi incharacter- some people find her hard to write and it shows because she usually ends up extrmely awkward and stiff.

I loved it! Awesome structure and grammar too- a pleasure to read!
topaz chapter 2 . 11/14/2006
very well written, with all the peaks in the right places. please write more often.
Hopeless Romantic chapter 2 . 11/14/2006
Aw! This was such a beautiful and well-written story! All the ends nicely tied up, perfectly in-character, and an extremely enjoyable read. Am very much looking forward to more of your work!
Super Sheba chapter 2 . 11/14/2006
I think you did an excellent job with this piece. First I'll critique it in a serious manner and then I'll give you my fangirlish squees. XD

It was well-written, and the characters were all very believeable. If Haruhi had said nothing, I'd have been shocked. In fact, I'd have decided it was a poor choice for her character, but, you did make her say something.

Tamaki is Tamaki, and you kept him Tamaki. Excellent job at capturing his silly but loving nature.

Even the other host club members you featured briefly were well-written and believeable. You did not neglect a single character you wrote and made sure to stay true to their characters.

Grammarwise, if there were mistakes, I did not notice them. I am quite picky about grammar and spelling. A few errors is normal and alright, however, if I don't spot any that I remember by the time I review, then the test is passed with flying colors. Nothing jumped out at me.

Alright, now for the fangirlish squee part. XD

Oh my GOSH that was so cute. I loved how Haruhi stood up for Tamaki. I'm a huge TamakixHaruhi fan, so when I spied this and then read it, I was very pleased. This piece is one of the few two chaptered stories I've seen and read that I liked.

I didn't just like this, I loved this. It had fluffy bits, but staying true to the nature of the story in general, it was not overboard. You kept the tone fairly serious, as the story was meant to be, but by including the characters' individual idiosyncracies, you helped keep the mood light enough to balance out the serious mood of the encounter between Haruhi and Tamaki's grandmother so that the story didn't become too dark when it was centered around the theme of "Tamaki is Tamaki."

I'd write more, however, I have a little more than three pages of a five page paper left to write and it's 1:33am.

Please continue to write and keep practicing. You help light this section's way with your strong TamakixHaruhi fanfiction. I have been unable to find very many decent HaruhixTamaki fanfictions. Your writing stands out to me when I read it so that I know you are a good writer. Some stories when I read them I cringe at certain characteristics that plague the story. Plus, there is just something in your writing that sets it a level above most fanfiction writers. You are no amateur.

Keep up the excellent work. (I don't think I've written this long of a review in a long time! XD)

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