Reviews for Gotta Deal
Shizuku Tsukishima749 chapter 4 . 10/10/2008
Yay! I can't wait for the new version! _ Rock on! U *U*

Ever-so sincerely signed,

Shizuku Tsukishima749 :D ;D :) ;)
disneyqueen chapter 4 . 10/10/2008

Thank you so much, I've wanted for this story to get picked up again. Thank you so much and Yeah I feel the same way about some of my stories from when I first started writing. PLEASE POST the story AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. PLEASE THANKS.

On a side note, could you cheek out my story. Now You'll See The Truth, PLEASE and let me know what you think and just to warn you aren't many people reviewing this section, bit I promise I'll read and review ever chap. you write for this story.

PLEASE POST SOON and cheek out my story and review please. THANKS and CAN'T wait for this STORY. YAY!

Not A FanFictioner Anymore chapter 4 . 10/10/2008
WOHO! I thought this fic would never be completed. :) But now it will! YAY!
Shizuku Tsukishima749 chapter 3 . 10/9/2008
There are a lot of missing punctuation marks, but otherwise, the story's plot is really good! Awesome! U

Rock on! U *U*

Ever-so sincerely signed,

Shizuku Tsukishima749 :D ;D :) ;)
ShadowWolfDagger chapter 3 . 6/28/2008
Awesome Now You See It... story can't wait to read more and see how it all plays out. I give it more than 5 stars. Please update it soon _

StarlightNinjaThief chapter 3 . 3/25/2008
plz continue, i luv them
Not A FanFictioner Anymore chapter 3 . 3/22/2008
Wow, I loved this fic! Updaye soon!
cookiemonsta97 chapter 3 . 11/3/2007
plz u gotta make more
cookiemonsta97 chapter 1 . 11/3/2007
can u make more stories plz
disneyqueen chapter 3 . 1/1/2007

Love it. Please update soon. I feel so bad for Allyson, how can people even think about hurting a child of any age, but the story was really good. Update it.

Gurlonthemove chapter 3 . 12/29/2006
great story so please keep writing it.
adorkabletwenty7 chapter 3 . 12/25/2006
ur right that wasen't a five star that was a star! im in love with this story! plz update as soon as you can!
Miki34 chapter 3 . 12/25/2006
ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDIN? That was a 5 to me! It was so sweet...I'm thinkin' of that freakin' Everlife song "Find Yourself in You". That'd be good for NYSI, wouldn't it? Particularly in this one story.
thebookwormxo chapter 3 . 12/24/2006
Good chapter! I loved it! Update ASAP!

That was so sad, about what Ally was going through as a child...

I'm glad Danny's there to make the pain go away. .
thebookwormxo chapter 2 . 12/14/2006
Great chapter! I loved how you put the threat in the letter. At first glance, no one would no anything bad was in it. But when you read it more closely, you could see the threat. It was awesome. Please update ASAP!
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