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Mr. Wang chapter 20 . 7/3/2014
Please update this story it's so good and intense
AKA99 chapter 3 . 5/8/2014
Kira Yagami? Anyone else reminded of death note?
smarcelsmail chapter 20 . 2/1/2014
please update please please please
N1ght-13 chapter 20 . 11/15/2013
when wanna update?
Guest chapter 8 . 9/28/2013
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Guest chapter 8 . 9/28/2013
another good story btw i just got a new idae for kamen rider fanfic hope some of you find it good
5. kamen rider hibiki: resonance of sound and music ( senki zesshou symphogear)
Kanade was ready to throw her life away to save young tachibana but when she was ready to sing her final song a complety strange yet powerful "sound" will made it way to the battlefield against noise. Hibiki after a firce battle with one of the nakamou found out that the impact of energy from his armed mode and the monster incredible power send him to another world. Without knowing where he is or what to do he know there is only one thing to do right now and it was to fight for the life of innocene bring forth a new power of sound that this world never know of. And even though Tachibana and Kanade life both been saved by Hibiki as the cost for attemping to sing the Swan Song Kanade was in the coma and nobody can use Gunir that is until one fateful day Tachibana found out the legacy she carry frm Kanade as the fragment of her armor is in Tachibana body.
6. kamen rider blade: road of the flame blade (shakugan no shana crossover)
When Kenzaki Kazuma after many years of harness both his power as Blade and Joker he confront the Master to make sure no more battle royal will start before the battle he released the only two undead that is good which is king and queen of club to make sure if he die or sealed the world still not destroy because Joker is the only one left. In the battle even with his immortality the fight against the master still tough in the attemp of suidicide attack Blade found himself still alive and had lost his immortality but before he can feel the joy of being truly alive a girl with red hair approach him and attack him just what fate have draw him to this time or better yet what world?
Guest chapter 3 . 9/28/2013
Guy i really like your story especially crossover involve kamen rider i would want to write something for the site too but i have too admit im suck at writing especially describe through words which would be hard since there is a lot of fight scence for kamen rider fanfic instead i will just give you guys ideas and hope you guys like them. If it possible i hope you guys can make a story out of these.
1. Kamen rider OOO: Road of the guilty king (oooxguilty crown)
The King who use the heart of people give it unlimited potential. The king who use unlimited desire to gain unlimited power two power from two world given title of the king among all possibliity of the guilty crown world one of it involve with hino eiji a "king" who selflessly for other will become a god to protect their wish when he try to chase after anhk that been sucked to the wormhole after the final battle... supposedly. He arrive in the world where another "King" will soon awake. With all the medals belong to him now how will the two great power react to each other one is used to protect Ouma Shu heart by expose other while the other Hino Eiji can sacrifise himself for other. This is a familiar yet entirely new story that revolve around people who wield power that call themselfs king. Unlimted vs Over Infinity OOO.
2. Kamen rider Agito: evolution of dragon in darkness and light (agitoxhighschool dxd)
Sekiryuutei and Vanishing Dragon now is the center of the three force of angel devil and fallen angel as well as other mythology, magician, hero force but forgotten by everyone yet remebered deeply by the dragons is the image of the pure being embody by the meaning of "warrior" and "dragon" he was created by the life force of one of a dying God an existence begin probably before all three force hidden deep inside human over time instead of changing to Agito seed and instead of God send out Lord to kill those with potential he changed it to a miracle called sacred gear but among that another miracle appear that is not from god on few of the Agito seed remain for what it was and people who receive it will travel to the path of the light to shine for other or they will bring darkness to other. How will the three forces react to these force introducing a new tsugami shoichi that is a little bit serious but still not lost his skill in food or his unique traits of being unpredictable also should include mirage agito as one of the bad guys dont know if should include lord in this or not if anyone decide to pick on this ideas they can decide it will be fun to see tsugami shoichi meet issei hyodo and vali lucifer probably will charge straight at agito when they first met the weapon of agito should look like it SIC version while he is just like in the anime. Should appear and be the one who save Asia also Rayare should be save by him in the end cause in my opinion she just misleaded alot and dont deserve to die much.
3. Kamen rider agito or kuuga crossover with shakugan no shana basically just like the other two tsuichi or odai yusuke will meet shana, yuji and other and get involved in their story. I like to keep the character some what same to their story without changing their existence.
4. Kamen rider kabuto: infinite god speed (Infinite Stratos)
Ichika the only male pilot of IS is considered special but tendou souji is what made people know of that world when he stopped the meteor and created a new timeline ( God speed Love story) instead of dissapear through time he and all the other zectors dropped to the world of IS now left behind the timeline he know that will be safer and dont need his presence anymore he settle in this world how will ichika and his harem team deal with worm more specifically the strongest rider of all time and who is this new cafeteria helper that get more attention like the whole world revolve around him?
Gideon08 chapter 20 . 1/17/2013
ohh I want this story to be updated soonand it is a great crossover story. ! and I wish that you could push this story in Sailor Stars arc :)
New Universe Returns chapter 20 . 10/25/2012
Hey there, Ten-Faced Paladin. Here is my review. It is a very good fic. And I wrote several short notes that may help you for your story (if you still wish to continue with this story):

After Kira was hospitalized after Dark Kabuto’s Rider Kick, Lita (Makoto) took Kira’s Rider Belt and temporarily taken the mantle as the second Kamen Rider Hakabuto, the same way Chad (Yuuichirou) accidentally becomes the second Kamen Rider Drake. She will be the first Sailor Scout (Sailor Senshi) to become a Kamen Rider. She remained as the new Hakabuto until Kira is fully recovered. The reason is for Kira’s sake and she wants to fight Dark Kabuto (Souji Kusakabe) for terribly hurting Kira.

The Sailor Scouts started to learn about Haruka and Michelle’s (Michiru) secret identities as the Outer Sailor Scouts.

When Kira recovered (but not fully), Kira decided to tell Lita the WHOLE truth while the other Riders are not around. Lita will not be happy about the whole thing. Soon after the Scouts learns the truth about who the Riders are and where were they’re from, the other Riders has no choice but to spill the beans about EVERYTHING.

The tension between the Outers and the Riders is starting to drift away.

Hiyori Kusakabe will make an appearance much later in the story. Souji Kusakabe is not the only one who is transported to another world. Hiyori was separated from Kusakabe and found herself at another side of the Juuban district. She will be the only one who can stop Dark Kabuto.

Mina (Minako) is having a big crush on Tsurugi and tries to admit her feelings for Tsurugi.

The Scouts (and Kira) finally learns that Tsurugi is a Scorpio Worm. Souji and the other Riders decided to tell them what really happened and that the real Tsurugi is killed long before the “fake” Tsurugi becomes a Kamen Rider.

Tsurugi started to lose control of his body and once again becomes Scorpio Worm. But his inner feelings for Mina lets Tsurugi take control of his body and be able to revert back to his human form.

In Kabuto World; unknown to the Riders, a wormhole was created sometime after the 3 Roach Worms defeat. That wormhole creates a bridge between Sailor Moon’s World and the Kabuto’s World and it is possible to travel back and forth safely. Several Worms felt the presence of the wormhole and few curious ones step in through the wormhole. When the Worms discovered that there is another universe on the other side, they signaled the others to step through the wormhole. Another Worm invasion is about to begin. The Sailor Scouts and the Riders will not only fight the Death Busters, but also the Worms from Kabuto’s World.

ZECT has detected an unknown energy signature in an area where the Riders have mysteriously vanished. When ZECT officials found out that the energy signature came from the wormhole, they report it back to HQ. One curious but bold ZECT Trooper entered the wormhole and discovered another universe on the other side. When it is assumed that it is safe to travel through the wormhole, ZECT sent several ZECT Troopers and some officials through the wormhole, hoping to find the missing Riders. Gon (now Yuriko Takayama) saw everything. She then sneak pass through the ZECT officials, and quickly entered the wormhole, hoping to find Daisuke and to see that if he’s alright.

So, what do you think? Are they good? Let me know. That is, if you really wish to continue with Kamen Moon Rider.
Count Kulalu chapter 20 . 3/4/2012
I really enjoy this story! It's as great as your Crstal Chalice one and you Familiar of ZerOOOs one. :) Would you ever consider updating it? That would be great.
Lucifer's Remnants chapter 1 . 10/24/2011
could you sed me the link?
Symbolic Joker chapter 20 . 6/24/2011
Sweet story. You have too update it! I wonder if the Dark Kabuto in the future is Kusakabe or someone else.
Hellbreaker chapter 6 . 11/24/2010
Not bad, the only complaint I have is that Kick Hopper's Anchor Jack is on his left leg not the right.
kamen rider w nascajoker form chapter 5 . 10/16/2010
hey do any of you thick i should make a kamen rider double/salior moon crossover. but with a different kamen rider w
cooking samurai chapter 20 . 8/1/2010
This is goood story cantinue it.
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