Reviews for My Little Sis
Llama Mama23 chapter 14 . 6/12/2007
AW!it's over?oh well, AWESOME story!
Llama Mama23 chapter 11 . 6/12/2007
HAHAHA!that sleeping bag thing is HILARIOUS!excellent touch!
Llama Mama23 chapter 7 . 6/11/2007
this is an awesome story, sorry i havn't reviewed before, i've wanted to continue so much!)
LillyHalliwell chapter 14 . 6/10/2007
I love it!
melting gold chapter 14 . 6/10/2007
i like it...especially the ending. it's vute!
Asphodel Oakburt chapter 14 . 6/10/2007

"Edward, wait! I have to pee!"

that is too adorable

This story is a fave already.
ForeverTopaz303 chapter 14 . 6/10/2007
OMG! you ARE the best writer ever! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! WOW! I'm going right now to read every other story you have written! this is totally and completely the BEST story I've ever read! (and im not exagerating!) I LUV IT!

Hoku ala chapter 14 . 6/10/2007
Wonderful story!

Thank you!
epona04 chapter 14 . 6/10/2007
i burst out laughing at the end - it was brilliant! loved it
vjd chapter 14 . 6/9/2007
Loved it! Nice ending. it was so friggin cute!

good job!
dancrgrl16714 chapter 14 . 6/9/2007
aww that was so good im so sad its over i love emmett and i loved what you did with his character it was really good and you should be super proud of yourself!
Cdabryhea chapter 13 . 5/12/2007
aw. that was really sweet, Emmet and Bella gaining some sibling bonding time. can't wait to see what happens next. please update soon. ;)
melting gold chapter 13 . 5/8/2007
that's so touching
dancrgrl16714 chapter 13 . 5/5/2007
aw that chapter was really good i luved it yea emmett and bella time!
Asphodel Oakburt chapter 13 . 5/3/2007
aw...this story's really sweet...i like looking through Emmett's eyes can't wait for the next chapter :D
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