Reviews for Coexistence is Boredom
Guest chapter 4 . 12/4/2021
oh i love it very much!!
bymyheelicarenot chapter 1 . 3/8/2021
HOLY SHIT what the fuck this is easily one of the best fics I've EVER read in any fandom if not the best one. I laughed, I cried (BOY DO I CRIED WHEN L TOLD HIM TO ACCEPT HIS OFFER AND LIVE I WAS S G.) (Also wing scars? :'DDDdddd I was weeping. I love my satan incernate son) I can't begin to say I loved about this fic. The characters were FLAWLESS. It was so real how the fuck did you write this? The parallels with the bible and inferno... *chef's kiss* Genius. I feel so emotionally attached to this version of light now that I've finished the fic I feel empty. ALSO I WAS SCREAMING. FUCKING L. WHAT A SWEETHEART. WHEN HE CUDDLED HIM IN FRANCE. WHEN HE GAVE HIM THE WATCH. GE TRADED HALF HIS LIFE. HE KEPT THE WATCH. FUCK. I cannot beşieve how multidimensional they were. I miss them already what the fuck. I really cpnsidered stalking you (yeah you, the author my beloved3) just to send you an email or something to yell you how much I loved rhis fic but I choosed not to be TOO creepy so I really hope you see this comment one day. It was amazing. ALSO ALSO THE FUCKING SHAKESPEARE. "my only love spring from my only hate too early seen unknown and known too late" FUCKING GENIS I WAS CRYING. also the alexandre dumas jke made me laugh more than it shpuld during the day I randomly thought of it and laughed out loud. AND AND ALSO ONE OF MY FAVORITE SCENES: LIGHT INTIMIDATINGLY CUTTUNG AN APPLE AND EATING IT DKALELAKSLDLEŞLE AN E. FOR L. I WAS SCREAMING. It was amazing to see outer perspectives of them through the wammy kids's eyes. Alao light...what a bitch... going around kissing and telling. My bastard son 3
I still have so much to say AH HOW THE FUCK I STILL DIDNT MENTION THE CONFESSTION ROOM THINGY SCENE WHAT THE FUCK. THE HEAVINESS THE CREEPY VIBES THE CHARISMA. ALSO THEIR DATE DAY. WHAT THE FUCK I CANT BELIEVE THE VARIERITY THIS FIC HOLDS. I geniuely laughed out loud and the next chapter cried into my pillow. The way you are SO talented to write both lighter scenes and comedy AND the angst and the psychology...the range... you are my god yeah please develop a god complex and kill me I will die happy.
I'm devastated its over and sad thay It's nor completely finished but at least it was not a cliffhanger or anything. (Also if you decided to write the next chapters I would give you my firstborn)
offf it was SO good. Wherever you are I hope you are healthy, safe,"the happiest person alive and have everything you want. This changed my life what the fuck. I still have so much to write but I feel like im repeating myself.
I love you you did and AMAZING job you are a GENIUS I wish you the happiest days. Thank you for this amazing fic.
James-is-a-Fanboy chapter 5 . 2/26/2021
broo that pickup line has so much thought put into it i could actually see L using it- and Light getting it
DreamyCat8 chapter 6 . 2/9/2021
Light reluctantly acknowledging L as his equal is written so beautifully here. L being the pinnacle of what Light wants to become: Loved it.
And Light not being a romantic sort of person but rather a very romantic thinker of ideals: You have done it, you have captured Light's essence in this line. APPLAUSE! *loudly clapping hands*
Light finding the aspect of L attractive and not wanting to admit that L captivates him as a person too is so spot-on. Well Done, Author-san!
It's amazing how you write Light's POV so well, we might as well be inside his mind for real

L IS SUCH A JERK! I HATE HIM! (Death Note is the first fiction which made me simultaneously love and hate the main characters i.e. Light and L with such a passion and the fact that I get the same feeling reading your fanfic alludes to my opinion that your story is Genius in every way)
L totally deserved that slap, I'm with you Light. ('What the hell was L thinking would happen? That he'd be overjoyed at the sight of the gun?! That Psychopath! SPLENDID)

L is such a bastard looking like he did nothing to warrant that slap, I wanna kick him.
Man, they were really going at it: It sounds like innuendo XD
Matsuda and Aizawa betting on LawLight fighting GIMMME

Them making out directly after fighting lol
L and Light not apologizing and being a dysfunctional pair
Thanks for writing this! :)
DreamyCat8 chapter 5 . 2/8/2021
I Loved the "Raito-kun wants a smart boyfriend" and L going "E equals mc-" bit and your explanation in Author's Note. It's very fitting for their characters and I am so endeared at L's antics that I can't stop smiling or laughing.

Matsuda's and Aizawa's reactions: 'Oh Ryuzaki has done it again now' and 'Dumbass you angered the gun proficient chief' is just Right!

And it makes sense that L would want Light to go pose as L. Your plot never fails to sound believable and I enjoy reading your story so much. The Romance doesn't dilute the plot one bit and instead pushes it forward as it is centered on L & Light's relationship.

The Ending featured your Classic sense of humor that you are gifted with.
Thank you for continually have written so many chapters which just get better in quality.
DreamyCat8 chapter 4 . 2/8/2021

L's ego being hurt after deliberating on Light's intentions was so spot-on and humorous hahaha
Of Course, L is ready for the challenge to his ego (and if he gets the booty in the process well that is none of my business XDD; no ulterior intentions right L?)
Light giving L go-go eyes and turning the investigation into his own little soap opera
oH WaIt ThIs Is CaNoN lmao
'But Raito like he was playing a game of musical chairs, swapped out partners every minute' Bullseye!
Light being sErIoUs about Misa and L not wanting to come in between their pUrE lOvE
Hilarity at its finest, ladies and gentlemen ;D

"Virginal kisses won't get me off." Oh My Kira, L IS DESTROYING LIGHT
"No, I'm trying to have sex with you but you are not easy as you look." OMK L STOP! He has no time for Light's mind games he wants to do the do RIGHT NOW
"You're trying to bargain your way into my pants now?" Light, my poor baby LOL
"If Raito-kun is finished playing psychology major, could he lift his hips a little?"

"I'll appropriately romance after all the blood returns to my brain." Oh Mr. Darcy will forever be put into shame with the sheer perfection of L as the Romantic Icon lolololo
L accusing Light of stealing his IQ points, calling him a succubus What a Stab against Light's inherent misogyny and ego at the same time I'M DONE

I Love this so much! :DDD
DreamyCat8 chapter 3 . 2/8/2021
This chapter is one of my favorites. It's very Hilarious! I was smiling and trying to keep myself from laughing out loud all through the chapter. The fact that you don't make the characters OOC in the least to have a good laugh is very telling of your awesome writing skills.

L's roundabout way of calling Light a bitch YYYEEEEEEESSSSSSS ENCORE! XDDD
Light experiencing sexual harassment from L, never thought I would see Light acknowledging this lol

L speaking French making it seem that he's hitting on everyone in the vicinity lmao
Light going "..." every time L makes a creepy odd statement looks like Light's brain leaving the plane of existence to escape L's 'stupidity' It reminds me of canon when Light is just third-wheeling among L and Misa

'Light making a nice alto' is a fine touch. I too noticed while watching the anime that his voice modulation changes depending on the person he's with. So I appreciate that you took that bit and elaborated on it.

I again express my awe at L and Light's characterization. Light causing L a quick intake of breath and L surprising Light with a flirty quip instead of a smart-aleck response.
DreamyCat8 chapter 2 . 2/8/2021
I Love your AU! The idea, setting and execution is masterfully done.
How do you manage to be the best in everything? From perfect character descriptions which are reflected both in covert and overt ways, the AU plot which is so believable that it might as well be canon, the great attention to details which never bore me honestly I'm such a big fan of your writing.
Bless you, Author-San :)

There is unbelievable talent in the DN Fandom and you are just omg I'm not worthy I'm not yet I want more of your writing (I'm very greedy:p). I know you probably moved on from this fandom and that's okay but please remember that I'll be very happy in case you do return!

My favorite lines from this chapter are (in no particular order):

1) Do you like asbestos?
I love sassy Light. L offering him items that L personally doesn't want and Light being exasperated; did I mention I would kill to have your sense of humor?
2) Although Misa was an exception on just about everything.
5 stars
3) L affecting 'crushing disappointed' tone to get Light to first see 'the fruits of his labour'

There are many more lines which I liked but I would end up copying and pasting your entire story so let's not do that XD
DreamyCat8 chapter 1 . 2/8/2021
This fic is BRILLIANT! This is one of my most favorite LawLight fanfic which just pulls me back in from time to time.
(I'm sorry I'm so late to review, I was shy and I got in the DN Fandom 2 years ago and read this fic the first time less than 6 months ago and have read this story multiple times from then) (I know you probably won't see this review (and it would not do your excellent writing skills justice) but I want you to know how much I appreciate this story). Pardon my English as it's my second language. I'll try to write reviews which will represent my views when I was reading this for the first time. ~With that said:

Everyone is so in-character from the beginning till the end. Your description style and length is just right. I don't skip any line in your story which ,coming from someone who can't read long descriptions without skipping at least a couple lines even if they're super interesting to save her life, is honestly impressive.

Raito hated that condescending look. It was a gaze that plainly said 'Oh Raito-kun is putting on quite a show' A characterization details!
The way you compare and contrast Misa's and L's interest on Light is just *chef's kiss*
Love the eternal human pitfall. This line is so Light!

I remember thinking (before deciding to binge-read this) that this is the beginning which grips you and just makes you fall in love with the story pretty quickly. (I'm not generally quick to judge but this fic had promised great potential from the get go and Boy, did you deliver!)
Well done, Author-San. (It was this fic which made you one of my favorite DN Fic writers)
Ramss chapter 33 . 10/28/2020
It has been an emotional roller coaster and i adore it, the end of the first part had me on the edge of the seat and I honestly did not expect the turn at the end of the second arc in Russia, this story is so exquisite in so many things, all its symbolism, the characterizations, I came to adore the original characters like taylor and linda, as it reached the end I did not want it to end it,
I must admit that I always felt the hope emerge regarding Raito but you always brought me back to earth reminding me how damn difficult he is as a character and that it would essentially be very difficult for him to love someone other than himself,
Although I love his whore side and hate it at times, I share Aizawa opinión: Raito it is definitely a slut xD,
It broke my heart as you described L's feelings I could feel his frustration at being in love with literally the worst person he could fall in love (and being so romantic at times, I just loved it) but the last chapter gave me hope again for some silly reason maybe it's just me, dreaming about L's happiness, it's my weakness.
I don't know if I am expressing myself well, probably not but I just wanted to tell you that I loved this story with all my being.
Pd:The Near and Mello scene in the closet damn those kids would need therapy
2:I really wonder what his father would think if he knew that his son is still alive and also with L it is probably something that he would never find out ahh but still.
would the day come when Raito felt something similar to love? . Would he keep playing with Misa and L or would he settle for L at some point?
He doesn't remember L's name?Would L ever tell him?
I feel that I will always have those doubts
sandtheory chapter 11 . 10/17/2020
I remember reading this story when it started 11 years ago, when i was still a teenager. And i have to say, rereading this now; this is still a classic. Beautifully written. Rich characterization. And those two are just made for each other, no? This could actually go down as cannon. Hope youre safe and doing well.
Guest chapter 33 . 8/29/2020
I like to think that Light died of his allergy and that that is why this fic ended here. (Its been 11 yrs but this entertained me so thxx)
Ill-Fated-Wish chapter 1 . 7/25/2020
OMG this was soooooo much fun to read! I laughed so many times and had such a wonderful time reading your story. You balanced angst and fluff SO well. The first half was a thrill, the middle HURTED, and then the third part was just super enjoyable. I love love love how you wrote L and Light. You really did their characters justice. The banter was 100000% BRILLIANT! And I got emotionally invested in them haha. I know it’s been 11 years since you’ve updated but I do hope you’ll come back one day. This story is so great
Fallen in love chapter 33 . 11/14/2019
Reading this was a blast, from the high stakes tension to comedic bickering, the clash and friction between two prides, differing philosophies, and ever changing perceptions of each other. God (haha i can't help the image of L deadpanning to Raito), I can't get enough of these two, not to mention the depth you gave to all the characters! To be quite honest I stopped reading the manga as soon as a certain driving plot force met his certain plot driven demise, and my despise for Raito's God complex didn't help none in continuing. Yet by your writing (and the eyes of your L), Raito's pride and " hissy fits" (haha I still can't get over this accurate label) are actually endearing. I thoroughly enjoyed the psychoanalysis of how he came to be, with too much power and perfection and ability to manipulate (please) anyone yet a sympathetic sense of emptiness and apathy. On some levels I actually relate, wanting to be perfect because the environment expects it of you, striving for it, even becoming arrogant in self absorption, yet ultimately lacking a sense of self. He's human, as fucked up as his decisions made him be, and that humanity is also described with Mello, Matt, Near making them just as complex and interesting and not some concept/character design that I was too quick to judge.
Although not all loose ends are tied up, this work satisfied me on multiple levels (inner fangirl, analysis, introspection, alternative plot, the reflective quotes, the looming suspense, fun french translation, L's roundabout sarcasm,
the general humorous wording and witty dialogue) it was all just wonderful to experience. It was like reliving and seeing Death Note in a new Light (literally and figuratively). Thank you so much to have written and invested time into crafting an insane (fantastic) reality back then, I hope you continue to invest and create fantastic works today (whether through writing or any interest to may have) :)
Guest chapter 33 . 10/6/2019
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