Reviews for She Wouldn't Become Him
UnknownQuotients chapter 1 . 11/20/2006
"She opened the medicine cupboard, thinking there might be something that could make her sleep a couple more hours. Nothing like the meth, but something."

Doesn't seem very realistic. Meth is a stimulant. If she took it she would be extremely energetic until it wore off and *then* she might sleep. If she wanted to sleep, a depressant would be better.

I still enjoyed it though. :p
CatKam chapter 1 . 11/20/2006
I loved it, it was beautiful! One question the "HE" being refered to, is that supposed to be House or her husband Micheal? I love it either way:)
LindaRose chapter 1 . 11/19/2006
Nice. Very interesting and well written!
ShadiEyes92 chapter 1 . 11/19/2006
OMG! I loved that! Really, really well written. Write more!