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Guest chapter 43 . 8/4/2013
ugh I wish this was complete:-(
SonnyAngel chapter 43 . 5/13/2009
aw, poor Zander! I feel for him. He wants so badly to tell Alexis who he is!

Now, where is Sam, btw? Now that the truth has been revealed about Zander's parentage, when will we find out that Sam is Anna's daughter and find out who her father is? I hope it's Robert, but I'll accept if it's Mac. I love Mac and with everyone in Port Charles having children, he only gets to raise someone else's children. But anyone other than Mac or Robert, I wouldn't like. *hint hint* LOL

anyway, update soon and I promise not to wait too long to read it.
SonnyAngel chapter 42 . 5/13/2009
omg, this is getting good! I can't believe I haven't read this chapter before today. But I'm glad I did today. I love this story so much! Now I'm gonna go read the latest chapter.
IlovetowriteSMP chapter 43 . 5/5/2009
Lorenzo was hot at the end of the chapter. Loved this part too

Zander's eyes fell to the ground. “I'm sorry. It's just that he doesn't love you the way that I do.”
IlovetowriteSMP chapter 42 . 5/5/2009
So loved this part:

Yea. I have a mom.” He looked at Lorenzo. “Am I still drunk or do I really have a mom?”

“You do.” Lorenzo nodded. “But don’t forget what I told you about her.”

“How come you never said anything?”

“About being your dad?”


“I’m a dangerous man Zander.”

And I hope Lorenzo does love Anna.
IlovetowriteSMP chapter 41 . 7/22/2008
Wow, to the Zander and Lo scene. I really love everything Lo, Anna, Zander, Sam related in this.

These are hot lines from Alexis/David

Alexis wrapped her arms around David. “I heard you’re not exactly an altar boy.”

“Well If I were an altar boy, I wouldn’t do this…” He pressed his lips against hers.

Oh my is this line deep

I felt like Anna killed Leora with her thoughts

Wow that line from Davis is heartbreaking, but it really gives David layers.

Wow, I could cry at reading the Lorenzo and Zander scene. That was freaking awesome.

These are the best lines, I swear, I love this part below

“Marry me.” Lorenzo got down on one knee and took her hand showering it with kisses. “I won’t kill you I swear.”

Sonny loves Alexis. Is this love love or love? I'm looking forward to finding out.
SonnyAngel chapter 41 . 7/20/2008
aw, I want this to be Sonny/Alexis. he loves her! and they have a baby together. *pouts*

anyway, great update. I hope Lorenzo makes inroads with Zander but I love drunk Lorenzo, btw. so sexy! LOL.
Ayshen chapter 41 . 7/18/2008
This story pretty much kicks ass.

Love the Lo/Zander vibe. Cracked up when he told him he was a pansy. Lo showing up at Anna's bedroom door drunk was priceless as was Robert showing up.

As much as I love Sexis...I wasn't mad at Lex for seeking solace in David's arms...but he loves her *le sigh*
IlovetowriteSMP chapter 40 . 7/7/2008
OMG, that was a fantastic chapter. Really loved Sonny in this one. Loved Lorenzo and Anna ( my faves in this story) and love Zander. Can't wait till there is another Zander and Sam scene.
Ayshen chapter 40 . 7/2/2008
Well I am officially not going to be able to wake up with the baby in the morning but staying up to read this was so worth it!

Seriously, I laughed, I's awesomeness...more soon.
IlovetowriteSMP chapter 39 . 6/1/2008
I really liked the Anna and Zander part. Love Sam and Zander, and Cam is a really cutie. Glad Lorenzo and Alexis didn't fall into bed together. Sad that Stefan isn't her perfect brother like she believes.

Looking forward to more.
SonnyAngel chapter 39 . 6/1/2008
aww, I loved the little "pretend family" thing with Anna, Zander, Cam and Sam. that was so sweet!

also, I love that Alexis is startng to remember. can't wait for more.
IlovetowriteSMP chapter 38 . 5/31/2008
Lorenzo and Anna are so complicated but I really do like the relationship you have been building between them.

And I love that Lorenzo cares so much for Sam and this line

Well you're wrong Princess. The ideal family should be love and nothing more...and defintiely nothing less.”

Wow, I love Zander. Love how much he cares for Molly and Kristina.

That sexis moment was wonderful and then david seeing it...Alexis having two men in her world, that's my dream!
IlovetowriteSMP chapter 37 . 5/31/2008
“I wanna be an angel too. Why can't I be an angel?”

Oh my. That's heartbreaking.

It was nice that all those people came together to explain it to Kristina.

I really loved this part

I'd die for her at this point. I can't lie to her. Especially not after she came clean to me about Kristina.”

“You do what you must Natasha.” Lorenzo gave Alexis a stern brow before storming out of the PCPD.

This part was great too

I think I want to birth his children.” Anna stared blankly out to the lake.

“That's huge. Birthing a man's babies...You hate babies.”

I'm glad you are sticking with this story as I really want to see what you come up with for the end.
SonnyAngel chapter 38 . 5/31/2008
wow, so much to talk about in this chapter, I don't know what to talk about. First off, of course...Mac is Sam's father. I'm glad for that and it'll be a little amusing for Sam and Robin to introduce each other to others as "this is my, my cousin". LOL.

Loved the little moment between Alexis and Mac, btw. That was so cute when he called her "babydoll".

ohh! and Zander...thank you for addressing him and Cam, if only indirectly. I knew he wouldn't ignore his only child on purpose...he was after all busy with Alexis and the girls. shame on Elizabeth for thinking so badly of him.

anyway, great chapter. I loved it.
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