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aniseed flower chapter 1 . 7/1
Aaahhhhhh! I just did a re read of fallen. Oh my gosh! Firstly.. I cant believe that I forgot it took 6/7 years to finish. But I am SOOOO glad you did. It really is an amazing story! Everything about it is just great. Thank you SO much for writing it and sharing with us. I cant say it enough. It really is an incredible journey that you have taken us on. Which brings me to a question. I have.. Lol. Have you finished your veterinary degree?! I just happened to notice its been 2 years! I hope thats going well for you! England is on the other side of the globe from little ole New Zealand. So I happen to know its summer over there. I hope you are enjoying it! Once again, thank you so very much for writing Fallen! :o)
emmares chapter 83 . 6/18
sizuka chan chapter 83 . 5/25
this story is magnificent. i was so captivated i sat for an entire afternoon just scrolling and clicking next chapter until i got to the end! a roller coaster of a plot ride, and i enjoyed every moment of it!
alicia rose potter chapter 83 . 5/17
Oh oh oh my goodness. I just found this yesterday, and I sat down and read the entire thing in one go. (It took me nearly eleven hours haha). This is amazing! Amazing! I'm a Harry Potter fanfic nerd, but I've recently been branching out and I'm so glad I did. I absolutely love how you told this story from the point of view of the Scanrans, and I think you did a marvelous job weaving in familiar characters in new ways. You've inspired me to start writing again. Thank you for that!
sweetmari chapter 49 . 5/16
Absolutely looove this story!
HandsomeAngel chapter 83 . 4/28
Thank you
McKenzie Shea chapter 83 . 4/19
This entire story was amazing. It swept me up and I was hard pressed to stop reading at any time. Thank you for writing this. I know it was years ago, but I just wanted you to know that it is amazing. Breathtaking.
Katherine chapter 83 . 4/19
Simply fantastical! Thank you for writing!
BookReader6493 chapter 53 . 3/29
I don't know if someone has told you but in this chapter you said that Fassin was the shang hawk and in the chapter when kel meets back up with him in the tribe, you said that he was the shang jackal.
Moonprincess202 chapter 1 . 3/14
As I reread this for the fifth or sixth time, I am still struck by the awesomeness of this opening prologue. It's easily one of the best fanfic openings that I've read, Protector of the Small series or otherwise. I remember it being just so intriguing the first time I read it and now when I know what events are being referred to I still love it. Actually this whole story is amazing.
SS chapter 1 . 3/13
This is an absolutely incredible story. I've read it more than once, and it never loses what makes it amazing. I just loved it.
Pepper Lemon chapter 51 . 3/13
oh my god wyldon and raoul having to organize a tournament together is the funniest thing ive ever pictured
Orange3WhiteSkew chapter 75 . 3/11
Yays! Kel and Alex are reunited. :)
SharpShootess chapter 83 . 3/5
It's remarkable that I've read this story three times in the past few years. Wonderful once again, and I hope you write another someday. Thanks!
RosieShak11 chapter 83 . 2/28
I seriously think this fanfic might be better than the original. I read it all in one session (about 5 hours!) and although the length became somewhat daunting I loved it all the way through. Kel's determination and maturity is so very her, and although I usually dislike fics that make children incredibly intelligent & over-achievers, in this it fit both the world (where they were expected to make big decisions young) and her character. I like that even while giving her these amazing skills, she was still believable and still very human. So well done! I should have reviewed before now but I was so caught up in the story! I was utterly shocked when I read an early A/N that said you were doing your GCSEs - that is seriously impressive to write this well that young. If you ever publish a book, write it on your bio because I would definitely be interested.
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