Reviews for It Happens in Threes
Miss Mello chapter 21 . 10/11
What!? This is the end!? Noooo! I loved this, it can't have ended yet! I need bloody moooooore!

You wrote a wonderfully believable OC and her impact on the story felt natural and non intrusive. My only complaint is that it isn't finished. As far as I'm concerned anyway XD I mean, I understand she needed to learn to be an animagus in order to learn about animagi so she could figure out the Sirius Black situation but now we want more about her becoming an animagus! And I haven't even touched upon Fred yet. It was great, it really was, but we need more of it.
lots and lots of love and praise,
Miss Mello
Ducky the Insomniac Panda chapter 21 . 7/2
I'm so glad for that authors note, because I was just like, nooooo! I am not ready to part! Not without more!

I thoroughly enjoyed this. Completely understand what you mean about it not feeling like the best writing, but I think it was truly enjoyable, and that there is what I think is key; you can have a beautifully composed piece of literature, full of complex metaphors and analogies, but if the story doesn't sing to you, isn't enjoyable, then that's the mark of an unfulfilling story, and isn't truly 'good' writing. This, however, was.

Man, I'm excited to binge read the sequel tomorrow.
Random Lolz 74128 chapter 1 . 6/16
love oc and the weasley twins so cant wait to read
13lueCLOUD chapter 21 . 3/19
THIS. IS. SO. GOOD! I've been a quiet reader, but I definitely could say the same to all previous chapters. THIS IS SO GOOD! Gave me so much feels. :D
micaelaepochito chapter 21 . 3/3
Loved the first part! Now I'm heading right to your profile to read The Plot Thickens.
Great story!
samigigglebox chapter 20 . 1/20
Oh, you have no idea how much I loved this chapter. The kiss scene was perfect! Love this story.
Killer Queen of Slytherin chapter 1 . 7/14/2015
I finally made an account on this so I am going back and reviewing things I have read: like this. I read this trilogy and without intending to, got sucked back in and am REREADING it. Damn you, I had things planned fir today but nope! Too focused on reading this!

This is such a nice fic. The writing style suits your character, and the character, while believably friends with the twins is also an independent person which I almost never see in Fred/OC fan fictions! They always center around the boys! Also, Fred and George are captured perfectly! Almost every single thing they say could have been in the actual movie without being out of character!

Keep writing!
IBroughtNachos chapter 20 . 8/4/2014
I use to have an account on here, and after a few years decided to make a new account. This story, all three parts, were exactly why I came back to this site. You're a phenomenal writer, please keep writing.
animefreak5786 chapter 3 . 7/1/2014
GoingDownWithTheseShips chapter 1 . 5/14/2014
I liked the introduction! It was well written and interesting! And I especially loved the part with Percy and Fred and George; I can totally see them saying that to him!
alwaysasb chapter 21 . 4/30/2014
I loved this fan-fiction soooooo much! You are such a great writer! I followed and faved this
PatchyFog chapter 21 . 12/30/2013
great story! xx
Sephira Vanya Estelwen chapter 21 . 10/23/2013
Very lovely. Though I think is acting like a dumbass, but all part of the story yes? Lol, very good so far.
Guest chapter 21 . 9/12/2013
Thank you for insanely cute story # it really was amazing, and I loved how you've created Juliet to be a complex character. The only complaint would be that I wished there would be more fluffy moments between her and Fred, but to be completely honest I have to unwillingly admit that it was bloody perfect the way you wrote it, made sense. A huge well done!
I'm straight off to the sequel, which I'm completely ecstatic about!
Happy writing!
P.s your story made my first day back from holiday extremely nice, so another massive thank you. :)
6teenana1 chapter 21 . 8/24/2013
I really liked your story :) it was very true to the characters and rowling's style of writing, and I spent all day reading it today. The only problem with this story is that they used Muffliato in the last few chapters. That's a spell from the Prince's potion book. I really liked your OC, she fit in to the potterverse really well. I can't wait to go read the sequel!
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