Reviews for Fallen
DizzyKade chapter 83 . 9/19
This... this wonderful work of art is AMAZING and RESPLENDENT and oh my lord I don't want it to end!
Guest chapter 83 . 7/31
Thank you for writing such an amazing story! I would love to read more from you, Gods all bless!
silvershadow chapter 79 . 7/29
Took me 4ever 2 read this story. I love it. Its the best!
MysteriousGuest chapter 27 . 7/27
You should write to Mrs. Pierce and talk about this being published. Seriously. You have a great writing style, likable and 3-dimensional characters (your own creations are very much included in this one), a vibrant and detailed setting (I actually like this version of Scanra better than the one in PotS), and a plot full of twists and turns that is still easily followable. The only thing I can find wrong with it is that the first few chapters are a bit slow, and have a bit more filler than they need. But other than that this is, without one doubt in my mind, the best fanfic I have ever read and I would love to have a copy of it in paperback!
Daisy chapter 83 . 7/27
This was a wonderful story to read. It was emotion provoking. I don't know how to give it the praise it deserves. Thank you so much for spending the time and energy to write it. Fallen is a truly great work of fan-fiction.
Lynny-the-fool chapter 83 . 7/23
You know, it was some one from the tamora pierce fan page that brought this fanfiction to my attention. I'm glad I had the opportunity to read this thoroughly. You did a wonderful job and the final touch of Aly at the end really wrapped the fic up for me. I hope you keep writing.

ChiChiChico chapter 83 . 7/20
This story has been amazing. When I first started reading it, I wasn't so sure I would like it, or if I would even finish it because of how long it was, and I wasn't sure how you could possibly take up 83 chapters with that simple shift in the story, but you completely proved me wrong and showed me that you can make an amazing, unique story out of one little change in a plotline. I loved the depth of this story, because it's more than just Kel going rogue or something cliché like that, it has a real, unique plotline, and it's a great one. You should definitely be proud of your story, because I absolutely loved it. I think my favorite thing that you did for this story was how balanced you made Kel. In the original books, Kel is a very balanced girl, with just as many flaws and weaknesses as her strengths and caring nature. You captured Tamora Pierce's character in such a way that I've never seen before in a fanfiction, and I commend you for it. I'm glad that I found your story, and I hope you continue to write, not just fanfiction, but your own books, because I know you'll be great at it if this story is any indication. Good luck and thank you!
Ntxais chapter 2 . 7/18
This is my second time reading this, and it still brings me to tears...
I love all of Tamora pirece's work with a passion, especially the tortallian novels. I've read each series multiple times, and this fanfiction makes me think that it could vary we'll be an alternate version of the original, written by Tamora peirce herself.
deets1 chapter 83 . 7/7
This was a beautiful story. So many times I forsook sleep and focus because I just couldn't wait to finish it. I read it for almost six hours straight when driving home. You built an entire country, an entire experience, an entire new Kel. It was really good. I wish it could go on forever. I could read about it forever. But you're right. It ended in a great place. I love how you flipped between Scanra and Tortall, emphasizing the differences. You very clearly illuminated the brutality so many Scanrans, young and old, had to face. Kel's youth and the way she was forced to mature so quickly and... It was great. I loved his. I have so many feelings.

This story reminds me of Hachin, a Mulan fanfiction, which, like Fallen, is the most reviewed fic in that archive. I love both these stories. They are my favorite stories in either archive, no question. Beautiful world-building, and character development.

This is one of the best examples of fanfiction. You made a brand new Kel. But she's not brand new. She's grown from the roots of First Test, and taken on a whole new experience. You changed her, but she still fit in the world, and the situation. She was no less the Protector than the canon Kel.

This story is so good because you changed so much, retained a ton, and made me and so many other people love it. That sounds circular, but I can't explain it much better. I've tried above without much success.

Just know that I love the richness in the characters and the cultures, and I will definitely read this again in he future. I love it. It was fun. Thank you so much for finishing it, even while in vet school.

Good luck now that you're out(?)
aniseed flower chapter 1 . 7/1
Aaahhhhhh! I just did a re read of fallen. Oh my gosh! Firstly.. I cant believe that I forgot it took 6/7 years to finish. But I am SOOOO glad you did. It really is an amazing story! Everything about it is just great. Thank you SO much for writing it and sharing with us. I cant say it enough. It really is an incredible journey that you have taken us on. Which brings me to a question. I have.. Lol. Have you finished your veterinary degree?! I just happened to notice its been 2 years! I hope thats going well for you! England is on the other side of the globe from little ole New Zealand. So I happen to know its summer over there. I hope you are enjoying it! Once again, thank you so very much for writing Fallen! :o)
emmares chapter 83 . 6/18
sizuka chan chapter 83 . 5/25
this story is magnificent. i was so captivated i sat for an entire afternoon just scrolling and clicking next chapter until i got to the end! a roller coaster of a plot ride, and i enjoyed every moment of it!
alicia rose potter chapter 83 . 5/17
Oh oh oh my goodness. I just found this yesterday, and I sat down and read the entire thing in one go. (It took me nearly eleven hours haha). This is amazing! Amazing! I'm a Harry Potter fanfic nerd, but I've recently been branching out and I'm so glad I did. I absolutely love how you told this story from the point of view of the Scanrans, and I think you did a marvelous job weaving in familiar characters in new ways. You've inspired me to start writing again. Thank you for that!
sweetmari chapter 49 . 5/16
Absolutely looove this story!
HandsomeAngel chapter 83 . 4/28
Thank you
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