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kwater chapter 5 . 7/12/2007
Just how nutty is a monkey turd? Thanks for the read - K
kwater chapter 4 . 7/12/2007
Poor Dean, always the bridesmaid never the Great job.
kwater chapter 2 . 7/12/2007
Marvin is my Muse chapter 6 . 7/11/2007
This was excellent! The fact that you had both a murderer and a spirit killing made it really interesting and I loved Dean's reaction to having Peter in the Impala! Dean's snark was great - you write him so well and you had that great post-hunt snark again!

Great story!

Diva0789 chapter 6 . 3/30/2007
im glad you brought up his issue about hurt people to save his family...everyone else on here seems to avoid Deans "issues" like the really like your writing...all sarcasm...thats me! hahahaha! i cant wait for another story from you!
Xdaisy chainX chapter 6 . 1/17/2007
aww, im all done now lol, this was the last one. loved it though, just as much as the last ones. you have a wicked flare for writing and i love your style and your plot lines. i think you should have a go at vampires though, i thought dead mans blood was a pretty weak episode compared to what it could have been :)

yeah anyways, loved them all, your deffinately my favourtie ficcy writer to date

write another soon!

pandora jazz chapter 6 . 12/4/2006
Been trying to play catch up. My home computer died and though I have questioned my cats, they have no comment on what could have happened.

I really enjoyed your story. The mystery, action and the flow of this one was perfect.

You really did do an excellent job.

Thanks for sharing it with us and until your next posting, take care.
stealthyone chapter 6 . 12/3/2006
Good ending chapter. I really liked the revelation that the gun shot was all Dean. Some good angst there.

Favorite lines:

Sam gingerly felt the bruising on his neck. It felt like someone had tried to dig their way through to his spine.

Ouch! Good description.

Whatever. It was self-defense. Peter had been hurting Sam and Sam was a part of him. Saving him was all that mattered.

Love that.

“You ever thought of botox?” Dean asked. “It would help with that frown thing you’ve got going on.”


“You have your first groupie.” Dean wiped a fake tear away. “You’re all grown up.”


“You sure you’re ok?”

“Yup,” Dean nodded. Sam was with him. Sam was ok. That made him ok. “All squared away.”

Aww. Dean loves his Sammy so much.

Yet another good story here. Interesting plot meshed with great characterizations, dialogue and banter. Looking forward to your next story.
stealthyone chapter 5 . 12/3/2006
Ooh, more Sam in peril, and Dean not Dean … me like. *g*

Favorite lines:

His grip on Sam’s throat became crushing and Sam started whistling, trying to draw air in through his constricted throat, almost like what agonal breathing sounded like, a death rattle.

Ow! Good description.

“You ok?”

“I hate being possessed,” Dean muttered and promptly passed out.

*g* Gotta love Dean’s wit.
stealthyone chapter 4 . 12/3/2006
Oh, dear! Sam in peril. *bites lip*

Favorite lines:

“Sam, why is it that I save ‘em and they’re always thanking you?”


then the killer had struck from behind, crushing the airway and eventually snapping his neck. It explained why the ghost was killing all of the violinists. Andre didn’t know who had killed him so he was working his way down the line.

Ooh, interesting.

“You sure you can keep your mind on the job?” Dean asked.


“It’s hard when you have to leave your lady home to worry about you,” Dean raised an eyebrow.

stealthyone chapter 3 . 12/3/2006
Ooh, Dean kicking in doors. I approve. *g*

Favorite lines:

Dean was armed, Sam noted, seeing the way his brother was walking. Dean had a slightly different gait when he had a gun at his back.

I like this little detail.

Walking a step in front of Sam, the sleeves of his dress shirt rolled up, Dean was a picture of relaxed violence.

I love this image.

Relaxed because he was finally out of the suit coat. Sam knew how much he hated that thing. It was part of why he liked making him wear it so often when they played insurance adjusters or whatever else.

*snickers* Naughty Sammy. He’s so cute when he’s devious.
stealthyone chapter 2 . 12/3/2006
Sam playing the flute and being in the Sunshine Society? Priceless.

Favorite lines:

“But you are the only one who made the paper,” Sam replied dryly. “Way to stay low-profile.”

Dean’s mouth quirked up on one side. “Photographer must have been a woman.”


“Sunshine Society,” Sam said loudly, through clenched teeth.

“Right,” Dean smiled. “That was it. Made cards and cookies. Sam. My very own little ray of sunshine.”

LOL! And of course Dean won’t ever let him live that down.

She stood open-mouthed staring up at Sam like he was Zeus come down from Olympus, or maybe Adonis.

“Ma’am?” Dean said, looking from his brother to the woman. Must be nerd pheromones. Sammy had come to the right place.

LOL! Oh how I love this woman drooling all over Sam.

“I’m afraid we’re not at liberty to tell you that,” Dean said. Especially since he couldn’t remember any of the dead guys’ names.


Peter had killed the First Violinist, because when it came down to it… no one liked to play second fiddle.

stealthyone chapter 1 . 12/3/2006
Good opening, what with the beginning seeming to be one thing and turning out to be another. LOL at Dean’s reaction to a classical performance. Of course he’d find it akin to torture. *snickers*

Favorite lines:

Worse still, he was dying and Sam couldn’t care less.

“You’re not dying,” Sam said, seeming to read his mind.

*g* Sam knows Dean so well.

Dean flinched involuntarily as, with a final audible snap, the man’s neck broke.


He stared down at the body. “Well, at least the concert’s over.”

*snickers* Gotta love Dean’s sense of humor.
Luca chapter 6 . 12/2/2006
Oh please... your "little piece of fluff" is far better than a lot of the long winded dribble that I have tried to read.

Don't underestimate yourself, the story was short but sweet as they say!

Keep on writing - we need more "fluff" in the world.
Red Hardy chapter 4 . 12/1/2006
"Dean walked in first, his shotgun at the ready, Sam right behind him."

-God, I LOVE Dean gun porn! :D

Sam, why is it that I save ‘em and they’re always thanking you?” Dean asked. He was breathing hard himself, he realized. Adrenaline… You’d think he’d be used to this sort of thing by now.

Sam raised an eyebrow, still rocking the oblivious woman. “It couldn’t possibly be your prickly personality.”

“Prickly?” Dean snorted. “Dude, who uses a word like prickly?”

-LOL! I really do love the way you write them! So PERFECTLY in character that I feel like I'm watching them on t.v.

"Dean smirked when Sam actually picked up the shaky woman and carried her to the sofa, setting her down gently. His brother had probably been a knight in shining armor in a past life."

-LOL! I think you're probably right, Dean!

Dean moved closer so that he too could see. There were visible finger imprints. Two very distinct sets of imprints. Two hands grasping the neck from behind and squeezing. If the ghost was repeating his own murder, then the killer had struck from behind, crushing the airway and eventually snapping his neck. It explained why the ghost was killing all of the violinists. Andre didn’t know who had killed him so he was working his way down the line.

-A-HA! Now it's becoming clear! He didn't see who killed him! Nice twist! :)

Sam thought about it for two seconds and then nodded his agreement. He turned back to Emily who had lowered her chin and was now staring at him with adoring eyes. Sam politely ignored the worshipful expression and stood.

-LOL! It's the dimples, shaggy hair and puppy dog eyes! Gets 'em every time, Sammy! :p

Without having to be asked, Dean stayed with the father and daughter while Sam went to the car for salt. He reloaded Marigold with the extra shells he’d tucked into a pocket. Emily watched his practiced movements, while her still stunned father sat down on the sofa beside her and put an arm around her. Dean noted her eyes weren’t nearly so adoring as she looked at him and his shotgun. The ladies never really looked at you the same after you shot something in front of them. Even when it saved their lives. No. They loved the boy with the floppy hair and the gentle expression, who held them after it was all over. Not the prickly one who did the dirty work.

Dean sighed. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

-ROTFL! I just LOVE the way you write! I really do laugh out loud all the way through your stories!

The woman nodded her agreement. As if she would do anything other than agree with her savior. Dean coughed, smothering a grin. It was sweet… in a dorky kind of way.

-LOL. I was thinking the same thing! :p

Dean dropped Marigold and drew the automatic he still had tucked into his waistband at his back. Now was not the time for rock salt. He needed bullets.

“Let him go!” Dean barked, steadily aiming the gun at Peter’s head. The man didn’t even seem to be winded although Sam was twisting and fighting to free himself.

Peter turned slightly and looked at him. “Move and I’ll snap his neck like a twig.”

-ACK! Holy cow! Now THAT is a cliffhanger! :o
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