Reviews for Kissing Billy Kaplan
Midnight chapter 1 . 4/8/2015
"I hear nothing, I see nothing. I'm just a blind, deaf old woman"
I died! Loved it!
Bust ending ever!
blackromanceangel274 chapter 1 . 4/10/2014
Loved it, loved it. It was amazing :)
TheStereotypicalShipper chapter 1 . 4/6/2013
Justin Is TheSun chapter 1 . 4/26/2012
Soooo cute! I especially like the last line. That being said...

(Hellscape and red sky, with roiling thunder clouds) PROOFREAD!

hoy chapter 1 . 11/20/2011
LMAo! I loved that ending ahaha how inventive xDD wow you did a really good job at this oneshot, i totally love this.
shyd1 chapter 1 . 6/1/2011

That last line!
Manialoll Spins chapter 1 . 4/24/2011
That was such a cute story! It was lots of fun to read, and the ending was great as well! :D
Chronoofdarkness chapter 1 . 2/8/2011
Possibly the most adorable thing I've read in a long time. You kept them very in character and satisfied this fangirl. Thank you
Eec chapter 1 . 9/12/2010
LOOOL LO-VEEED this story :D
CxXxDarkWolf5xXxD chapter 1 . 7/27/2010
"I hear nothing, I see nothing. I'm just a blind, deaf old woman," Hehehe...That line will never cease to amuse me.

Heh, I have to say, I absolutely love this story, It makes me wanna hug em both, funny and a little bit hot too :) Thanks for sharing!
reyreaper23 chapter 1 . 7/25/2010
Bravo! I can't get enough.
Teldra chapter 1 . 4/26/2010
Cute :)
grandiloquentCaecity chapter 1 . 12/24/2009
Ah! FABULOUS! I am oficially obssesed with Young Avengers. And this parinings. Good thing anime has prepped me to be a total spazzing fangirl who scares every living creature around her. Yup, that's me... Anyway, I adored this.

Just a random thing, but I came up with an idea for a Billy/Teddy fic, but I need someone else to write it for two reasons. One, I cannot write slash for the life of me. Two, I can't even write decent romance for that matter. Anyway the idea is 'Skrull mating season: It's skrull mating season. Nothing good can come of this...' I dunno, it's 11:30, and I am absolutely exhausted, super excited, and drunk of comic books, so my mind is kinda frazzled right now...
kenia-chan chapter 1 . 11/19/2009
wow! OMG it was so cute! and so! -nose bleeding- omg billy and teddy are the best!

TheLadyBlackhawk chapter 1 . 7/6/2009
E Billy x Teddy E that was so cute and the line at the end was really funny. GOOD job.

P.S. I heared from someone who knows one of the creators of the Young Avengers that THEY"RE BRINGING THEM BACK1 and by the sound of it, it seems like IronLad will be in this one too, because they saida long missed character, who else could they mean?
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