Reviews for Gundam Fight
Primus2021 chapter 8 . 5/25/2023
I wish this was more of a serious fic, G-Gundam plus Gundam Wing minus the SD Gundam, that would have made it better.
Primus2021 chapter 6 . 5/25/2023
Another thing that annoys me about the SD's is how they're basically walking, talking, sentient or sapient - one of the two I'm not sure which - AI controlled, Mobile Dolls!

I like MD's under the right circumstances, like a Mercurius Gundam that can transform into a Buster Shield, and a Vayeate Gundam that can transform into a Buster Rifle or Twin Buster Rifle and can be used by Wing or Wing Zero and controlled by an AI MD control system inside Heero's cockpit. (Love that fan art).
Primus2021 chapter 3 . 5/25/2023
First off I wish that Zechs Marquise was in this with either Tallgeese 3 or better Epyon.

Wu Fei should have been with Neo-China, his Altron and Sai's Dragon Gundam are so similar, anyone would think they were made by the same people. Meanwhile Neo-Hong Kong is where Master Asia is from, and he was the bad guy ... Sort of... ... ...

Trowa with Neo-America? Well~ The Maxter is an Extreme CQC aka hand to hand MF, while the Heavyarms is an Extreme Long Range MS aka a walking Armory, so they are each other's extreme opposites, and Trowa can be a buffer for Chibodee, lol, maybe Trowa can get a girlfriend from one of the four Chibodee girls. Although I always thought that Trowa was Italian or most likely German... ... ... But the Clown mask was just so~ American Circus, lol. I think Duo and Chibodi's personalities are similar and I always thought that he would be from America, but well... ... ...

Quatre with Neo-France, makes sense, he is a French-Arabian, and while the Sandrock is a Desert Combat MS, I can only think of Mummy or Pharaoh Gundam from Neo-Egypt, and that doesn't go down well. While Rose Gundam has the ranged Rose Bits and Sandrock has his Swords... so a reverse of Trowa. I also think that both Quatre and George would get along great! Both being such kind hearted boys,aria would see Quatre as a big brother - something he's not use to having 29 older sisters, lol - and Raymond would just fall into his butler role and call him young Master, so par for the course.

Duo and Neo-Russia, this is why I said I wanted Zechs and Epyon in this, while I fully believe that Duo is American, and would mesh very well with Chibodee, I honestly think that Duo and Bruner with the Shadow Gundam are more similar with their Stealth suits and with how they are both always helping out the Heero, er, I meant hero, lol.

As for Zechs? If he had come too, with the Epyon or Tallgeese, I think he would work well with Neo Russia, Zechs would likely liken Natasha to a hybrid of Noin and Une, and could help out Argo - I think Duo would annoy Neo-Russia far too much and likely to get himself killed - Bolt Gundam is heavily armored with wreaking maces, while Epyon and Tallgeese 3 are agile and have heat rod whips, but one has a transformation system and a Sword the other has a pair of swords and a long range gun, both would work well as a back up for Bolt. And while the Epyon and Master Gundam's look alike, Zechs is obviously NOT from Hong Kong.

(I never really understood why Hong Kong, China was a separate Colony from Neo-China, although I suppose that it could be like Neo-North Korea and Neo-South Korea, unless it's just Neo-Korea by that point in time, lol.)

Heero—Neo-Japan, makes sense, they are both Japanese, and are the Lead MC Protag of their shows, I hope that Domon actually hooks up with both Rain and Allenby, speaking of... ... ...

I can't wait for the reaction to Nobel Gundam!

Duo be like "Is it wrong to be sexually attracted to a multi ton robot lady?"

Quatre be like "Must not let Dorothy find out about that, she'll want her own then add in the Mercurius' shields and Vayeate's cannon & generator!"

Trowa would be like *Blink-Blink-Blink* and then *Shrug* and not really care.

Wu Fei would be like "No! It's my worst nightmare come to life, can't let the Onna find out about it, oh Nataku, give me strength!"

Zechs, if he was here would be the same as Wu Fei and Quatre, but he'd be more worried about Moin and Une.

Heero would be more like Trowa but without the blinking, up until the most surprising reaction, Relena's! She be like "Heero! Build me one of those! Nut make it Pink! And transformable like your old Gundam! It doesn't need weapons, I just think it would be cute to have them at our wedding!" Lol.

... ... ...

Now I honestly don't think that Argo got sick for Duo To replace him, it's more than likely that Argo and Natasha were playing "patty cake" *Wink-wink* *nudge-nudge* if ya know what I mean (Rodger Rabbit, lol).

Also, Heero, I feel ya man, I know exactly what you mean, SD was funny, but I didn't care for it.
yu chapter 4 . 5/14/2009
I like this chapter but I still have some more to go
kopakanuvafan20 chapter 7 . 12/27/2006
This is one the funniest stories I read. I love it that you put a audio program in Wing Zero so he could talk.