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Guest chapter 2 . 7/19
SuzuWuzu chapter 2 . 7/10
Plz stop using japanese it's sooooo glaringly obvious you have no idea how to use them properly it's sooooo cringe.
FallingHopelessly chapter 25 . 7/10
Ah It was a treat for my fangirl heart. Loved it 3 Hope you'll pick it up again soon. Great job!
junnie92 chapter 24 . 7/9
_ p
ameranthus13 chapter 25 . 7/4
hey this was going really awesome! I know its been a couple of years, but could you at least give a summary of what you wanted to happen in the end? I'm glad you got this far!
The Obsidian Pen chapter 9 . 6/16
Ah, the finale of this Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone arc was a good one, showing exactly how badass a ninja is when compared an incompetent wizard Harry from canon. It was a little confusing at first when you suddenly said that he stabbed the stone when he stabbed the mirror, making a weird transition from the stone being in the mirror which was where he stabbed it. It makes sense a bit, but it was still a bit confusing of a transition

As always, still entertaining to read this whole story again.
The Obsidian Pen chapter 5 . 6/15
Ah, the trip to Diagon Alley (I'm separating diagonally, so I'm spelling it that way), still fun to read, especially the fire wand part. That always made me laugh, and still does.

Oh boy, the pairings. Always the one that causes heartache to both writer and reader. From the effort to make it good, and from the possible disappointment to many readers. You have my sympathies as a fellow author. Personally, I still vote for Harry-Tayuya, because I think it would be very original, and even allow some things that won't be possible with other pairings. Mostly a certain kind of drama that won't work with others.

Naruto and Sasuke are like brothers, so it just might as well be incest, in my own personal opinion that shouldn't hinder your way of writing in any way. So it's weird to hear people suggesting that.

Looking forward the time you update this fic, especially if the latest chapter is as exciting as I remember it.
The Obsidian Pen chapter 2 . 6/15
It's kinda weird to see some Japanese mixed with the dialogue, but not in the way that irks me, just sometimes odd to read. If it was during in England and he was speaking in English, then it makes sense.

This is one of the chapters that made me excited to read the future ones (you know what I'm talking about). The whole scene with Itachi is just a masterpiece, and even more so were the reactions form Sasuke and Harry. Especially how Harry is now there to comfort the younger Uchiha. Whether or not he will be an avenger still is yet to be determined, since it's such a big part of Sasuke's character in canon.

I remember reading this when my pan name used to be 'The Digger', and I love it now just like I loved it then.
The Obsidian Pen chapter 1 . 6/15
Decided to read this again, and I'm still entertained by the story. I wonder if you give cookies to people who read this entire fic multiple times? Chocolate chip for me, please.

You might want to fix that huge wall of text in this chapter. That would be the only blemish of this chapter. The story, however, is as fantastic as I remember it.
OrangeKing89 chapter 25 . 6/5
I love this story. It's a bit more serious than Uzumaki Potter but still has its funny moments.

I think I like what you decided to do with the basilisk but I just had a mental image of Manda fighting the basilisk for the Title of King of Serpents.
Shewolf1990 chapter 2 . 5/18
You wrote Arashi instead of Minato near the top.
fairygirl90 chapter 25 . 5/16
Waaah! How could you just leave it there?! Please tell me you will pick this story back up again! Please! I love it and want to read more, this is so disappointing, I was hoping for more! I want to see his chunin exam and more Kakashi and Anko having to deal with Sasuke and Naruto, not to mention his third year and his explanation as to how he was in the deset but not Egypt and if Kabuto is going to tell Orochimaru about his abilities and how the teachers at Hogwarts will react to him being allowed into Hogsmade while there is a killer on the loose and his reaction to the dementors and what memories will win out parents or Itachi. Waahh! And that's jusy the next year and even before Sasuke and Naruto become genin! Please write more!
wildcat1144 chapter 25 . 5/2
You have lied to me T.T please update :3 ... soon
EllaJuroku chapter 1 . 5/2
LOL! Poke War!
CrystallineX chapter 12 . 5/2
I appreciate this story, I really do. But even after the beta process, "stealing" is misspelled as "steeling" and as a person who is conversational in Japanese, I can assure you that Otoko-san and Onna-san literally are not words used in the Japanese language. If you had to use Japanese, it would rather be "ojou-san/jou-chan" (miss) and "bouzu" (little boy) or any number of other things. Most likely, since they were customers, it would have been "Okyaku-sama" (honored customers). And it's "hajimemashite, douzo yoroshiku (onegaishimasu)". I would have just written "it is an honor to meet you" in English. I know it's exciting/tempting to use Japanese words if you pick up/study them via anime and internet, but it's better not to use them too much, because the chances of botching words/phrases increase correspondingly. Random Japanese insertions also break the flow of what would have otherwise been a perfectly understandable/pleasant-to-read dialogue in English. Personally, I'd stick with just pronouns and suffixes, and possibly the jutsu names.
Okay, rant/critique over.
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