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HuntingPudel chapter 28 . 7/13/2015
Really good story so far. There are a few grammatical errors and typos, but they don't detract from the story. Sad to see that it's been 5 years since the last update. Any chance of a revisit to finish the story?
Mel chapter 25 . 12/24/2012
Hey! I just found your piece of work a couple of days ago and I've reached up to here. I think it's pretty neat what you've done with the whole story. I love the fact that you gave Seira a more feminine and playful role when she's around Corey. I'm a fan of Seira too you see :D I really love reading what you've written thus far but I came to realize you didn't finish it :( I was really hoping you'd finish it. I was saving the end for last holding back my lust to read the ending cause if i did I'd spoil all the suspense. Well, I managed until now and i saw you didn't finish it...I was hoping maybe if you had the time you could continue? But if you've lost motivation to continue writing this story I would understand. Just so you know I love reading it. when I start in the morning, I never stop reading not even for meals. You are one heck of a writer.
altrealitylover chapter 28 . 5/25/2010
Thank you for the great new chapter. Early in the story, I had a problem with Ryo’s Captain being the person who hired the thugs for the first attack, intending for them to disable Amy. It was too much out of character for me, but I understood the story needed a catalyst to move the action along. It will be interesting now to see what the underworld connections are for the current attacks. You have set up both honorable and dishonorable Yakuza and it seems like one boss is expending too much effort just to avenge a lost fight by an underling. Is there another agenda that he has against God’s Cry School or does he have a connection to Ryo’s father’s troubled past? I like all the side stories you have going with small groups of individuals. It gives us time to get to know a character better by giving them extra focus away from the larger group. It will still be nice to see the group together once in awhile enjoying their friendship and having fun outside of playing baseball. I’m looking forward to your next installment. Thank you again.
James Axelrad chapter 28 . 5/14/2010
great chapter. glad to see you active again.

the bit with the board meeting was very interesting. i cant hardly wait till Motoko gets to the school.
altrealitylover chapter 25 . 2/19/2010
Hopefully I can give you a nudge for a new chapter. I haven’t lost interest in your story and would really love to see it continue. With all the story threads you have dangled our way, I’m sure you have a lot more you want to share. Thank you for all the work it takes in providing this entertaining story for your readers.
flame55 chapter 3 . 11/12/2009
this is great
flame55 chapter 1 . 10/30/2009
this is great i thinck it good
grim reaper sakura chapter 27 . 7/4/2009
Awesome chap i cant wait until the next chap good job
altrealitylover chapter 27 . 6/19/2009
Is Seira at last finding reconciliation with her parents? I hope so. If they continue to reopen old emotional wounds they will become too unyielding in their views and not trust any apologies or be able to grant forgiveness to one another. It’s going to take a lot more work for Cory to be embraced by her parents though but I can see Seira’s demeanor changing a lot if she has her parents love again and maybe later will finally get their support in following her dreams and ambitions.

I find the mix of Mao and Motoko’s personalities to be very complimentary to each other. A great friendship is forming with each finding an attribute needed or desired in the other. Mao is gaining confidence in herself with Motoko’s encouragement and the future master of God’s Cry School of Swordsmanship may gain a kinder more gentle side (when she’s not killing demons), through Mao’s good example. I hope to see more interaction between these two after they leave the hospital.

I forcast a very turbulent Parent’s Association meeting for Ms. Himuro and Tsuruko. Does Kisaragi Girls school have any other kind? Tsuruko will probably wish she hadn’t relinquished her blade upon entering the school.

Thank you very much for the new chapter and I’m looking so forward to the next installment.
Shinigamis Wrath chapter 27 . 5/25/2009
I understand what it is like to go long periods between updates. I say keep up with it, I enjoy the detail and plot weaving that you are accomplishing very well in this story. I haven't updated one of my stories for about five months now, because my mind wants to work on this other story I am working I feel really bad for the people who read Crimson Bond...but Affliction is my main love right now.

But please, don't give up on the story! I have to keep telling myself the same thing. There are people out there waiting to see what happens (myself for your story) and we can't let them down! Keep it up, and I will too!

Shinigami's Wrath
James Axelrad chapter 27 . 5/24/2009
its a very good chapter.

worth the wait, but i wouldn't mind not having to wait as long for the next one! i wanna find out what happens at the meeting!
altrealitylover chapter 26 . 5/8/2009
I have been checking and hoping for an update as I have enjoyed reading this story almost from the beginning. Even though I sometimes think a character might act or speak differently than you portray them, this is what makes fanfics great. You create as the author, a new reality which is based on the original story and characters, but filtered through the perspective of your imagination. If I could predict everything that is in your story, it would be a boring read. Your new characters (that are not found in Princess Nine) are interesting and I am looking forward to finding out more about them. The interaction with characters from Love Hina is increasing which is adding to my anticipation of future developments. I hope you have not lost interest in continuing your story, I'm looking forward to more. Thank you.
Airlady chapter 26 . 12/29/2008
Izumi as a police officer is interesting to contemplate. Seira's mother is severely deluded.
James Axelrad chapter 26 . 12/28/2008
great stuff. glad to have been able to read it.

that bit at the bottom, foreshadowing? or motoko being motoko?

well, hope the next chap is soon in coming.
orange manga smoothie chapter 26 . 12/28/2008
I’d like to say a few words to my anonymous reviewers. You’re welcome to disagree with me, but I thought I’d at least tell you where I was coming from. If you had given me a signed review, I would have responded by E-mail. Seira is a complicated young woman. Often when someone is emotionally wounded, they try to hide it by pretending they’re ok. That is called denial. Seira’s anger comes out quite noticeably in a few scenes in the video. When the Coach found her in the bar, she’d already beaten up Toru. Then in the alley, faced with the dilemma posed by the Coach about her friend, she decided to attack him physically. She later moved to attack Mrs. Ayanakoji when she was insulted by the woman. Then there’s the scene where she choked Yoko unconscious for calling her ‘stinky girl’. This scene was notable by Seira’s reaction once Yoko goes limp in her arms. The alarm on Seira’s face clearly shows she regretted her action. Her actions are not those of a well adjusted young woman. If someone, who is already emotionally unstable, is placed in an environment of prolonged hostility, such as the girls encountered during the scandal episode, when the rest of the schoolgirls were whispering about how they weren’t proper for the school, resentment and animosity will build. Eventually that person will reach a boil over point and lash out. Sora Ayanakoji is the daughter of the same woman that Seira nearly attacked before. This wasn’t an isolated incident between them, and Seira already disliked the arrogant girl. So while I do like Seira, and think deep down she is a good girl, as the video ended, she still had unresolved issues to deal with. I hope this clears the air, and you’ll continue reading. OMS.
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