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Everlite chapter 3 . 12/9/2006
I love this's thoughtful, precise, and flows very smoothly. I love the seriousness of the subject matters, and I absolutely love the romance! You have all my favorite Ino pairings included in this story. I absolutely cannot wait for your update, please do so soon! Again, I love your story.
CheerfullyPessimistic chapter 3 . 12/9/2006
okay, but now i'm starting to like the idea of sasuino. and though i'm not ino, i would probably deal with my sadness like she did. u said there was going to be slight naruino. i don't see any though. keep writing.

MisSs005 chapter 3 . 12/9/2006
Yet another great chappie! Really like the way Ino abuses Sasuke.. She kicks ass..! 'Bout the SasuIno community.. I think it's a great idea! I totally agree with the fact that SasuSaku starts to get a bit... well .. ya know what I mean ;))

See ya at the next chap! x)
sugarmonkey778 chapter 3 . 12/9/2006
yay i love sasuke ino better than ino gaara anyways so yay and nice chapter i like how long u make um keep up the good work and yay sasuke ino !
t0xicmarker chapter 3 . 12/9/2006
OMG! I love the interactions between Sasuke and Ino! They're like, at ends on their first meeting and I'm glad you made it this way. I don't like it when they fall for each other right away, but rather through a series of events where they feel something towards each other. Ame, you're an amazing writer and I've followed all your fics since you just started, and I have to say, this might rival No Laws To Love!

Please Please update soon!

kosumi chapter 3 . 12/9/2006
I LOVE THIS CHAPTER! You are a genius! I thought this chapter was very good in length! Not too short but it still makes me beg for more! I also hope this is a project you plan on finishing! There are so many great fics I adore that are left unfinished. But thats what happens when you take on a big plot. SO I'm crossing my fingers for this fic! I love it I love it. Did you know that I LOVE this fic?

I love the Sasu/Ino interaction in this chapter. It makes me laugh. So cute... and he's persistant all the way. YEE! Ino's character I think is also very realistic. I'm glad shes not jumping into a romance with anyone right away, esp after her loss it would just be too rushed. And I'm quite happy at the pace you are going. KEEP IT UP!
Aralka chapter 3 . 12/8/2006
Wow..Enemies at first sight, Sasuke and Ino? XD Great, I enjoyed it. And I think you ptrayed Sasuke just fine- an annoying prick, but when needed, caring and sympathetic. Well done.

Still hoping for SasukeIno pairing in the end :3 Keep up the perfect work!
ALCzysz17 chapter 3 . 12/8/2006
you did a fantastic job! Everyone seemed in character and Gaara is so funny in here...always witnessing Sasuke's abuse from Ino...this story is just getting better and better really! It really makes me smile to know my story "Pretend to be nice" inspired you to write a Sasuke and Ino story...I will update tomorrow so dont you worry about it, please take you're time really shouldn't feel you have to update quickly...i never do...well I can't wait for more, so update when you got the time...I'm out... _~

thunder sister chapter 3 . 12/8/2006
Hahaha, it seems a debate is heating up and us GaaIno fans are on the losing side! Well, SasuIno is more popular than the GaaIno fandom. That's the main reason that I want it to be GaaIno.

By and by, the choice is ultimately yours, I just ask that if you make this a SasuIno please make a GaaIno with just as much action and plot as this one.

But that doesn't mean I've given up! I shall review every chapter trying to convince you and hopefully other readers as well! The odds may be against me but I've got enough fire to burn down When the poll comes, I shall click and vote! Mwahaha!

(I think I may be going crazy.)~thunder
Gotta Find You chapter 3 . 12/8/2006
Ooh, YES! Another decent Sasuke x Ino fic out there! I'm rooting for Sasuke x Ino in this fic but Gaara x Ino wouldn't be all that bad. You're a really talented writer and I think you might b my inspiration to write a Sasuke x Ino fic. xD I love how Sasuke and Ino interact in the story...Y'know, the way they talk and Sasuke loves messing with her- It's a good interaction. Anyways, you have to update soon...Please? HAVE A NICE DAY! xP
Tai-for-you chapter 3 . 12/8/2006
Haha well the random thing got me XD. Is Casino Royale really good? I heard it from a friend it is. I havent seen it yet, maybe I will go see it . This chapter is somewhat a break from the first two sad and full of action ones. I like it, and Ino and Sasuke gave me a laugh... they fight more than a married couple would! I like it, at first I didnt know it was Kabuto in the Elevator with Sakura... I thought it was Kakashi or something like that ;. O! Is Kabuto gonna play the spy for the bad guy? Haha update soon _
I Don't Write Anymore chapter 3 . 12/8/2006
Wow, I was just listening to 'Suspension' by Mae. What a [kind of] coincidence! Well, very, very good chapter, it's always nice to see Ino give what Sasuke deserves. An enormous slap followed by a punch. Oh yess. I swear, he's a nice guy one second and the next it's just like [[WOAAH]] WHAT a bastard. But Ino, she's really...violent isn't she, haha? Kinda reminds me of Sakura in my story. But sakura irritates me now: my current interests are Temari, Ino, and Kin. Perhaps you can make a fic about Kin later on?

Well, anyway about this chapter:


“Take the next one, there’s not enough room in here for us and your big duck-ass shaped head,” She sniffed as the door closed. -

Very funny: in fact, very VERY funny. Yes, even enough for me to choke on the lemon poppy-seed muffin I was eating. I blame you for that. . Well, I guess that's good sign, huh...due to the fact that today everything was snowed in and I was in a bad mood...

Kudos to you! I can't wait till you update! And did I mention that I LOVE it when Sasuke gets riled up? It's damn hilarious!

Ha-ha. Hm music I like? Because we share aa lot of the same things... I like: Plain White T's as well, The Long Winters, Azure Ray, Shiny Toy Guns, Headstart, H.I.M, Three Days Grace, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Black Sabbath, Mutemath, The Fray, Pink Spiders, 30 Second to Mars, LostProphets, AFI, Matchbook Romance, Dirty Sweet, White Starr, The Postal Service, Jonezetta, The Misfits, The Who, Greenskeepers, Golden Ax, Viper Room, The Darkness, etc. A WHOLE lot of bands, yeah.

What about you? Any other band you want to share? :-)

Chapter 3 coming soon? [[A hopeful yes?]] I will anticipate it!

&& oh yes, I will most DEFINITELY be reviewing for every single chapter until it ends. You just found yourself a faithful reviewer! [Happy, Joyous?]]


MisSs005 chapter 2 . 12/6/2006
Aw.. man.. this looks good! I want some more! Like the story, like Ino, and the pairing SasuIno is hard to find, so I guess I'm glad to find a good one. Will be waitin' for the next chap!
Darkwine.Mine chapter 2 . 12/3/2006
You should make it a Gaara/Ino. There aren't a lot of those out that are good. Your story would be a wonderful Gaara/Ino. Or do the alternate thing. I'm lovin' it so far, and was able to follow it easily enough. You are a great writer, the length was good but the details could be added to, character appearances and such. You seem to have a good plot going for you as well. Fantastic job, once again.

Peace Out,


kosumi chapter 2 . 12/2/2006
OOH! very intriguing! Right now, it seems more Gaara/Ino than Sasuke/Ino. Sasuke seems like a bastard. I'm excited to see what kind of relationship he will build with Ino esp since he's already involved in a love triangle. Very different and moving plot! I like this story a lot sp far! My only hope is that you update fast! I'm really into it!
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