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Dangerously Incompetent chapter 46 . 1/31/2008
The letter was very Sarevok, and I loved it, even as my mind was screaming at him for leaving Imoen. I'm sure they'll meet up soon enough, though. I thought Imoen's reaction to it was wonderful, but I don't think it will last. It did gladden my heart to see her so hurt by his departure, though. It's nice to know she cares. :)

I guess no more Anomen. Too bad he didn't get a chance to have a little bit more of the limelight in these later chapters, because I would have liked to see the changes in him after Helm's rejection up close, maybe even from his perspective, but I guess enough is shown from Imoen's. I suppose we won't get that chance now. It's terribly hard to show personality when you're dead, I've heard. I'm proud of him for abandoning his post, though. It's nice that he matured beyond his fantasies and learnt to do good for the sake of doing good, not to impress. And even more impressive that he was protecting Jan, who I know from the game, and I'm sure it was projected into the story, he did not like. Oh, my lovely, lovely Anomen.

The end of Check? On to Brynnlaw, now, I guess. I have a feeling the Siblings will turn the town upside down.

Amazing chapter. The emotions were strong throughout, and the flow of the chapter was excellent the whole time. I'm waiting for an update. (And apologising for being late :( Sorry).
Shadow Nashira chapter 46 . 1/24/2008
I very nearly cried at Anomen's death. It was heartwrenching, to say the least, and to be killed by Sarevok, no less. And Sarevok actually shedding tears for him... I don't suppose that the dear paladin will be somehow miraculously resurrected, or we'll see him in some other form? Or is this truly the end of him?

I've always really enjoyed reading your exploration of Sarevok's character, and to see him going into a drunken rage caused in part by Anomen's death was precious.

Looking forward to seeing Spellhold soon.
arabellaesque chapter 46 . 1/23/2008
Oh. Ooh ooh ooh! So ends another Part, and on the horizon we have Spellhold. I am so excited!

I loved Sarevok's letter. I loved his tears at Anomen's death. Altair was... I'm *so* fond of Altair (I want one of my own!) and Pangur was cute!

I find it harder and harder to criticise anything. It flows so well, it's almost... hypnotic, sometimes, your prose. I reiterate, once again - your grasp of language and the flair you have with it is enough to make me sickeningly jealous :(

I can't wait for more. I always say that, and it's always true.
Capt. Incredible chapter 45 . 1/18/2008
Ah... s'been a while. What with life being what it is, haven't had to time to read or review for a while, but I have kept up. Sort of. Anyhow, I thought this new part has, for me at least, done wonders. Getting the plot flowing, advancing the story and keeping the villains in the spotlight has made it interesting all over again.

I'll be watching for more, with hopefully a little more periodic reviewing!
Dangerously Incompetent chapter 45 . 1/16/2008
This chapter was terribly classic adventuring. I thought it was marvelous. And you have successfully rekindled my love of little Jan Janson. Classic.

When I was reading it, up until the end, I had decided that the Aran/Isea/Haegan plot was my favourite part of the chapter, but then you released that killer ending, and I was so amazed, the scene instantly overtook the other. Literally, I was staring at my screen wide-eyed. Bravo, bravo!

I was going to complain about how powerful the Siblings had gotten, but I realised 1) This is a different world, where Imoen is a lot more than Charname's little sister (and Sarevok was always bloody impressive), and 2) I have never played with less than a full party, so maybe it would be poossible to be that awe-inspiringly powerful with just 2 people. Not that game mechanics should really effect the story, as far as I'm concerned, but I wonder none-the-less.

I agree with arabellaesque that you must update soon. Like, now soon. I'd happily forego sleep to read more. :)
Death Korps chapter 45 . 1/16/2008
A good chapter. Interesting twist at the end.
arabellaesque chapter 45 . 1/16/2008
Oh my GAWD.

That last name.

That *last* name.

The chapter was technically wonderful, terribly engrossing, and full of small moments of 'ooh!' (Isaea, Haegan).

But that last name, it has rendered me speechless.

Poor Sarevok. Oh very, very, VERY dear... (Update soon! I mean, *really* soon... you can't just leave it there!)
Dangerously Incompetent chapter 44 . 1/8/2008
Absolutely brilliant! I love you filler chapters. Despite the fact that it's freezing here, I could feel the heat of the lazy afternoon. The whole chapter was just so ... relaxed, despite the fact that a very important battle looms. I love that about the Siblings; no fear, even in the face of danger.

Which leads me on to my next point. I've really enjoyed watching Imoen develop over the course of the tale. I thought at the beginning, that perhaps the changes we saw in her were too rapid, but as it has progressed, I've seen that actually the chages were very smooth.

Can I get me a Panguar, please?

The ending was also wonderful. You've made the extraordinarily boring task of gearing up very enjoyable. As useless (and revealing of my ignorance) the comment is, I have no idea why I enjoy it so much, but I thought it worked, and it really set up the next chapter nicely. Fantastic work, Ananke. :)
Dangerously Incompetent chapter 43 . 1/8/2008
So, Immy gets the pocket plane, does she? Interesting. I'm trying to think where everyone will fit in along the long road that is the prophecy of Bhaal. I'm definitely hooked. And a very pointless thought, I wonder how Imoen will react to Cespenar. (Good that you've used him, by the way - I'm sure I will forget about him. I've blanked him out because of his oh, so annoyinh voice).

I agree with arabellaesque about Jan. His presence really brightened the chapter up a bit, and you worked his lines from the game in well. And, better than that, you made them relevant too! Who knew Jan had it in him? And Korgan? He was just ... creepy. Bravo, for making me think twice about including him in my next play through of the game.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but you have managed to portray an Aran that is so realistic and believable. Unlike in the game, you don't let the reader forget that Aran is Shadow master for a reason, but like the game, he still has that charm that's so important to his character. Nice job with that.

Next chapter!
arabellaesque chapter 44 . 1/7/2008
You do an excellent Jan :) Really - one of the best I've seen (I'm not overly familiar with his game dialogue, so if it's all from the game, then... you used it wonderfully :p)

The loving familiars are cute.

I'm running out of things to say again (your writing is too near to perfection) , so... yes. It was great. More please :D
arabellaesque chapter 43 . 1/6/2008
Criticism? None, though I applaud the introduction of some of Imoen's more... personal experiences being introduced in such an entertaining fashion!

I loved Jan's soundset being used this way - it fit in well, and leant itself magnificently to his psychological state I must say! and the adjectives for his dialogue - brightly, conversationally - I could just imagine him there, in the scene; perky, mad and very... Jansen :)

Nothing much else to say, except... go Imoen :D
arabellaesque chapter 42 . 1/4/2008
It's good to see this back, and an extra long chapter was a wonderful follow on from the teasing half-chapter introduction to this part, before :)

I've missed your Imoen and Sarevok interaction, truly - it's just amazing, and the language is so rich, the descriptions so vivid... *sigh* Yes, already I'm jealous once again :D

As for reviews - I think it's that time of the year when people are all AWOL due to holidays and the like - I certainly have been dragged away from the internet since just before Christmas, and am now trying to catch up with the reading and reviewing (which is a very pleasurable thing!) Anyway, you'll just have to take it from me that this chapter was delicious, just as I'd have expected it to be, and I can't wait to see what happens next, now that Mr Linvail is standing in their doorway :)
Dangerously Incompetent chapter 42 . 1/3/2008
Panguar was absolutely brilliant this chapter. He's adorable, and there's something about him that's so Imoen.

Interesting that Sarevok's mother was Alianna. I am guessing that Irene's mother was someone different, then, because I'm pretty sure Sarevok ain't no dwarf. Does this mean it wasn't Irene in particular who was supposed to stop the prophecy coming true, but the offspring of Alianna? So, we aren't playing with stolen fates, I'm guessing.* Or maybe we are, and I'm completely wrong. EVEN more interesting than that is Imoen's mother. Of course, she won't really understand how significant that is until much later, but I'm positively quivering with anticipation of that juicy, juicy meeting. Like Sarevok himself said:

"it said it all about their family’s penchant for cheap melodrama. "

I love that line, by the way.

I'm glad that Imoen is being realistic about her relationship with Nalia, and not kidding herself that she loves her. As much as it pains me to see her upset, she's doing the right thing in the long run. I hope that now she has realised this (or had she realised it before, but just not acted or dwelled upon it?) it won't get in her way, and drag her down. My poor little Immy. :(

(I'd lose my eyebrows for that, wouldn't I?)

When Imoen thought about shopping, not only was I happy for her because she never gets to enjoy the little things, I admired the way you have kept everything in this story so together. I'm glad she hasn't forgotten about Ashdale, and that Anomen is her friend, not just Sarevok's. It's hard to keep track of things like that, and you're doing a wonderful job of it.

A rich chapter. One that I thoroughly enjoyed. It was full of revelations and interesting nuggets of significant history. Oh, and as a side note, please don't plan my immediate death because of the repeated use of the word interesting. It's just that you're so damn good at writing ... thought-provoking stories.

*Does this mean it is now Sarevok's job to stop the prophecy? My, but Ananke, aren't you the sneaky author. Now you've got me thinking... which is a first.
Dangerously Incompetent chapter 41 . 12/21/2007
I'll go and back and read all the changes when I've got more time, but can I just say that I'm extremely pleased to see an update.

The idea of Sarevok on holiday is a novel one, and one one that I find oddly ... brilliant. And so close to Christmas too. This line:

"(He must have been insane to think that he would achieve this before thirty.)"

was priceless. It reminded me that for all Sarevok's intelligence, he still ultimatly plans to become a God, which isn't the brightest of ideas, even if he's probably more likely to succeed than most.

Jan performing these evil acts pains me, even as I find myself surprised at how effective a killer he seems to be. I really like how you've included him in a non-conventional role.

Merry Christmas, if you celebrate it, and happy holidays regardless. Hopefully the pace will pick up now that you've ironed out some of the older chapters. Looking forward to more from the Siblings. :D
arabellaesque chapter 40 . 10/31/2007
Finally catching up with reviewing now, and in my most humble opinion, this was an excellent chapter. I have much much lower standards for writing than you (which is painfully obvious through my own attempts...) so I can honestly say that I haven't noticed the standard dropping *one bit* for the duration of the tale.

I will read over it all again when you have finished your editing, though I really hope that this doesn't become some sort of barrier between you and completing the story or anything, because I'm not the only one eagerly awaiting more! :D

And one last thing: Sarevok noting that both he and Imoen must survive, either with she as a mortal or divine like he, was... touching. I can't explain why, but with that one, small part, I got a warmer feeling than I do with some of the more obvious displays of sibling (or non-sibling) affections.
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