Reviews for Angel to You, Devil to Me
Whiggity chapter 1 . 3/30/2007
Wow, this is cool! :) I liked your interpritations of the characters. I never really imagined Lavender as being a really popular person, although I probably could have easily come to that conclusion - to me she was always just a background character whom I never really gave much thought. This is a nice take on a ship that's often seen as over and done with. Love it! *favs*
ReviewsGalore chapter 1 . 11/29/2006
Story: 8.75/10. The scenes you chose are really good and show the progression of the relationship well in a fairly short amount of time. The song is very appropriate to the relationship. Sometimes you don't make it clear enough soon enough what point in time to which you have skipped. It is also to tell which parts really happened and are memories and which parts are dream.

Characters: 8.75/10. This is sort of an angsty fic and you don't see many of those with Ron - or at least many good ones. You manage to pull it off very well, though. I think you could touch upon Lavender's character a bit more. Are Ron's ideas about her true?

Creativity: 9.25/10. You have a good take on an often overlooked pairing.

Writing: 9/10. I noticed a few grammatical and spelling errors. "Hott" was particularly glaring. Your style is really nice, however.

Believability: 9.25/10. You don't really get this sort of intensity and angst from Ron in the books, but I don't ultimately think it is a bad interpretation. You do manage to keep him in character. The progression of their relationship is very believable, given the books.

Overall: 9/10. A good story all around. I would have liked you to think more about Lavender's character and to proofread more carefully, but I love your style and the story.