Reviews for Trinity Chronicles Naruto: Fox Hunt
a long time fan of Buds chapter 1 . 11/4/2007
i enjoyed this little 'glance' into the future, but there's a few things that have been bugging me throughout all three chapters. the first was explained... sorta. Laharl's return is what i'm referring to of course. the second thing that bugged me was Buds having his own existance inside Naruto. and last, but CERTAINLY not least, WTF! where the hell is Kyuubi?

throughout reading the UNNC i always figured that Laharl would return to Naruto's mind... and i thought up a few possible situations that made sense to me. so Laharl's return in the future barely phased me. Buds appearance phased me more, but Kyuubi's disappearance really did a number on me. i spent all 3 chapters repeatedly thinking "where's Kyuubi? what happened to Kyuubi?" so i wasn't able to enjoy this short story as much as i should have. anything at all mentioned about Kyuubi woulda made my mind settle a bit. hell, i would've been willing to accept "Kyuubi traded her Absolute Chakra to bring back Laharl, but in the process ended up splitting Buds and Laharl from each other" or something to the same effect but instead while summoning Laharl, Buds was accidently summoned to. iunno, but i'm saddened by the lack of Kyuubi.

although, i love the fact that Naruto has grown mature and more powerful. sadly, not being in his own world, i get curious as to if he ever truly returned home to Konoha and faught Sasuke again, or became a Genin or Hokage or whatever.

ya know Budsy buddy, it's the shit like this that you pull that has had me quite powerfully entrapped by your writing and storytelling. it all started with you and your damn Ranma stories *drools happily*. you've really made a imprint on me over the years, actually, i stopped coming to Fanfiction for about a year or two due to personal life issues. a few weeks back i suddenly had the urge to look for a good fanfic to read. now, being a person with ADHD AND a very bad memory due to both short term and long term memory loss, the fact that the names "Omega X" and "Buds" had been imprinted on my brain stand as a testament to your writing skills. granted, it took me a couple hours of endlessly searching but i found you again on here and was delighted to find that you had finally posted some new stories that could entrap me. sadly though, i noticed that Ranma's story has indeed come to a full blown stop and forgotten it seems. even more sadly for me, i've never seen Love Hina and that seems to be where most of your newer writing has gone. one thing i've always loved about your writing is that you don't need alot of anime knowledge to enjoy your stories, but i always to like to know some details first. so, thanks to you, i'm currently searching for some Love Hina dvd's.

anyways, i've prolly talked too much now, so i should prolly stop *sweatdrops*.

please continue to finish UNNC! i'm hopelessly hooked and need conclusion XD.

ps, a few years back me and you spoke through a couple e-mails. i don't remember which e-mail i used at the time, but it was prolly either (my current one) or (or was it .ca? iunno). if you wanna chat, you can drop me a e-mail, or add me to msn.
DefensiveFighter chapter 1 . 9/30/2007
This would probably make more sense if you had finished other storyline first, not left it in cliff hanger.
Xeronoia chapter 3 . 12/18/2006

cept now i want to read about that other stuff XD
ranma hibiki chapter 3 . 11/28/2006
0_o thats one hellofa way to start class!
Spiderzero chapter 1 . 11/27/2006
hey am i missing something? is there another story before this? it looks good but im just wondering and it's only three chapters? thats a shame bye