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Guest chapter 31 . 11/19
Haven't read this story in so long, but enjoyed revisiting it quite a lot.
Hotklou chapter 11 . 11/14
"They make very loyal pets, if one manages to attach them. I congratulate you on your good fortune."

Oh yes, I imagine a kneazle, like any cat, would most assuredly make you into their very loyal pet. Man is a cat's best friend.
Beth chapter 31 . 10/24
I read this story years ago and loved it. Later, I couldn’t recall who had written it, but went hunting for it about two months ago with no success. When I accidentally came across it while enjoying all your Firefly fanfics, I was thrilled!

The thought and effort you put into your craft is evident. The characters are well thought out and (I think) remain true to canon, while offering greater depth. The plot is riveting - clearly, since it keeps me up well past a reasonable hour, even though I know the ending!

Thank you very much for sharing your stories with us.
deedeebug chapter 31 . 9/17
I can't believe I never reviewed this wonderful story. I have read it several times. I love it now as well as the first time I read it.
k9angel chapter 29 . 8/6
I adore chapter 29. And the results.
Sacred Storyline chapter 1 . 7/1
I remember reading this story a long time ago and enjoying it. I'm glad I found it again!
Tater-K chapter 31 . 7/1
Great story! Oh Fred and George!
Jimbocous chapter 30 . 6/8
Thanks for a great (re)read. Very nicely done!
scarlettcat chapter 31 . 5/14
Sweet. I enjoyed the mystery and the slow burn romance. Great job!
Guest chapter 31 . 5/8
jada951 chapter 30 . 4/24
not often are fred and george true asses, but this went above and beyond.
good plot device to get them together.

I have truly enjoyed this story, every time I have reed/re-read it.

jada951 chapter 20 . 4/24
I really love this whole part w/ the pictures and Colin's new view of life.
quite insightful.
Marshmallowmann chapter 31 . 4/20
Lovely story. will put it in my favs
LilacGrace444 chapter 31 . 4/17
Wonderful story. Being 32 days post partum myself, this has been a lovely tale to read while nursing my son. Thank you
mjato chapter 31 . 3/9
A wonderful story, well written and engaging. A number of twists and surprises were well executed and felt natural. The pacing was great, and the amount of dialog was just right. I really enjoyed the portrayals of friendships and mutual support that were executed without being soppy and with just the right amount of conflict to them.

Our leads were well designed and their interactions often had to be read twice by me in order to fully enjoy them. The slowly revealed details of the plot were coming at a very good pace and explained the initial pregnancy circumstances just perfectly in the end. I appreciate that some of the more scandalous aspects of the initial tryst were revealed to be quite in character. I really liked how Severus helped Hermione see beyond blind belief of the written word. However I did find it really perplexing that she did not rally up to help other muggle-borns learn that wizarding instruction books were written with intentional errors. Since this was a piece of common knowledge to pure bloods, I found it incredibly hard to believe she would not be active in making sure _everyoneknows about it, even if these errors are kept in place for reasons she accepts as justifiable. Keeping such things hidden from muggle borns would simply continue the invisible divide and lower the chances of proper integration. That said, Severus also should've taken action upon it once he realised the enormity of this issue and how his previous ways to address it (with Hermione as a child) were unsuccessful.

Other highlights for me were a slowly maturing Harry, a changed by the war Draco, bossy Dilly, and a strong but thoughtful Minerva. Although the appearance of Millicent was short, she was very memorable and, same as other Slytherin characters of various standings, added a good bit of depth. The analysis of Dumbledoor was quite spot on for my personal opinion. I always felt like his character got away from JKR and she ended up being blinded by his appearances and ignored his problematic actions.

The epilogue at a grandparent age was just sweet enough to end on, although I do wish we got to see a couple more characters at that point. That said, some were mentioned and that was a solid compromise and a allowed it to stay short.

I definitely recommend this story to anyone who is not aggressively anti-choice or outraged by pre-marital relations. It was rather sad to see how up in arms some commenters got over these points, especially since we are dealing with imaginary people in an imaginary world and an abortion debate over a fanfiction felt incredibly out of place. While Hermione did have a child as a single mother, she was portrayed as a good example of a person respecting choices of others, and that felt most suitable to her introspective and kind character, especially as it was described here.

Thank you for this story!
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