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RosieShak11 chapter 83 . 2/28
I seriously think this fanfic might be better than the original. I read it all in one session (about 5 hours!) and although the length became somewhat daunting I loved it all the way through. Kel's determination and maturity is so very her, and although I usually dislike fics that make children incredibly intelligent & over-achievers, in this it fit both the world (where they were expected to make big decisions young) and her character. I like that even while giving her these amazing skills, she was still believable and still very human. So well done! I should have reviewed before now but I was so caught up in the story! I was utterly shocked when I read an early A/N that said you were doing your GCSEs - that is seriously impressive to write this well that young. If you ever publish a book, write it on your bio because I would definitely be interested.
Lady Stardreamer chapter 83 . 2/27
Fallen has to be my favorite story ever. The way you created an entire culture is amazing. You did an excellent job keeping Kel's main characteristics while adapting her to entirely different circumstances from the books. I was always so excited when I saw that you had updated another chapter and as interesting as it was to read the ending, I didn't want you to finish. Unfortunately, stories have to finish somewhere. Congratulations on completing such an amazing story.
elleminnowpee chapter 83 . 2/8
I'm not even sure when I originally found this story, but I do know that I've read all 83 chapters a minimum of three times- not including all the partial reads long before it was finished. If I had to give someone a list of my favorite books Fallen would be on there. It might be a work of fanfiction, but it honestly is a novel in it's own right.
1bibliophile chapter 83 . 1/29
Love the ending!
Leonia Pettigrew chapter 83 . 1/27
Sigh, perfection thank you.
lillilhope chapter 83 . 1/24
I am in mourning. How dare you! You have ruined all other fan tics for me. They will pale in comparison, I have never been more enthralled with a fanfic. Now how will I possibly read them? Ah but it is so worth it so worth it. And I am in mourning because your story has ended. Best Fanfic Ever! I love it, congratulations and may your life be good. Again, Best Fanfic Ever.
Noorah chapter 72 . 1/24
While I love this story a ton and am really enjoying it I think my favorite part is the relationship you've devolped between Kel and Raoul, Kel and Alanna, Kel and Neal and impressively Kel and Dom. As a forever girl for the K/N, I always find it scary to go into a story like this with a pairing I don't like, but you've crafted it in a way that seems almost right. While I do still hold a time flame of hope that this might end up with Kel and Neal together in Queenscove on that long ride and ending with them in love, I find myself ok with it not ending that way. You've made Dom into someone I respect, admire and have learned to trust.

Excellent work
rebornwhole chapter 83 . 1/22
Aaaaah! I'm not entirely sure if I've already reviewed this (I feel like I have, but, meh), but this is by far one of the most amazing fanfics I've read. Ever (and I've readca lot of fics, it's an addiction that doses not cost me any money, only ruins your eyesight!)
I think I've read this three or four times. That is the amount if awesome sauce occurring up in this fic. This is amazing. Thank you so much for writing this, Siriusly. God bless!
dragongirl92 chapter 83 . 1/18
An absolutely amazing, incredibly well written tale. I hope one day to read original (non-fanfic) work from you. You have done such an amazing job weaving this tale, I am sure any novel you write will be absolutely stunning. I've spent 15 of the last 28 hours reading this story from start to finish. Absolutely amazing indeed.
AkiFushi chapter 83 . 1/13
Ok. I just need to vent my thoughts on this because I'm feeling hella lost right now. Well. I feel kind of lost every time I reread Fallen and then realize it's over, actually. But anyway. I started reading this story when I was around eight or nine, before I even had a fanfiction account, which I got when I was around ten. I'm fifteen, almost sixteen now, and I feel like I've grown up with this story. I can't count how many times I've reread it from start to finish, considering it'd probably take multiple hands, truth be told, and it always hits me that I'll never get another e-mail saying that Fallen has been updated. It's really weird, because your story has always been extremely motivational and beautiful. The story of Keladry and Alex has enraptured me from the first day I read it, and it's oddly difficult for me to let go. I am fucking emotionally attached to this fanfiction, and probably need help. I'm kind of sorry for ranting to you sentimentally about a piece of writing that probably means even more to you than it does to even me, but I just felt like it needed to be said. Just to get this weird feeling of loss off my chest.
Yours truly,
KelAlexshipper4evah (What was I even thinking when I had made that penname up? #MyYoungerSelfWasHellaWeird)
Ash Cassidy's Maker chapter 2 . 1/11
Hi. I liked your fic a lot, but I only reached like chapter 20ish, because of the length. I went back when it was completed in its entirety and got overwhelmed by the length again. If you published this as an actual book, it would have over 1000000 pages around about. I did the math. It's still an impressive number if you divide it into four books. My point is that I think a lot of readers get discouraged by the length of your story, and I'm sorry for it, because I know that you're not really going to go back and reduce it almost two years later. So, sorry for not reading it in its entirety.
MangoBunny chapter 83 . 1/8
I remember reading "Fallen" during my middle school ages. I fell in love with the world of Tortall after discovering Tamora Pierce's novels in the school library, and immediately after getting home I logged myself on to one of my fav sites browsing for different fanfictions to indulge myself in. Your fic had had only one chapter back then, and like many other fics no mention of whether or not it would continue on wards, either way I sent the link of the fic to my email and forgot. After many years and a busy life I was pleasently surprised to return back to this fanfic to see it with 50 chapters. I thank you for the wonderful fanfic and the joy it gave me to find myself falling through the world of Tortall once again. It was wonderful to follow your work throughout the many years of my childhood.
Thank you for finishing this fiction and delivering this masterpiece.
c00kieMonster chapter 83 . 12/23/2014
I remembered this story on a whim today, and decided to come back and just read the final chapter out of nostalgia.. still amazing. I think it will take a lot of self control to keep myself from just reading the whole thing over again. Thank you. :)
Drifting Aura chapter 83 . 12/1/2014
Just finished reading it again! I have to read it at least three times a year and listen to the same music that I had playing in the background the first time I read the first chapters. FYI its a group called Secret Garden from their albums Dreamcatcher, Earthsongs, and Once In A Red Moon are perfect for Kel's journey through Fallen. Much love, strength and courage to you.
nightwolf13 chapter 83 . 11/28/2014
This is the series that in all honesty has changed my life the most. This is the first and most likely the only that has ever truly done it justice, along with the incredible writing talent that you have. I can only say that I am extremely lucky to have been able to find and read this incredible work. Keep on writing, and as Kel might have said, "May the Gods be with you."
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