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stilljustceci chapter 2 . 11/21/2009
Wow, what a chapter! You wrote the brother banter so well; full of meaning without making them so sappy or overshary they're out of character, the way so many authors fall into doing. I LOVE the flashbacks.
stilljustceci chapter 1 . 11/21/2009
Well written! I like this set up and I'm rarin' to read Ch2. (that flashback about the MnMs...that was brutal, man.)
Edina Clouds chapter 8 . 11/10/2009
Hi Gaelic

So Sunday was a good day for me. Hubby and 2 kids out and me left all alone at home with a pot of tea, a packet of cookies and Ramble On to read on my laptop. What a fantastic couple of hours.

First thing to say - the whole idea for the story is GREAT and it's set very early on in season 1 (my fav season).

Secondly I love Abe - he is a fantastic original character (and see I've got more to look forward to from him in In The Light (goodie))

Some other great things: 2 Wendigos, injured/delerious Dean (confusing Abe for John - and his absolute horror when he realised in the clinic what he'd done), Dean telling Abe to get Sam out (and Abe was right if he'd taken Dean first it would've killed them both), the comparison with Sam/Dean and Running Horse and his brother, the flashbacks (wow I loved them - especially sick teen Dean that John had to tell to "stand down")

Gaelic to summarise terrific story - have lined up all your others in my favourites folder and look forward to the next time I'm left "home alone"

Alyssa Halliwell chapter 8 . 10/17/2009
I'm back! Going through an addiction to The 4400 at the moment :)

I'm glad you like my reviews :) I stopped reading for quite a while because I always felt so much pressure, and never knew what to say, so now I just write things down as I go

' "I heard that", "I said it out loud" ' - that me laugh

Hehe, loved Dean's response after Sam asked how many fingers he was holding up

Is it wrong that in the 2nd chapter, when you mentioned the eyes and the fact that it wasn't a Wendigo I immediately thought of Gollum :)

Okay, now I want to hear Jeffrey Dean Morgan sing

'Abe knew that the first building they'd come upon would be just in the other side of the far trees' - ha! 'just', like it'll be that easy

Aww Dean's reaction to realising that Abe wasn't John broke my heart

I liked the ending, and I agree with your authors note, it seemed like a natural ending

I love your plot driven stories, and your a more 'simple' stories are great too. And I really like your 'guest stars' as well
Animegoil chapter 8 . 10/5/2009
You have created an artwork. I kept wondering how you were going to drag this out chapter after chapter, but it never got old. You made each painful step of their ordeal believable, painful, original and emotional. You really did something here with their relationship. Their bond as brothers was just breathtaking, and you did excellently with portraying what the show has told us, and going further even. You explored so many facets of their brotherhood, ranging from their feelings about each other, to their feelings about their dad, to about the future, the past, the present, the whole gamut. I am just amazed, really. And with a good set of supporting characters, great description, fantastic attention to detail not only in the writing and the Indian and medical facet, but with Sam and Dean's personality quirks. Dean's plight was heartbreaking, but I'm glad that you showed that though Dean has it harder (in my opinion), Sam tries his best to shoulder as much of it as he can, for his brother's sake, and because he's not weak just because he's the protected one. So I felt you did a good job of balancing both of them in terms of what they were going through. I love the dependence that they have on each other- Sam needs Dean's strength, but the source of Dean's strength is Sam himself. I loved that line of Abe's, where he ponders upon the fact that Dean is the cornerstone of that family, but at the same time, invisible. And it's a fact that kills me when I watch Dean. But I like that you showed that it's hard on Sam to see the results of that responsibility that he can't deny to Dean. And the way they butted heads was so realistic. It's exactly the way humans communicate- trying so hard to get the other person to understand, and sometimes the right words are right there but you can't reach them, and other times, even when you say it plainly, the other person just can't grasp your side, not completely.

Thank you so much for this, it really made my day.
rahne2 chapter 8 . 9/14/2009

Just rereading some of your older stories (I told you, I've always liked your stuff, and you seemed to be one of the top 2 or 3 writers in the fandom when I first discovered it, and I haven't changed my mind.) I have to tell you that this is probably my favorite long hunt story. You have nailed the boys so perfectly, strengths, mistakes, easy comeraderie. Dean is always almost self destructive in his protectiveness, Sam always so self aware and understanding of his brother They screwed up in being unprepared and low on supplies, but they didn't waste time in blame or regret, just did what had to be done. It seems to me this would have been the hunt that forced them to start carrying the first aid kit on hunts, since Dean almost bled out from easily suturable wounds.

I also loved how the outside characters fit so beautifully, and seemed so true to their backgrounds. For Abe to pick up on Dean's desperate need for his father and play along was very discerning and kind of him. And, of course, Sam figured it out almost instantly when he came around. I don't think Dean has ever truly gotten over his need of John to give him a sense of his own place and purpose, though season 4 has forced him to take a much harder look at himself, and John. And my very favorite moment was of course, when John came to find them. I dearly love stories where John shows up to save his sons, even when they never know he was there. There is no question how much he loved them, no matter how cold he tried to be. Like Dean, too much opening to those deep emotions would have torn him apart, so they both learned to wall them away to save their sanity. It has taken Sam a long time to begin to see that side of his father. I wish John hadn't tried so hard to hide how he keep tabs on them all the years he was alive. That Abe knew immediately that this must be John, and that John understood what Abe had done for Dean in his place, were character moments that still make me cry. Love, love, love it! Thanks so much.
Linz1224 chapter 8 . 9/3/2009
I know you posted this story forever ago, but I'm way late to the amazing show that is Supernatural. This story was incredible. Your characterization of the boys is amazing, but you go beyond their relationship and deliver an amazing plot as well. Amazing!
Nascarfan14 chapter 8 . 7/9/2009
I know this is an older story but I kind of stumbled across it when I was going back through the older stories. I am glad that I decided to read it. I liked where and how it ended. it feels like a complete story as is. I enjoyed it very much and plan on checking out a few more of your stories.
supernaturalsammy67 chapter 8 . 6/16/2009

this was another hit list of an awesome story!

- I love how you get the brothers personalities so perfect and yet show them for who they are and why- much more than the show but everything the show has shown us...if that makes sense

I laughed and i cried and i screamed when things got bad for them- but this was such an incredable fic...

thank you from my heart of hearts xx
LittleLurker chapter 8 . 5/19/2009
Hey, just finished reading another one of your beautiful stories. Actually, I've been going on about 3 hours of sleep for two days to read it. You are amazing and I so loved these scenes:

[...]and snapped at the boy. “Just wait. We’ll get your brother help soon enough,” his voice was clipped, harsh with concern. “Yessir,” was the immediate response.

“And I went with it. I agreed… You didn’t see his face, did you? See how it hurt him to watch you walk away…” Abe swallowed, unsure how to respond to that. There was so much pain in those words. Abe was unsure how to assuage a pain that went deeper than the outside, deeper than words could reach, deeper than tears.

He saw something then that he hadn’t truly seen in over forty years: devotion. It was as plain in Dean’s eyes as they reflected in the moonlight as the blood covering his face.

and this here, the entire scene where Abe leaves Dean behind in the clearing... so powerful and beautifully written:

Dean seemed to melt forward into the air at the same time and Sam caught him. [...] “Sam,” Dean’s voice was barely audible. “I’m sorry.” “What? No, no man, nothin’ to be sorry for, you hear me?” Abe heard the tears in Sam’s voice, [...]

Sam looked back down at Dean. “He’s right here. He’s right here, Dean.”

Abe knelt next to the brothers. “Hey, Son.”

The word had started as a casual reference, a way to mark Dean as younger, a way to greet him when he didn’t know his name. Now, though… now it was spoken almost as an endearment, as how he imagined their father would speak when faced with a moment like this.

“Get him out,” Dean said, his eyes lowered to Abe, bare slits of color shaded by dark lashes that cast shadows on his cheeks in the moonlight.

Sam’s head whipped over to Abe. “Don’t you make that promise,” Sam growled. “You don’t.”

“Dad,” Dean repeated. “Please. Please, you have to get him out,” his eyes shifted down. “I’ll be all right if I know…” “Sam,” Abe said in a low voice that only Sam could hear. “What would he do?” He was somewhat afraid of this father of theirs, afraid that he would have slung Dean over his shoulder and pulled the travois at the same time. Sam’s eyes narrowed. Low blow. “He would leave him,” Sam said… so that’s why we can’t.

Abe felt his stomach turn to ice. He understood what Dean was saying - he would be all right if he knew his brother was taken care of. Abe knew then, knew that no matter how hard Sam fought it, if he took Dean to safety and left Sam behind, he would be killing them both.

...and the idea to have Sam unconciously using his powers to stop Abe from taking Dean from his arms - ah...

“Sammy,” Dean whispered. “Let me go.” “You asked me that once before, man, do you remember?” Sam said in a watery voice. “I remember,” Dean said. “What did I tell you then?” “That you’d hold on forever if you had to,” Dean answered immediately, as if those words were never far from his memory.

“It’s different,” Dean sighed. “How?” “It’s you, Sam. It’s you. Just, please… Ar,” Dean clenched his jaw against a burst of pain. “Sam,” Abe said, not trying to lift his hands this time, keeping his voice low and calm as though talking to a cornered animal. “The longer we stay here…” At that Sam seemed to sag.

...and some scenes in the hospital... and yes you were right (of course), sometimes it's better to see them from someone elses perspective (Abe or the Doc). I guess, this is because it makes their concern for and devotion to each other even more obvious.

“I’m telling you [...] Doc, these boy…” Abe started, looking down at the closed eyes and pale face. He instantly recalled the look of utter devotion reflecting in Dean’s eyes at the thought of his brother. The fierce determination to save him… thwarted only by eventual, understandable exhaustion. “I’ve never met anyone like them.”

Dean’s eyes were open, on him, watching. Sam’s face relaxed into an immediate smile. “Hey,” he whispered. Dean blinked and in his eyes was a look Sam had seen before. It sucked the air from him and left a hollow around his heart. It was a look of unabashed relief at seeing Sam safe. It was a look of complete love for his brother. It was a look of goodbye. “Dean?” Dean blinked again, a small smile pulling up the corner of his mouth. And then on a brief exhale of air, his eyes slid shut. The shrill cry of the heart monitor drove into Sam’s head like a knife.

“Don’t let go… I’ll fall if you let go,” Dean’s voice was so low Abe could barely hear him. But as Abe made out the words, his worry increased. Just listening to their conversation earlier, he knew that Dean would never have admitted to such a thing if he’d been completely coherent. His need for Sam he saw as a weakness.

[...] looking at the hand-shaped bruise turning from purple to yellow on his arm just above the wrist. “I gave it to you,” Sam said. Dean’s eyes flew to his brother’s. Sam looked… proud. “Why?” Sam tightened his lips. Dean had seen that look before. Sam was debating on exactly how to tell him something. “Why, Sam?” “So you wouldn’t fall,” Sam said softly, hoping Dean would remember on his own. [...]

Dean nodded, looking slightly shell-shocked. He lifted his eyes to Sam, his unguarded expression sucking the breath from Sam’s lungs. Damn, Dean, he thought. The walls were so much a part of his brother – the careful looks, the sarcastic answers, the way he talked around a subject when it got anywhere in the vicinity of his feelings. Sam was used to that. He was used to being on the other side. Dean letting him in – even if just for a moment, just through a look – rocked him.

Thanks again for this wonderful story! As always, great plot, beautiful characterisations and excellent writing.

Take care! D. I'm off to continue with "In the Light" :-)
K-Marie-M chapter 8 . 5/13/2009
This was a great story!
gr8read chapter 3 . 5/12/2009
Dear Gaelic,

This is the second book(?) I read that you have written.

Thank you for sharing your talent and thank you for another amazing, wonderful story.

Ingu chapter 1 . 4/24/2009
I'm slowly working through all of your awesome stories, and the best thing about getting into a fandom after it's been well-established, in SPN's case half way into season 4, is the sheer amount of well-written, well-plotted, all in all amazing fics already out there.

I haven't left reviews on any of the other stories, but I want you to know that I love your stories, and you are an absolutely amazing writer. In this story's case, I only started reading after watching last night's episode 'Jump the Shark', and your revelations in this fic you published almost three years ago about Sam being just like John? XD I had a serious sense of Deja Vu. You're very good at reading both of them, and I absoulutely love your characterisation.

Anyway, reading more, thank you for all these brilliant stories! :D
Raych K chapter 6 . 4/1/2009
Ah! Dean! No!

I just finished chapter six. I just have to tell you that what I've read so far is awesome. Chapter five is I think my favorite chapter. I love Abe and Dean thinking he's John. Oh and the "okay" guy, fantastic.

Oh, and Dean at the end of this chapter.

If my mother-in-law says anything about my messy house, I'm totally blaming you. Your fics are addictive. Next, I'm going to read the first one with Brenna, I'm not usually into OFC, but how could you go wrong? I have faith that you will make it work. But I have to be strong and wait until next week. Dude, your fics are like a sickness, they're addictive.

I'm so excited, I have a new favorite author. It's so hard to find great fanfic. Yay!
pickamix chapter 8 . 2/14/2009
This story hit a chord with me... all the flashbacks... it made me do a little trip down memory lane with my 'little' sister (like with Sam and Dean my baby sister is taller than me). The theme of your story was beautiful.
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