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kneazlebee chapter 8 . 10h
I read this pretty late so it might look utterly stupid to review in 2017 to a story that was last updated in 2012 but see I don't like the way Hermione has been portrayed. she is a Gryffindor, full of pride and now she is leaving her dignity and taking Draco's crucio and everything. I'm sorry if u felt bad, though u really shouldn't
Guest chapter 25 . 3/16
Wait is she naked when she runs away
Guest chapter 57 . 3/12
Hi so ummm I have read your story quite late. But Oh My Gosh! Your were amazing. Please can we get a sequel . It was so unexpecting. You know middle of the war and everything. The story (writing and expression wise) grows beautifully throughout the 57 chapters. Loved it
Hotmamantx chapter 1 . 5/1/2016
Y o y is there not a squeal .
spikedtolerance chapter 5 . 4/21/2016
Was I the only one expecting a Fred x Hermione x George sandwich on Chapter 5? XD
essiemillerlovesreading chapter 8 . 11/22/2015
OptimusPrimegirl213 chapter 1 . 10/31/2015
Keep up the good work loving it
Rhyannath chapter 12 . 6/10/2015
I know lots of people like this but I can't take 45 more chapters of this. It's too high school for me and hermione is already waaaaay OOC...not to mention that pretty much all the characters are OOC. I don't mind OOC but they are more like caricatures of themselves...not really themselves at all.
Rhyannath chapter 11 . 6/10/2015
You need to watch your use of then vs. than. Then is a moment in time, as in "I'll get up, get dressed, eat and THEN go do my workout." Than is a comparison, as in "I'd rather go to school THAN work." You use then most of time when you should be using than.

Also, what do you mean by "my cheek felt very sore and restrictive."? What do you mean restrictive? It makes no sense at all. Restrictive means that something prevents you from doing something. Was her cheek so sore that it is preventing her from moving in certain ways? Kind of a strange way to phrase that.

If you use Word (or any equivalent thereof), you can do a grammar and spellcheck before you post and it would be wonderful for your readers if the story flowed more smoothly because of the corrected grammar and spelling. Then you'd never have mixed up THEN and THAN.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/5/2015
FAVOURITE DRAMIONE STORY BY FAR (besides the straight up smuts ;) jk) it was beautifully written. Hermione wasn't super weak. Dracos charavtor was well done, especially his past and being ashamed. Death eaters were realistic. Hermione never forgave Draco immediately like in a lot of other stories. The chemistry between Draco and Hermione was perfectly done. I laughed, I cried and I saved this story and recommended it to friends. I have never said a fan fiction to be so well done. I'm a tough critic trust me and this story had me LOVING it. Well done.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/3/2015
Awww, it's so sweet how Bill wants Hermione to sell her body to Draco to lure him out. It's so romantic how he doesn't mind making Hermione into a whore for "the cause".
Guest chapter 2 . 2/5/2015
Sluuuuuuuut XD don't lie to yourself
Hermione chapter 1 . 2/5/2015
This Hermione is so pathetic lmfao.
Serenity20251 chapter 57 . 1/28/2015
It's One of The greatest story I've read Keep up The good work
Guest chapter 57 . 12/16/2014
Wow! This is such an amazing story. I wanted to review each chapter, but I was too addicted to reading each chapter to stop. I'm going to try to do one review that covers everything, but we'll just have to see how it goes.

I loved the humour in this story, Hermione's mass sex appeal (although I have to question how Draco didn't recognise Hermione at all, especially after the dream), all the lovely smut, Katrina, Miriam, and Natalie. In fact, I think they should have been involved in the story more . . .

Jake, the characterisations (which, for the most part, I felt were realistic) . . . I think that's it.

Unfortunately, a few small issues (really, so small): some grammar and scene transition errors (the scenes after they left the hotel weren't entirely clear, I had to re-read some to understand what was happening) in the earlier chapters.

Plot/character-wise, I didn't find Hermione's reaction to Draco's use of Leglimency (no idea if I spelt that right) realistic, and there wasn't enough Katrina, Natalie and Miriam! So much better than the usual Ginny/Gryffindor relationships (Ah, were they educated at Beaubaxtons (again, no idea about spelling), how could they not have a clue who Hermione was?

Anyway, the key point is that I love this fic, it's going in my favourites, and I'm going to see if you've written any other fics.

To people like me, who sometimes like to gauge stories by reviews, and like regular smut and humour, preferably with a relatively decent plot: READ THIS, you won't be disappointed.
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