Reviews for A matter of force
Derich chapter 45 . 2/8
... and, on top of all the insanities you put in that story (best version of Ron ever!), you takes big risks in the scenario, which are logical, and apparently were planned since the beginning. Now this is what I call a damn good fanfiction.

It's a bit a shame the story stopped here, but take this review and this favored. And please keep writing stories as good as that one (I'll will be reading :D )
Derich chapter 39 . 2/8
Ron Weasley is "just a guy in vacation", kicking monster asses and performing heroics acts everywhere he goes...

(Mr Black found, for those who read that particular fanfic... :D )
Derich chapter 36 . 2/8
And Luna pokemon mistress... ... I honestly don't know if Anna just doomed the world or made it a better place.
Good idea on the potion table (Mendeleiev powa!)
Derich chapter 29 . 2/8
... After Ron, you made Lockhart Batman?
... ... ...
Please hold still and take that review while my mind is rebooting from the sheer awesomeness of that plot idea.
Derich chapter 22 . 2/7
Ron Weasley, Dracula slayer!

You just re-made my day 3
Derich chapter 14 . 2/7
Ron Weasley vampire slayer... ... you made my day
user51s2r chapter 1 . 1/14
A very interesting and enjoyable 1st chapter.
dragon slayer of death 98 chapter 8 . 8/27/2017
please have anna like girls or at least be bi but lean more towards girls than guys
Do you like blac chapter 41 . 2/20/2017
Now I remember why you are nothing.
obliviated fan chapter 41 . 1/23/2017
Ehh... the Irish speak Gaelic. Gallic is used to describe something French.
Guest chapter 1 . 1/7/2017
I fucking hate genderbend it's pointless and shit
Difdi chapter 41 . 10/5/2016
You know, given their family duty requires them to ensure their line continues, I'm not at all surprised either of the Boggs kids would tend towards being perverts. Melvin just embraces it and flaunts it.
Difdi chapter 33 . 10/5/2016
Your interpretation of the British Wizarding world is extremely AU to begin with, so I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised that you made Vernon a mere employee of Grunnings, but was it intentional or did you do it by mistake?

I ask, because the first book of the Harry Potter series describes Vernon as being director of Grunnings. Director means different things in North America than it does in Britain - translating British English to American English, the American equivalent of the British director position is CEO.

Aside from the majority shareholders who might be able to vote him out of the top position, Vernon does not have a boss in canon. If Grunnings is a private corporation, Vernon wouldn't even answer to the shareholders.
Difdi chapter 32 . 10/4/2016
The deer in headlights metaphor is especially amusing given that James is a stag animagus.
Difdi chapter 8 . 9/30/2016
Bill & Ted aren't technically Muggles. They aren't Wizards, but they aren't Muggles either. What they are, is Bards. The sort of legendary Bard that is born once every thousand years or two. They are magically gifted, but it comes out in their music rather than in spellcasting.

A legendary Bard is like Taliesen, the subject of myths, legends and stories, even a thousand years after his death. Bill & Ted (in the context of those movies anyway) are unprecedented - TWO legendary Bards born in the same year, in the same town.

And unlike every legndary Bard befpre them, Bill & Ted were born into an age of global electronic mass media. They could have quite literally conquered their world simply by singing about it. Instead, they had a dofferent message: Be Excellent to each other.

And the result was world peace and a golden age.
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