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Guest chapter 7 . 6/13/2017
I just finally watched Beetlejuice and naturally went hunting for fanfic. This one and it's prequel were recommended on tvtropes and holy shit I can see why.

There was always a weird tension in the film between Beetlejuice being a disgusting, creepy guy and being a darkly sexual guy. When the Phantom of the Opera gives a girl a wedding dress and says marry me or else, it's easier to see it as sexy. Not so with an undead ghoul.

But you managed it really well, made it about him as a trickster, only as disgusting as a spider, something Lydia could live with, and then he had to take a frickin shower before she actually got close to him.

And the beast has to turn into a handsome prince at the end - both for the story's sake and because honestly bugs in the hair is too much even when you're in love. And yet, perfectly, you include Lydia's grief that the beast she fell in love with is dead, despite the handsome prince.

So, uh, it's been like 10 years since this story was published, so idk if you're even reading reviews, but you did good.
Guest chapter 7 . 1/5/2016
That was both beautiful and tragic
Stephycats7785 chapter 7 . 5/21/2015
I loved it good job
Stephycats7785 chapter 6 . 5/21/2015
Holy carp I didn't see that twist coming and I don't surprise easily so good job!
Stephycats7785 chapter 5 . 5/21/2015
I love this story and I have to say that like you I think all the fighting amongst the movie version and cartoon version is pointless. We all love the ghost with the most and Lydia the strange and unusual girl so we all just need to get along.
dorcas chapter 1 . 5/10/2013
I TOLD you I'd favorite it, and now I've figured out how!
dorcas chapter 7 . 5/10/2013
Thank you very much for your story. What's so bad about using your writing as catharsis? Considering that, it's gorgeous! You're right that it's crack but I find the ending satisfying if only for the sense of conclusion. Endings are often bittersweet; here it's like she's lost so much, but gained a future. Adding to my favorites for sure!

Peace be with you!
Voices of Mars chapter 7 . 5/8/2012
I guest you were making a joke about what you though of the BJ cartoon on chapter 5, but I do think both the movie and the Tv show have a huge fanfics potential. That's all I'll say in order to stop myself from writing a whole chapter about my opinion on the matter.

Anyway such an awesome fics we have here! w Glad I could find it. I really like in chapter 5 when Lydia is falling and there's random quotes and scenes appearing. (though I read the book in french, I couldn't help smiling like an idiot when I read the quote from dearly Poor Erik, sweet phantom of the opera. Even though I'm trying to calm down my addiction, thank you so much -~3)

Well, so, in my opinion, I think your fanfic was really nice and, maybe I did think that Betelgeuse was becoming gentle too quickly, it did make sense by the end so I did enjoy the ride. He isn't Bj from the movie, but he's completely yours and that's the magic with fanfictions. However, speaking of the ending, I'm not sure I approve the twist. In itself, the bittersweet ending was wonderful by my standards (even though I just wanted to swear) It was very mature and human, taking the right decision, the good and healthy choice even though you just want to go back. Fantastic.

What I didn't like was the inclusion of Merope and the importance she held in "Garvan" transformation. A man can become bad by himself, thank you, and with what he's been trough, It would had been logic. To think that all his characteristic was due to someone else, picking nothing from the man he was before, just plainly created a almost one dimensional monster. No, I didn't like that part of the fic. Lydia is perfectly right; She doesn't know him. (*sigh* I'm sorry, I need to calm down)

I don't dislike Merope in herself, though. No matter how much I don't like "that", I still think you use her well as a omnipresent "danger"... Come to think of it, she's basically an overpowered crazy fanfiction writer!... damn, now I can't hate her xD

I'm not sure if my opinion is clear, but I really do hope you won't hate me for it. I deeply enjoy reading it and I wouldn't had wrote a review that long if I didn't love it. Thank you so much for everything.

Dévouée, Mars
slashluvah chapter 7 . 3/23/2012
I was emotionally drained after finishing this at 3am "last night". As much as I'm sad that it's not truly Beetlejuice, I do feel like he's still there, in Garvan. That was an amazing backstory, and I also noticed that it's very similar to FairDrea's.

My heart was just breaking for BJ when Lydia found out about his lies and sent him away. OMG my poor little fangirl heart! And as Garvan when Lydia said she didn't know him.

I hope that Lydia comes to love Garvan more. I kind of want more bits and pieces of their new life together.
theghostandtheowl chapter 1 . 10/22/2011
Oh my Lord, I have never cried so hard reading a story. So amazingly beautiful, and mind boggling! Thank You so much for writing this...
Blackgaz22 chapter 7 . 8/16/2011
i liked it
FairDrea chapter 7 . 7/27/2011
I finished reading this...and the first words out of my mouth were "F*$% me!"

That...was insane and unpredictable and complete...I can't even think. It was brilliant. No, beyond brilliant. I could never even hope to write the way you do and to be quite honest, I don't want to because it’s a style that's yours and holy shit if it isn't so impressive that I can't actually form sentences that make sense. I’m just in awe of the story as a whole and can’t BELIEVE it took me this long to freakin’ find it! I will admit to feeling sick at one point when reading the back story because my back story for poor BJ had some similarities. Drowning, dead wife with baby…it made me feel awful and want to apologize immediately…but I had to keep reading because this fic was CRACK for me! I was supposed to go work out and said “screw it! I can’t stop reading this!”

The emotion tied up in this, especially Lydia and Beetlejuice…for me it totally outshone the impressive-as-hell plot. There was just this way you described everything – Beetlejuice trying to stay true to this scheme while slipping away from his persona and remembering who he used to be because of his love for Lydia…and especially at the end where Lydia’s conflicted with her own feelings of love lost and confusion over how to feel about this person who’s not the man she fell in love with. It was a thing of beauty. I can’t get over how amazing every word put into this was.

I’m so so soooo freakin happy I found this and was able to get a three hour break today to read it! Loved every minute of it. Fantastically written!
Seyfert chapter 7 . 6/12/2011
Thank you for writing this story!

Although the fangirl in me will never be happy with anything less than the real BJ and wants to yell at Lydia for letting that chance go, damned be free will, I really admire the story you have put together here.

It's hard to find stories that are really adult, more so in fanfic, since we all crave for those mushy stories with perfect endings. Adult life really is a series of compromises on less than perfect terms, and real happiness and pain really are less sharp, though sometimes not less intense.

I admire the fact that you have been able to show this in your story, I know that I never have the courage to do so in my fiction! Please keep up the great work :)
Storm Seer chapter 7 . 3/27/2011
Wow...that was intense and sad...

Your characterization was amazing. I was definitely not expecting the story to go where it did, either. Your writing is very well done with excellent description.

Again for the ending section, I can just say amazing...
morph chapter 7 . 2/8/2011
Very bittersweet. That's the best word for this ending. It's well-written though, and an interesting take on the characters. All in all, it's a great fic.
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