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openwindow4 chapter 6 . 5/17/2007




i absolutely LOVE how you've developed the plot and stuff! i heart this fic!


Ai-Kusabana chapter 6 . 4/26/2007
Yey! Another great chappie!

Aw... Sasuke's in DENIAL! *tsk, tsk* eally now, he should know better than to deny that he's jealous! Oh and the neve of him rummaging through Ino's purse! The nerve!

Aw... The relationship of Ino with Gaara's SO CUTE! Now isn't that cute... those two looks so ADORABLE TOGETHER! *squeal* _

Hope there'll be more GaaIno moments and more jealous Sasuke!

Kanae-88 chapter 6 . 4/18/2007
Can you believe I was planning on leaving you a review demanding an update, and what was my surprise, you had already updated a long while ago and I was desesperate over nothing xD GOD! I really HATE when ff doesn't alert me when other people post -.-

Anyway, GREAT CHAPTER! As always :P

And all my thougts can be summed up into a very short sentence...


That said, I hope you'll update soon D Take care!


-Goth-Punk88 / Kanae
Sora4801 chapter 2 . 3/8/2007
Update soon. I like.
Himawari Mayumi chapter 6 . 3/3/2007
It's a nice story, I like Hinata in this FanFiction, she was shy but she hated Sasuke. I like the last chapter on her questions towards Ino, which makes her question herself about the feelings for Sasuke~ I support GaaIno though, haven really read a fanfic on SasuIno beside yours -

Great job~! Update soon~~!
whee chapter 6 . 2/21/2007
) this is a really cute story. i hope it ends up being shinn/cagalli! they really are an adorable pair. thanks for the story. i hope you find time to update soon.
wonderwoman29 chapter 6 . 2/15/2007
I'm an idiot for putting off reading this for soo long. I can't wait to see the next chappie. There is so much romantic tension between Sasuke and Ino. I love his jealously of her with anything having to do with other men. It's so good. My complaments and adoration. XD
wonderlanding chapter 6 . 2/14/2007
omg i love your style of writing! very descriptive and suspenseful! who are you gonna choose ino-chan?

you have to update ASAP!

this story is very addicting...i read it three times already! _
Guest chapter 6 . 2/14/2007
awsome i love the plot this reminds me of a moviethe name exscapes me) were this women's husband dies and suddenly everyone's after her and it turns out her husband wasn't dead he faked his death and is involved in some crime war or someing like that.

anyway update soon i like this fic. lovin the gaaraxinoxsasuke stuff in there ::whisper:: saske/ino 4ever XD
of wonderlands and alices chapter 6 . 2/8/2007
AHA! you thought you could sneak in a chapter without me knowing, didn't you, mr. fanfiction-DOTNET sneaky-PANTS? well it didn't work, mua haha ha! it seems i checked in right on time, and managed to foil your EVIL plans, heh.

lol. sorry, i just had to get that out, hehee. i didn't get an alert so i didn't know you updated - oh curse yee, FFdotnet! why, WHY? (-ahem-) nice chapter, as usual (-nod-). there's a couple of grammatical errors but nothing too bad, and there's also a lot of one-liners. tho' i must admit, lengthy paragraphs make my eyes/head hurt, too many one-liners can be just as exasperating. i'm not exactly complaining-i like the story just the way it is, so it's more like a suggestion.

anyways; the plot, it thickens! our sweet little hinata, going down the path of destruction! awesome! xDD this'll be great, i know you'll be able to pull it off. ahh, of course, how can we forget the sasuinogaa, or gaainosasu-whatever-point is, how can we forget it? it's getting really tense around here, and i'm just waiting to see how it'll turn out (i don't know which one to lean towards myself..) ooh, a jealous sasuke, is it too much to hope for a jealous gaara in the future? (not immediately obviously, since it seems gaara is only starting to feel something towards our favorite blonde kunoichi. c'mon gaara, get with the program!) AH, and what is going to happen to the sasuke x hinata? it is dead and done for, or will it continue to play an important role in sasuke's life and the fic? and what about sasori?

hmm-well if you can't tell already, i'm looking forward to the next chapter, so update soon! )
Senney chapter 6 . 2/8/2007

I really love your story, but its a shame that you haven't updated in a forever. Shame! PLEASE don't make this fic go to the recycle bin! I will follow it and be crushed by the recyclomatic 40.3! and If I die then nobody will head the recycling program in my local school! PLEASE FOR THE SAKE OF RECYCLAGE!

I love you!



ALCzysz17 chapter 6 . 1/18/2007
stupid mail didn't tell me you updated! Murder the email box! hehehe...well I'm glad you updated it was great as usual! I wonder what Sasori is to me he's her kind of, sort of brother...but what will you say? hehehe...this is just getting more interesting as you go story is getting there slowly...but I do have a big ass plot going on with Inoichi's death...and all that...

I'm sorry! I actually didn't get school today and this is suppose to be my final day of exams! Because it fucking snowed! and there were like 80 accidents all around and it was strange and irontic mom forgets her phone and has to go to work...I can't find my CD player and dont have school...I dont know but times like this I get strange feelings about it all...ah well probably because its 9 in the morning and I haven't ate a thing yet...

well I hope you update soon! I will have chapter 11 for 'Pretend to be nice' out tomorrow! I promise and if I dont then I will have to update Saturday and then post the next chapter Monday...which I dont have I better get it out tomorrow...hehe...update soon! I'm out...

CCILoveSparklesCC chapter 6 . 1/17/2007
Me likey! Update soon!
I Don't Write Anymore chapter 6 . 1/17/2007
Hello, again! :-) I have to say, if you love essay-reviews, then essay-reviews I will give! I'm good at ranting if you haven't already noticed...o_O. Haha. Oh yes, I LOVE KibaHina- (if that's what the pairing will later turn out to be...) it's a good, understandable pairing if I do say so myself [nods head]. Oh yeah!

Hinata as the ANTAGONIST? Oh I like that! I can see the evil Hyuuga right now, grinning manically while she rubs her hands in glee on planning Ino's destruction-everything being hidden behind a blushing face of innocence! Yep, I like that a lot. It gives Hinata a backbone, something I think she needs desperately to gain. :-) EXCELLENT IDEA. Oh yeah, I love the character development and the similarities between Naruto and Ino-I find that they ARE a lot alike in the anime, they're both loud, somewhat obnoxious but loveable all the same... [smiles galore].

Now reviewing about this chapter:

Ino being sad. Hinata being jealous. Gaara developing slight feelings. Sasuke being jealous. Sasuke being jealous...and um, more jealousy from our favorite raven-haired prince {!} [he really is a secret prince in disguise I swear it, my friends don't believe that but for all his egotistical-ness...yup royalty the Uchiha is and his godly looks confirm my beliefs]... Gah, AND I worship the drama-it's complex goodness that my life tends to lack... And all the tension between the characters, I wouldn't have built it up so well if I were the author of this fic [which, thank god, I'm do SUCH a better job at it ;-)] Oh yes-NO GRAMMAR MISTAKES OORR SPELING! YOSH! I love that about this fic...I'm such a grammar nazi and everything HAS most be utmost perfection [you fit the catagory!] And the way it flows [SO well] never fails to amaze me. I really CANNOT wait for Ino and Sasuke to get together, which I hope isn't going to be for a while [I don't believe in tacky fics like PWPs or just smutty mcsmex smex one-shots, they simply disgust me] -gag- But I have high expectations for the story...but no pressure!

And THANK YOU for reviewing my story :-) It really meant a lot for me that one of my favorite authors read my one-shot! and many more that I can't fit. Which brings me to the question...why don't you make one-a NaruSasu, I mean [CAN YOU SAY: FIC CHALLENGE?] Oh yes, and that GaaSasu you requested is in the works...I page & 1/2 complete...heh-heh [insert more pathetic laughter...] I'm on writers block for about...everything. It's frustrating, I don't know how you deal with writer's block [or if you get it at all] but everytime I write a sentence I smack into this dead end. Crap.

NARUTO IS DELAYED...WHAT IS WRONG WITH THOSE PEOPLE? HAVE THEY NO SHAME FOR MAKING THE THOUSANDS OF WATCHERS AROUND THE WORLD CRY THEIR EYES OUT? Oh yeah, Gaara was in the lastest filler...he supposedly gave someone [I'm thinking Naruto] a weapon and told him to practice with it until is became part of his body... o_O. The details were sketchy, but that's what my friend Kerri told me-who [SCOFFS] still watches fillers. So you have the Gaara appearance right there...but I'm a true blue Sasuke fangirl who hasn't seen her idol since episode...was it...205? I forget...but it was the one with the interviewing Orochimaru and voting on the best fight scene...something like that. BUT I CAN'T WAIT FOR NARUTO 2! [Emphasis on the CAN'T part.] Damn it...don't these people understand the importance of watching our favorite characters appear on the screen as [insert OMFG] REAL teenagers? I guess they don't or we would be watching Sasuke trying to beat the shit out of our beloved Naruto and perhaps kill him while the blond-try as he might-is not able to reach the Uchiha WHO IS SO LONESOME AND in the DARK and UNABLE TO LOVE HIS blue-eyed best friend after LIVING TWO YEARS with the lecherous pervert OROCHIMARU. [GASP!] THE DRAMA!

I'm sorry about that [points up] I just love doing crap like that. Har-har. Yes, I know a LOT about the college experience. Scorn on the 24-hour cafeteria filled with food every shape, size, and color. Basically...every food known to man-kind... that is SO tempting... plus all those cafes and groceries located on campus...and the cafes, eateries, and bakeries located OFF of campus. Just trying to encompass the vast choices makes my head ache...

No more rambling... much apologies. [I have about a quintillion number of projects and assignments to finish...I'm not even suppose to be on my laptop...] BUT I WILL return next chapter! WOOT!


LONG ps. [I know it defeats the purpose of 'p.s'] I checked out Billy Talent. Devil in the Midnight Mass was pleasure to my ears. For a few weeks, it was on my myspace...:-) Thanx to you! Oh yeah, I'm guessing you've checked out the music video? With the blood on the walls...and the little boy in bed. Yeah...some kind of morbid visual to go with the song, but certainly interesting all the same... And while I'm on the subject of music...The Darkness- 'Growing On Me' is certainly a good fit when Sasuke and Ino begin to SLIGHTLY like each other...more...if you like Kill Hannah's breathy lead singer's voice and have an eclectic tast in music [which, of course, you do] then you will love the high notes the singer from The Darkness can hit. I also recommend 'I believe in a thing called love', 'love is only a feeling', 'friday night' and basically every song off of their Permission to Land album-oh yeah-'Get Your Hands Off My Woman' by them makes me giggle because if KIND OF is similar to Sasuke's behavior-he just hasn't realized it yet. If you haven't already listened to them, DO! Oh yeah...they're from the UK...:-)
Verde Aries chapter 6 . 1/16/2007
OMG. GO YOU! I love this story... thank goodness I have FINALLY found someone who hates cannon pairings as much as I do... and you're right, there are a couple cannon stories I actually like (NO SasuSaku though... i hate that couple TOO much...) I know we're not the only ones, I know there are a lot of us, and seriously, I hope someone gets around to avtually making a SasuIno thing on here... i would so join.

Brilliant story! Poor Shikamaru... I love him too much (i guess I can safely say I actually DO like ShikaIno... he's a cool character and WAY cute! lol) I'm sad that he's dead but... its for the good of the story. I see Sasuke and Ino are making progress :) lol I really can't wait until you update!

yay SasuIno! keep up the great work!
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