Reviews for Kindred spirits II
IR Stars chapter 4 . 12/10/2015
The crystals then flew into the air, the light of the sun breaking them into dust, which formed into the shape of a sea eagle, soaring out to sea on the wind.

Lovely- thought I'd add that last bit.

Angelina K chapter 4 . 5/26/2008
Wow. I loved it. It literally made me speechless (but not enough to not leave a review!). Thanks so much quiller. I look forward to reading the rest of your imaginative fiction.
JulesDPM chapter 4 . 12/6/2006
That challenge story turned into quite an epic! I'm glad you did a sequel. I have really enjoyed it. The story was quite compelling. Good job!
cathrl chapter 4 . 12/1/2006
quiller, that was just gorgeous - I especially enjoyed John going to Kyrano, and the help that he got from him.

Beautiful story (sniff). Poor Ellie. I hope she does turn into one of her eagles.
ejb chapter 4 . 12/1/2006
That was a wonderful sequel and well worth waiting for. Poor John, I felt so sorry for him trying to hide from any form of communication equipment and hearing voices everywhere. He had my deepest sympathy. Glad he still put the spirit of IR into action and carried out a rescue with a difference after Ellie saved him. I wonder if Alan ever found out just who he was talking to!

Nice ending I hope the two of them meet again one day even if she is in a different life form. Hint for another sequel perhaps? Well done.
ladc chapter 4 . 11/30/2006
Very touching story.
Kaeera chapter 4 . 11/30/2006
Oh, wow. The eagles in the end were a nice touch - I would love for her to be reborn as one. Maybe she'll drop by on Tracy Island *g* Might make quite a sight between all those tropical birds...

This was a nice outcome. I must say, the other ideas intrigued me as well, but this works fine. Poor John - he always gets left behind. One day, you have to write a really nice fic for him, to make up for all the pain you put him through :)
mcj chapter 1 . 11/30/2006
Good job Quiller, the sequel is as engaging as the stand-alone. Ellie is really rattling his tree yet John continues to be practical and intuitive, quietly assessing if he's going mad or not. Nice insight into his character. Well done and the imagery as always is masterful.

yours in writing

minstrelsy chapter 4 . 11/30/2006
Quiller- I'm delighted you did a sequel. How wonderful that Ellie could save John, and he in turn, could ultimately save her. The story line and resolution were just right. I loved the aspect of the sea-eagle - flying free. Thank you!