Reviews for Soldier of Spira Repost
Celwen chapter 76 . 5/22/2021
Man, I'm back again. I've reread this masterpiece regularly for years. And it is a masterpiece. Probably the best fic I've ever read and I've read tons of fics for many many fandoms. Thank you for this story. I'm selfishly sad it looks like it's not going to be finished and I'll always wondered what you had planned for all the details and parts and layers of this story to unravel and end. Especially the relationship, I'll be honest. Still, I wish you're having a happy calm interesting funny life. Good luck out there and thanks for sharing your writing skills with us.
Guest chapter 76 . 5/2/2021
I was having a real bad week and I came back here again to reread this story. Probably my 5th time. I wish you would continue this, simply an amazing story. I'd love to read anything you would write.
11wizard chapter 76 . 12/8/2020
I just discovered this work from some recommendations online, and this story took me on an emotional rollercoaster. I laughed, I squirmed, I hung on to the edge of my pillow on every chapter towards the end. The story was delightful, funny and epic. The unrequited love scenes brought back uncomfortable feelings from my teenage years, but it was heartwarming to see how far Auron and Riku had grown through each other by the end. I found myself cheering at every one of Auron’s badasseries. The events really took off after diverging from the main storyline. Here, the complexity of plot, intrigue, secrets and supernatural elements rival some of the best epic fantasy literature. I would love to read more of your writing.
Rosettast chapter 76 . 4/7/2019
I loved. You can write more, do not give up on them
tintinabar7 chapter 76 . 11/18/2018
you should continue to write. You wrote so well, to give it up now.
Florian Knox chapter 76 . 8/13/2018
I come back to reread this at least once a year. Wherever you are, thank you for an amazing experience.
Darkelement6 chapter 1 . 7/30/2018
Man I wish this story was completed. I have no words for how bummed I feel. Gutted
Guest chapter 1 . 5/19/2018
Is there anybody out there who would have the creative writing ability and imagination to continue this story for the author? It’s safe to say now that the author is not coming back to this any time soon. I would love to be able to pick this up myself and finish it. I’ve tried to write a continuation myself several times over the years, but I rejected my attempts time and time over sadly. I just don’t have the creative talent...I believe that there must be a fellow author or fan of this beautiful story somebody out there, who has the talent for writing and know this story well enough to carry it forward. If you exist out there please please make your efforts known. It breaks my heart that this fanfic has been abandoned. I have tried for so long to imagine how it would have ended.
Avelera chapter 1 . 5/4/2018
I know it's been years since you posted this fic, but I hope you know you were a lifelong influence on my writing. I'm writing a scene right now in another fic that takes place in a cave and all I could think was "We gotta get out of this place". Hope you're well
planetarygirl chapter 1 . 3/27/2018
Ten years later and here I am again. I've said time and time again: would give up a finger to see this fanfic completed. One of the best stories I've ever read.
Sombrette chapter 76 . 3/9/2018
What a beautiful story! It's too bad about it being unfinished but I know all about that
kakashiluver chapter 76 . 1/10/2018

I started reading this when I was in middle school and enjoyed every time you updated with a new chapter. It's been a long 10 years and some months now since you've last updated, and I wanted to let you know I patiently await for the day you update! It's my favorite aurikku story on this website and what a cliffhanger to leave us off on haha. Hope you're in good health, and that you're probably been stuck in a horrible case of writer's block! You're fans are waiting, so come back and complete your masterpiece hope to see an update no matter how long it takes!

Thank you for the good read, I read this story every year from start to chapter 76 because I enjoy it so much (obsessed?) Anyway, hope to hear from you eventually!
e-Miliko chapter 76 . 10/8/2017

Just a few words to say I've read your story and I realy like it. I don't like everything in it, but I really enjoyed to read it. You say "it's about the characters and the building of a relationship" and that's exactly what I like in your story.
After nearly ten years, I don't dare to hope you will write more chapters... But if it ever happens, I'll read it, be sure!
Thank you for your writing!
Lutemis chapter 51 . 8/3/2017
Man, the plot is AMAZING but the relationship just brings so much drama that it detracts from and stalls it all.
Lutemis chapter 39 . 8/2/2017
This went from romance plot driven to romance drivel with plot moving at the pace of a glacier. I want to like this so bad but all this tundere-anime style drama is really putting me off.
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