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CACOPANMCO34 chapter 83 . 4/17/2017
I have to say I have read a number of fan fiction from different fandoms and very few have going the rank that this one has. I couldn't put it down and it literally was as if I was reading a book. The way you write not only draws you into the story but you become the story. I hope you don't stop writing. You have a gift and I hope to see more stories from you in the future.

P.S. I hope you continue the story of the next generation, Tobe and Kel's and Dom's little ones plus all of the others that are going to be born or raised in a world of revolution and freedom.
Ekela chapter 83 . 4/11/2017
So the saga ends. Thank you, I've had a fantastic time reading this over the last couple of days. I really do hope you have found time to continue writing during your busy life (now as a vet, I suppose?)

I would love to hear if you have written anything more since. D
Ekela chapter 60 . 4/9/2017
Wow. (Yes, this is another review which needs to start with a wow - I have a feeling all of mine will).

Words can barely begin to cover how nostalgic and moved I was by this chapter. I feel so sad that so much of canon Kel's relationships with her fellow squires has been so greatly changed. The fact that this makes canon Kel's experiences as a page and squire look so cushy is also upsetting. You have such a way of writing that it feels raw and painful to remember that Kel here was slaving away, killing and watching so many die rather than learning to command and fight in the relative safety of page training.

I loved that Kel still got to fight (and humiliate) Ansil even as I miss her getting to send him flying. Somehow though, it doesn't quite sit right with me that Kel would toy with him.

However, thank you for a fantastic chapter that moved me to review. Oh, and I love the Kel/Dom fluff!
Ekela chapter 33 . 4/9/2017
Wow. I just discovered your work this morning and I've been reading this in every spare moment since.

This is an absolutely fantastic fanfic and I'm really enjoying it and looking forward to seeing where this goes. I'm pretty certain Alex is the middle son who survived though I'm not sure if that's meant to be obvious or not?

You mentioned wanting TP to follow up with Dom/Kel which is the main reason I'm reviewing so long after you've finished. There's a fanfic on archive of our own called Lady Knight Volant which I found to be extremely satisfying on that count.

I also wanted to say just how awed I am over how super talented you are! I hope you have other work around and I will definitely look around for them after I've finished devouring this bit of awesomeness.
Burls chapter 82 . 3/30/2017
I don't know if you still read these but I wanted to say how much I enjoyed re-reading this. I devoured the whole thing in about 6 hours.

It heavily reminds me of reading it over time as you first published too, at least for the latter half. I enjoyed reading as I went through uni, and this was one of the few long term stories, novel really, that I kept coming back to.

Thank you.
Arurim Dhasku chapter 83 . 3/28/2017
This is seriously my favorite fic in the POTS archive, quite possibly in all of fanfiction. I've read it many times. It's amazing that someone can write over 400,000 words of quality writing. I can't even imagine writing something of this magnitude myself. It's perfect in practically every way.
Blurr chapter 83 . 3/18/2017
Wow! I remember reading this years ago when only maybe 10 chapeters were done, and I just found it again by chance. It's really amazing how intricate a story you created, and still managed to stay true to the characters. Very well done.
MaybeWhatIfWhoKnows chapter 83 . 2/27/2017
I've lost track of how many times I've read this story. Over the last couple of years I keep coming back to it, and it never gets old. I love how you took this idea and ran with it. This is easily one of, if not the best, fanfics I have ever read. I hope that you're still writing, and if not, you should. I would love to see a movie of this- it's that good.
a person d chapter 83 . 2/27/2017
So I just read all of this in three days, and holy freaking cow. Words do not express how much I want this to be a published novel I can display on my shelf and recommend to friends who avoid fanfiction like the plague. But at the same time, I got to read this for free and it was fantastic, so?
Ireland Scott of BROH chapter 67 . 2/16/2017
One of my favorite fanfics know to man. I read it over and over again!
TamashinoSuzume chapter 83 . 2/15/2017
I don't have the words to describe just how much this story was. Dialogue, character development, plot, foreshadowing, imagery, diction there wasn't a single flaw. Let me put it this way, I have an essay do in seven hours I was so stressed yesterday because I had to right most of it then and I still have a decent bit to go today. I was gonna get a few hours of sleep but then I found this. It is five in the fucking morning and I have never felt so at peace with the end of a story in my life. Thank you
Guest chapter 83 . 1/25/2017
This story is so wonderfully well done it blows my mind every time I return to it. It is a masterful reimagining and even addition to the series. Your characterization is so consistently spot on and your writing so well structured. This is a novel worthy of Tamora Pierce. Thank you so much for writing this.
Kimmytrainer chapter 38 . 1/21/2017
Alright I'm rereading this for the 6th or so time, and I noticed that your note at the end said your 17th birthday was coming up. I just can't believe you were 16 when you wrote the first third of this amazingness! I really, really hope you're a published author now because you're so talented; every time I come back to read this, I get sucked in like it's the first time. I know it's been over for a while but I'll still say it again, thank you so much for writing!
Lucy Gaol chapter 2 . 1/13/2017
Love your story so much!
ScatterBrain77 chapter 82 . 1/7/2017
I've read this story so many times now, but never cease to be awed by its pure artistry. It is truly an incredible story, with such vibrant characters and heartfelt emotion. Once again, well done and thank you for such an amazing story.
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