Reviews for Once upon a December night
blank00003 chapter 5 . 11/23/2006
haha I like it! very good plot. start fitting the romance in somewhere XD

Ein Kampf kann eine Lebenszeit chapter 5 . 11/22/2006
Great, the fanfic emails are not working, so I didn't get an email, so... But I loved the 2 new chapters! Again, you might want to consider starting a new paragraph every time someone starts talking, and work on your spelling, but other than that, I love it!

Ron's Sweetie chapter 5 . 11/22/2006
Great new chapter. I love it. Good job. Ams
Ron's Sweetie chapter 4 . 11/20/2006
Great new chapter. Ams I LOVE IT.
Ein Kampf kann eine Lebenszeit chapter 3 . 11/19/2006
It is really good, just space out the chapters more. And when someone new is talking, you start a new paragraph. Great story!

blank00003 chapter 2 . 11/18/2006
don't forget to space out your text a bit more. like when someone's speaking. very good, though. keep writing, ill be reading the next chapter. B.S.L
Eldridor chapter 3 . 11/18/2006
aww score: girls 1 drac 0 lol
Eldridor chapter 2 . 11/18/2006
dun dun dur lmao
Eldridor chapter 1 . 11/18/2006
what year is it set in cos i like it soo far..
Mrs. Vladislaus Dracula chapter 3 . 11/18/2006
Ha ha, the door beat the brides! Stupid whores, lol. Excellent update, keep it up!
Ron's Sweetie chapter 2 . 11/17/2006
Great new chapter. Ams i Love it. Maybe you add me as one of dracie's brides. Great job as always.
Mrs. Vladislaus Dracula chapter 2 . 11/16/2006
Ah, awsomeness. Keep up the good work mate. Make the next chapter longer though, alright?
Ron's Sweetie chapter 1 . 11/15/2006
Great new story. I LOVE it. So who is the girl based on? Good job Ams. WOW. Tell Valdislaus Dracula i said hello. I hope you add more to your story. Please add me to your new story unless the girl is based on me.
Mrs. Vladislaus Dracula chapter 1 . 11/15/2006
Great start, I look foreward to the next update!
blank00003 chapter 1 . 11/15/2006
great start. will definitely be reading more. luv B.S.L
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