Reviews for Waking Up
MasterBrattan chapter 2 . 6/25/2017
I was beginning to wonder why we hadn't heard from Ryoga, until you mentioned that someone missed out on being cured.
Cindy M 19 chapter 2 . 8/16/2015
The story is hilarious XD I love it, no matter that happens it makes a lot of sense. :D
acciotricia chapter 2 . 6/18/2015
This was a really interesting idea and I had a lot of fun reading this! I just wanted to let you know that you're one of my favorite Ranma 1/2 writers on here; I love your style and you always keep the characters relatively in character. Stay awesome _
smashman42 chapter 2 . 1/23/2015
A great idea well executed. You could throw the same mass hallucination/delusion premise at plenty of other manga featuring super powers as well and end up with similarly hilarious results. I'm almost surprised that I've never encountered something like this in any other fandom.
J Luc Pitard chapter 2 . 12/2/2013
Hysterical hysteria. Much better than all the characters waking up to find that no one shot JR. Genma's still a jerk and Ranma and Akane really do love each other. Perfect ending.
crimsontears82684 chapter 2 . 5/26/2013
Loved this fic. Possible plot holes aside, this story felt plausibly. Kodachi is crazy enough to do something like this and this adds a level of realness to the crazy canon world. Thank you for a truly enjoyable read.
Compucles chapter 2 . 10/18/2012
You're absoltely right. Despite the plotholes, this was just too funny not have been written and shared. In particular, the end joke with Ryoga was brilliant!
LovelyToMeetYou chapter 2 . 8/12/2012
This was hilarious and nothing short of amazing! It's refreshing to see the characters without their amount of crazy and your portrayal was quite original. Great job!
sergeikovon chapter 2 . 7/24/2012
I'm sorry but I couldn't stand this story I liked silent horse though.
FaerieKnight197 chapter 2 . 5/6/2012
Oh my gawd, that was funny!
Shannon Dee chapter 2 . 8/13/2011
I was going to say that it was a sweet story until I read the last paragraph and started laughing. Oh what an image.
curious alice chapter 2 . 8/4/2011
I have read this story before and as always, I am highly amused by it. A thought had occurred to me during this particular reading, one I am sure must have occurred to you as well at some point. Did Ranma and his father plant the idea of the curse in the Tendo family's minds when they first arrived in Nerima or was it the Tendo family that had the delusion first and then passed it onto the newly arrived Saotomes? Or was there perhaps a third party involved that gave the delusion to them in lieu of either one starting the insanity? Or maybe this is just one of those truck-sized plot holes you didn't want to explain and I'm making a nuisance of myself. Anyway, I really enjoy your stories and I can't wait to read more.
akibara chapter 1 . 4/10/2011
bleh, I've always hated stories like this that rip away Ranma's curse, sure not every fic has to be ranma-chan but really, if it's a delusion, why a nyannichaun curse?
Ebrius chapter 2 . 10/15/2010
Hmm... so did Ryoga (as P-chan) sleep in the nude with Akane?
Katt1848 chapter 2 . 8/29/2010

that was certainly strange
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