Reviews for How I Paid for College
IEU chapter 8 . 3/5/2013
Last POV- WTF? That's really confusing who's talking in some parts, like the POV changes...
...I don't get what happened.
IEU chapter 7 . 3/5/2013
Oompa Loompas read?
Riku reads yaoi... In my mind, so does Zexion, and he helps Naminé write doujinshis.
IEU chapter 6 . 3/3/2013
Got it Memorized?
*gives you cookies*
CrazyWhatIfGirl chapter 19 . 8/11/2012
Oh gods. *sits here quietly for a moment, looking for words* I really can't find another word for it- that was perfect. I loved that his dad had to help out and at least took back a few of the things he said. I love that Zexion and Demyx stayed as close as possible. I love that Axel and Roxas went to Europe, and the sports cars thing- I'd never even considered that! :) It was wonderful. I love the idea of Riku and Sora attending together and spending all their free time in Sora's room. I love the idea of them having kids someday and seeing Riku's declaration of love for themselves in the old park. I love the idea of them all staying friends, keeping their relationships together through thick and thin, time and distance. I love that Larxene found her mom, someone that she can count on. (Larxene's still not my favorite, but what the heck, I'm feeling generous.) I love that his dad at least figured out Clarisse was a bad idea. i dunno about the new lady, but maybe she actually does care about Demyx- and you know what, it won't matter so much if she doesn't. So... I guess this is it. It's been a long ride. Longer with the constant reviewing, but I've loved giving you such direct feedback- sorry for all the craziness you've had to put up with along the way. *sudden breakdown into sentimentality* I'll miss you! You deserve a whole other chocolate world, one where even the Heartless (if they invaded) would be edible and delicious! Much love! Thank you.
CrazyWhatIfGirl chapter 18 . 8/11/2012
YESSS! Fulfillment! Now all my BL KH cups o' love are at least filled a little! And AkuRoku and Zemyx are overflowing, and I LOVE THEM that way! Zexion is such a sweetheart! I loved the poem! It was beautifully tender! And that Axel/Roxas scene... I can't even find the words. It was full of their voices and I think you did an amzing job of showing their feelings, especially Roxas's, and I hope they go to Europe together! Ooh, I wonder which part of Europe... *conjures up images of Axel guiding Roxas through traffic to hear Big Ben chime, or listen to lapping waves on an Italian beach, or visit Pris and share a pastry taking in the sounds of the big city* I love it! Oh wow. This is the last chapter (besides the epilogue). Geez... I have adored it so far! I will be very interested in how your epilogue wraps everything up- hopefully it does! i also hope that it's longer than the last few chapters have been... I'm just not ready to say goodbye yet! Sniff!
CrazyWhatIfGirl chapter 17 . 8/11/2012
Wow. This WAS a short and blunt chapter, but hey, I finally got a little bit of my SoRiku love- so I'm happy! Hahaha Roxas, great support for Demyx there. Asking what the judges were smoking- very supportive of your friend's acting skills. I'm surprised at you, Pence. Using dead kids' info? Little bit...disrespectful, don'cha think? Ah well. What's done is done. And yikes, busted! 3,000 bucks jeez! Awww, that's sweet that they're all willing to pay up to help Demyx, but- aren't they going to college too? Hm. Yes! Finally Demyx's mom comes back into the picture! I expect a fair amount of drama and yelling when she hears about everything, just so you know. And by god, she'd better be supportive of Demyx and Zexion or... or... or I don't know, but something bad! One chapter and the epilogue left! Oh gosh... Here I go! (I feel the urge to add "Off to Neverland!" after that, but I'll suppress it)
CrazyWhatIfGirl chapter 16 . 8/11/2012
What? What? Who called it?! ME! Well- I was close! That counts, ok? Haha! Actually, I didn't see that one coming, but I like it. It fits. Love Riku's question- 'Isn't that illegal?' Hah! Haven't you been listening? The whole point of this was 'Illegal is faster'! Lol. But it looks great! Still missing out on my other fav BL couples, but hey, Zemyx works just fine for me ;) Haha I love how they take it to Cid, the T-shirt guy. That's so funny! And ok, you're getting some of my AkuRoku in there just fine- but what about Sora and Riku? Just keeping it in mind... I know you've already written the rest, and I'm 100% sure I'll love it, but I wanna know what IT is! Lol, Demyx T-shirts. I'd wear one! Ooh, the dreaded acceptance envelope! I'll be looking forward to getting those soon... yuck. Btw, I am so jealous! Seniors at my school don't get out any earlier than anyone else! I'm like 90% sure though that they're gonna accept him. I've got some reading to do! See you in a chapter! PS. Only three chapters left! I don't know that I'm ready to let go!
CrazyWhatIfGirl chapter 15 . 8/10/2012
Oh! Oh! wow... Very powerful Zemyx scene. Beautifully written! I loved the way your word choice made it simple and somehow pure, but clearly showed their emotions. Ahhh... *filled to the brim of my Zemyx cup of happiness* Now I need some AkuRoku (Mini-rant warning: I've always hated that term, it sounds like a threesome with Riku! Wouldn't Roxel have been so much better?) and SoRiku lovin'! Uh-oh! His scholarship falling through- NOT good! Ooh, I'm intrigued, Pence. Where exactly are you going with this?... Let's find out! Sorry for the short review...
CrazyWhatIfGirl chapter 14 . 8/10/2012
Ahh! Eeeee! EEEEEEEEEEE! Ok... Larxene gets a little respect back. Good for her. Oh man, Demy, I hope the judges thought you switching was brilliant and dramatic and not totally failure like you thought! AND the reason I was squealing a rabid caffeinated fangirl (and still am, honestly)- Riku did it! Axel did it! Ok, well, Roxas sort of did it, but who cares?! They're all together! I'm a little exclamation-mark happy, in case you didn't notice. It's like trigger-happy, only this doesn't hurt anyone, so I consider it an improvement ;D But yeah! BURSTS with JOY! About freaking time! Yippee!
CrazyWhatIfGirl chapter 13 . 8/10/2012
Okay, okay. Working at Axel's brother's cafe isn't so bad. Oh, Larxene apologized, did she? Grew a spine and is looking for her mom? Hah! Now if only she'd grow a heart! (catch the pun? Oh, I'm bad- or at least my jokes are) Still... I guess if Demyx can forgive her, then I guess I can too... sigh *grudgingly does so* But don't think I like you, Larxene! Ahh! AHH! Sora and Roxas finally admitted it to themselves! YESS! *punches fist in air multiple times* Now, it's just like they said- Riku and Axel, grow spines already! MOVE! Confess before I make you! So. There! I'm sure they're so terrified of my threat. Really? Tough Roxas doesn't know how to make the first move? Aww, that's so cute! My wittle Roxy! *said Roxy glares at me, and two days later ruins my life in an enormously complex and genius plot involving Axel, flamethrowers, dancing hippos, control of a news station, and the power supply to my neighborhood* Me: Wahhh I take it back! I'm sorry! I'll never patronize you again! Roxas: Too right you won't! Me: But how am I supposed to get on Fanfic if I don't have a computer- or a house in which to put it? Roxas: Why should I know? Me: ... *moves into cardboard box in alleyway* Ahem. Anyways, back to actual reviewing instead of spouting whatever comes into my head. *cough cough* Sorry about that. My filters flip off at about 2 am, and unfortunately for you it's around 2 right now. SO! I cannot WAIT for Demyx's audition! Please oh please let the judges see how talented he is! Does Julliard offer scholarships? 'Cause if so, he should totally get one! Ohh dear. I for one hope to never hear those words come out of Zexion's mouth again. When the smart quiet kid who hides his feelings says, "Illegal is faster"... run. Run like a bat outta hell. Unless you're said kid's boyfriend, in which case rest assured 'cause he's doing it all to help you. So sweet! I just hope it works!
CrazyWhatIfGirl chapter 12 . 8/10/2012
I LOVE that moment from Ansem Retort. Poor Namine... I think the only one more mistreated than her is Riku. Ok, I now officially love Zexion's mom! Go, uh, Zexion's mom! (She has no name...) Ok, now I really wanna know the whole story of Riku and his yaoi! I mean, I can guess, but I bet the whole story is better and more hilarious! *crosses fingers* PLEASE let that be in one of the next few chapters. Along with Riku confessing his love, of course!.. Pence! Steal? Where exactly would he steal it from? Ooh, he could steal it from his dad... but that would get real ugly in a big hurry. A job, huh? What are you going to make poor Demy-kins do now, eh? Whoa! Whoa! All respect for Larxene gone! She sold him out?! Admittedly, maybe it was a slip of the tongue, but still! Jeez! And what the heck is she up to now?! Gah, that girl! Aww, the little Zemyx moments just make me smile. They're so cute! *hurriedly holds back a fangirl squeal of epic proportions* Ahem. Yeah. They're adorable. Next!
CrazyWhatIfGirl chapter 11 . 8/10/2012
Oh, wicked stepmom alert! Huge wicked stepmom alert! *red lights flashing* Alert, alert! Defcon 5! Haha, oh the random things that pop into my head sometimes... what can I say? Whoa, Larxene has quite a bit of emotional baggage, doesn't she? Not that I can blame her. She's had it pretty rough. But she's not really a favorite of mine, so I don't feel as bad for her as I do for Demyx. His stupid dad! And Clarisse! Kicking him out because he's an artist and has a boyfriend! YOU ARE HORRIBLE PARENTS! ... I feel better. Ooh, I wonder what Demyx's mom will have to say about this! Also, I sense that this is where Pence becomes a bigger character- and we find out exactly what illegal activities he has in mind. I'm gonna go find out! OOH, almost forgot! Here's more chocolate. Gotta keep The Writer happy! ;) This time, it's just normal chocolate- 'cause I know I couldn't have made myself eat any of the statues! Except maybe Vexen's, hah! Or I could just let Axel and Roxas loose on it! I wonder how well chocolate burns... Anways, onto the next chapter! Mush, mush! *is overcome by vision of being pulled in a sled by the characters in their Pride Lands forms* Good kitties! Ehehe...
CrazyWhatIfGirl chapter 10 . 8/10/2012
I didn't know it was your birthday! And I have no idea when this chapter was uploaded, so i have no idea when your birthday is- but at least I can't be off by more than a year! Hee hee... Hm! I think, for your birthday, you deserve chocolate staues of every single Kingdom Hearts characters in whatever poses you prefer! That way you can pick your favorite pairings and eat the statues of the characters you hate! Plus, I know if I could have chocolate people, I'd want like somewhere between 8 and 500 statues of Riku- so feel free to claim multiples! Bwahaha have I mentioned that I love your little quotes from Ansem's Retort? I looked it up a while ago because I saw it mentioned in another one of your stories and it is so bad! I literally think they have said something to piss off literally everyone! The whole thing is so offensive that it's awesomely funny! So yeah... ok, focus on chapter! Hmm, I hate to give a short review but the chapters are getting shorter. Let me see... *SPOILERS, for people reading the reviews before the story (sillies, go read the story! It's f***ing amazing- you don't want to miss it!)* D'aww! That's awesome! I love how Zexion is so forceful and decisive- I guess if I'd been waiting for years and years, I'd know what I wanted too. Yes! Finally Roxas admits to the idea that Axel might like him, and he might like him back! Haha, Riku WILL mope. And mope. And mope. Possibly forever- but I agree with Roxas on that part, he really does need to tell Sora he loves him! It might be hard for him to admit it if he thinks Roxas still hates him/doesn't want him near Sora, though... Man up Riku! Make everybody's lives easier! Ah, and the wickedness of the stepmother finally shines through... Poor Dem. So many family issues. I love how the whole 'his dad wants him to not be an actor' thing, which you've been claiming as the main plot point, kinda just gets tossed in there. I guess you're leading up to the whole "he won't pay for Julliard' bit. Anways, next chapter! Onwards!
CrazyWhatIfGirl chapter 9 . 8/10/2012
Ahh! I knew it, I knew it! Riku has sunk himself deep in the depths of despair! Someone go and pull him out of his self-hating pity party before he hurts himself! Oooh maybe Namine can finally make Roxas stop being so oblivious! Yay Namine! Ohmigawwwd Demyx and Zexion are SOOO cute! Ooh, Zexion! *smirks* Way to be aggressive! You're doing a great job ;D Looking forward to the joy of 10 more chapters! Whoo-hoo! By the way, you have earned yourself an Author fav and a stalking of all your Kingdom Hearts stories (not that I wasn't doing that already) but hey, now it's guaranteed! I may even look at some of your other things if I think there's any chance I'll get what's going on!
CrazyWhatIfGirl chapter 8 . 8/10/2012
Oh my gawd! So, I've never reviewed chapter-to-chapter before; I usually always wait to review until the last chapter that's up, but THIS!... I had to review! Such a huge chapter! I'm reading this at 1 in the morning (I have work tomorrow and I don't care) and I have to stay silent because my sis is asleep one room over, and I CAN'T DO IT! This chapter made me scream and cry and... ohmigod! I think you did an amazing job of showing how everyone would feel, especially Riku! As someone who deeply loves Riku, it's so true that he'd hate himself for what happened to Sora even though it wasn't really his fault (yeah, he was driving, but the other car cut him off and Sora would've been fine if he hadn't jumped in front of Riku) and he would TOTALLY take whatever punishment he could get someone to give him, especially Roxas! The guilt is just eating him alive, and... and... WAHHH! Can't wait to see what Sora thinks about all the guilt and Roxas's anger when he wakes up! *gasps at terrible thought* He IS going to wake up, right? I mean, you said it was a simple surgery, but-! I know the next chapter's up, and many more after that and I'm not getting any sleep tonight am I, but here's chocolate to motivate you anyways *glances at pub and upload dates* somewhere between 4 and 6 years too late... But hey! It's still chocolate! Excuse me, the next chapter is calling me!
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