Reviews for Number Five With A Bullet
Gotta Find You chapter 3 . 12/8/2006
Ooh, YES! Another decent Sasuke x Ino fic out there! I'm rooting for Sasuke x Ino in this fic but Gaara x Ino wouldn't be all that bad. You're a really talented writer and I think you might b my inspiration to write a Sasuke x Ino fic. xD I love how Sasuke and Ino interact in the story...Y'know, the way they talk and Sasuke loves messing with her- It's a good interaction. Anyways, you have to update soon...Please? HAVE A NICE DAY! xP
Tai-for-you chapter 3 . 12/8/2006
Haha well the random thing got me XD. Is Casino Royale really good? I heard it from a friend it is. I havent seen it yet, maybe I will go see it . This chapter is somewhat a break from the first two sad and full of action ones. I like it, and Ino and Sasuke gave me a laugh... they fight more than a married couple would! I like it, at first I didnt know it was Kabuto in the Elevator with Sakura... I thought it was Kakashi or something like that ;. O! Is Kabuto gonna play the spy for the bad guy? Haha update soon _
I Don't Write Anymore chapter 3 . 12/8/2006
Wow, I was just listening to 'Suspension' by Mae. What a [kind of] coincidence! Well, very, very good chapter, it's always nice to see Ino give what Sasuke deserves. An enormous slap followed by a punch. Oh yess. I swear, he's a nice guy one second and the next it's just like [[WOAAH]] WHAT a bastard. But Ino, she's really...violent isn't she, haha? Kinda reminds me of Sakura in my story. But sakura irritates me now: my current interests are Temari, Ino, and Kin. Perhaps you can make a fic about Kin later on?

Well, anyway about this chapter:


“Take the next one, there’s not enough room in here for us and your big duck-ass shaped head,” She sniffed as the door closed. -

Very funny: in fact, very VERY funny. Yes, even enough for me to choke on the lemon poppy-seed muffin I was eating. I blame you for that. . Well, I guess that's good sign, huh...due to the fact that today everything was snowed in and I was in a bad mood...

Kudos to you! I can't wait till you update! And did I mention that I LOVE it when Sasuke gets riled up? It's damn hilarious!

Ha-ha. Hm music I like? Because we share aa lot of the same things... I like: Plain White T's as well, The Long Winters, Azure Ray, Shiny Toy Guns, Headstart, H.I.M, Three Days Grace, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Black Sabbath, Mutemath, The Fray, Pink Spiders, 30 Second to Mars, LostProphets, AFI, Matchbook Romance, Dirty Sweet, White Starr, The Postal Service, Jonezetta, The Misfits, The Who, Greenskeepers, Golden Ax, Viper Room, The Darkness, etc. A WHOLE lot of bands, yeah.

What about you? Any other band you want to share? :-)

Chapter 3 coming soon? [[A hopeful yes?]] I will anticipate it!

&& oh yes, I will most DEFINITELY be reviewing for every single chapter until it ends. You just found yourself a faithful reviewer! [Happy, Joyous?]]


MisSs005 chapter 2 . 12/6/2006
Aw.. man.. this looks good! I want some more! Like the story, like Ino, and the pairing SasuIno is hard to find, so I guess I'm glad to find a good one. Will be waitin' for the next chap!
Darkwine.Mine chapter 2 . 12/3/2006
You should make it a Gaara/Ino. There aren't a lot of those out that are good. Your story would be a wonderful Gaara/Ino. Or do the alternate thing. I'm lovin' it so far, and was able to follow it easily enough. You are a great writer, the length was good but the details could be added to, character appearances and such. You seem to have a good plot going for you as well. Fantastic job, once again.

Peace Out,


kosumi chapter 2 . 12/2/2006
OOH! very intriguing! Right now, it seems more Gaara/Ino than Sasuke/Ino. Sasuke seems like a bastard. I'm excited to see what kind of relationship he will build with Ino esp since he's already involved in a love triangle. Very different and moving plot! I like this story a lot sp far! My only hope is that you update fast! I'm really into it!
RedHeather chapter 2 . 11/30/2006
hm you should end with sasuhina, gaaino, and leave the rest by themselves
CheerfullyPessimistic chapter 2 . 11/30/2006
woah, do i sense some sasuhina there? when the read the fic it looked like u were making the final pairings gaaino and sasuhina and maybe narusaku. anyway, keep writing. luv the characterization.
sugarmonkey778 chapter 2 . 11/30/2006
this is turning out to be more of a gaara ino maybe it was ut in the wrong section or u r planing something big who nos not me but u must anyways nice chapter _
I Don't Write Anymore chapter 2 . 11/30/2006
Ah, whens it going to go to some...ACTION!

Idk, I'm one of those people who like rushed things

BUT don't listen to me...take things your own'd be MUCH MUCh better if you did.

A...realistic way. Anyway, what happened to Muse?

[Weird, I think we have the same taste in music: Muse was one of my favorite bands until I discovered Kill Hannah & Death Cab]

Whatever, I'm going to so search for this song by Gavin Degraw now...I don't really listen to Gavin, but I'm sure it's good o!

Please update! and I WILL notify you when my [so far very, very short in-the-progress] NaruSasu is uploaded!

Yay: Ja matta ne!

Aralka chapter 2 . 11/30/2006
Great chapter, I really enjoyed reading it. The character's relationships are a bit explained here but still, it's really hard to tell who's going to end up with who. i'm rooting for SasuIno, though GaaIno is just as well.

Keep up the great work C8
of wonderlands and alices chapter 2 . 11/30/2006
wahh! how cool is this? i loove what you're doing so far, it's great and the writing is superb. you're handling the flashbacks and background information really well, and you're keeping a nice balance between past and present; maintaining the flashbacks short, is a good idea because it doesn't affect the flow of the story - so kudos on that!

ooh and the plot! nice; hopefully you won't stray far from it. now with the pairings, hmm...usually i would just say whoever because i like both gaara and sasuke, buut-

gaara! i enjoy the way you write him, the way you portray his character. he's tough, cold; and ino is 'vulnerable', weak. gaara even stands up for her! aww. n_n

but it would be cool if sasuke- ohh i don't know, i'm still on the fence i suppose. ;; lol. well, hope you figure it out soon! )
t0xicmarker chapter 2 . 11/29/2006
EEGADS! Chapter 2 is up, and Ame, you're totally awesome! I can't wait for the real stuff to start now that the introduction is over with! Since it's still deciding, i dont know who i want to be with Ino! They're both so AW.

And i'm looking forward to seeing their past too! like, why they hate Orochimaru and what he had done to them!

Also that SasuHina you added in, GENIUS! This is better than a kdrama. :D ever thought of screenwriting? Hahah. well, please update soon!

- Marker-chan
ALCzysz17 chapter 2 . 11/29/2006
Awesome chapter! I love it so far! seriously! This is just the coolest story ever! SasukeXIno or GaaraXIno...either way I love both crack pairings! I really can't wait for more! please update soon! really soon! I'm out... _~

thunder sister chapter 2 . 11/29/2006
Someone requested an alternate ending for each guy, eh? (eyes shift around) "That's real cute" Is that mocking I hear? (er, read) ... (pouts)

Well, no matter. It's still the beginning of the story and nothing's set in stone just yet which means there's still more time to... THINK! So think dammit! (twirls dramatically) There's not a lot of good Gaara/Ino around and it makes me sad that whenever I read a fanfic where Gaara's in a triangle, he always loses. (Except in your fic[s])

So update soon! I'll be waiting oh so patiently for your next chapter! (sits and sips tea)
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