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brucasxsarah chapter 2 . 2/20/2010
Re-read this today and you need to update, i don't care if its been years but i'm hooked and am desperatly seeking new chapter.
Julchen1515 chapter 1 . 12/19/2009
I Like it
iread chapter 2 . 5/15/2009
omg dude why did you ever stop writing this story? lol big fan of yours. just trying to keep the flame alive. PLEASE? lol. Did not expect Haley as the 'Veronica' of this whole thing. cool beans. Luvn the theme luvn the characterizations.
surfrusty chapter 2 . 5/12/2009
I totally think that you should continue this story! I love how you're writing it, with the flashbacks so strategically placed. Adhfgkfdgfd please update!
hopeflutters chapter 2 . 9/9/2008
I really hope you do post the 3rd chapter. I really love this dark theme you have going on! Please finish whenever, I won't say update soon because I know writers are busy so take your time and give us a nice chapter when it's ready ;]
H. James chapter 2 . 5/25/2008
So um, this is amazing. It's so different from anything I've ever read and it's really mind-blowing. The first chapter was so heartbreaking, to see how the absence of one of them made the others crumble like that. Brooke's speech was so important cause I think it set the tone for Peyton in this story. Since she's slightly AU, that part was great to tell us who she really is in all this. And I gotta say I like your version of Peyton than the original one. I like how the second chapter was all about Haley and how Peyton came into her life.

Now I'm curious about the timeline... it's not quite clear to me how old the kids are now. Cause they were freshmen when Haley got into the picture and now it's been 2 years since she left TH... how long exactly did she stay in TH anyway? I don't know if we were supposed to get that now or if you're going to explain it later.

And I hope you update soon and not make this an yearly update thing. LOL!
MyMelodyDreamz chapter 2 . 3/1/2008
WOW! I cannot stop reading this story~

It's simply intriguing~~ :D

Who killed Peyton?

Loved how ur explored each and everyone of the characters' thoughts~~

By LOVE did Haley refer to Peyton! or was it someone else?

Update soon~~ :D
Cherie Dennis chapter 2 . 2/22/2008
Wow. This was a seriously amazing chapter. Sorry it took me so long to read it - work's got me swamped.

Seriously, though. It was just as good as the last one. And I really, really, really hope you post another one soon.
naleylovex3 chapter 2 . 12/31/2007
wow. this is really good! its different than most stories but its really good. the way you describe the relationships is great. i was balling while reading the first chapter! hah you have to continue writing its too good!
danimariexo chapter 2 . 12/26/2007
lovelovelovelovelove it! please update soon!
othgirl2010 chapter 2 . 12/16/2007
tripnfallbri chapter 2 . 12/16/2007
This story is so dark and well written. The plot line is mysterious and intriguing and I'm hooked. It's so different and refreshing! And as much as I dislike Peyton (most of the time), I can't help but like her. You've made her fun, spontaneous, and spunky.

Everyone's relationship with Peyton and eachother was described so vividly. I couldn't help but fall in love with each character. And everyone's reactions to Peytons death were heartbreaking to read about, especially Brooke and Nathan's.

I don't particularly know why, but his line really suck out to me:

As he washes, he doesn’t question why he’s been fucking girls who look like Peyton when his first love was Brooke.

I guess it shows how close to Peyton Nathan was and how much he misses her.

You also wrote the Leyton so well that I didn't have to supress the urge to gag and actually found them slightly cute. I'm really curious as to where this all goes from here and how this story plays out. I hope to see an update soon!
toddntan chapter 2 . 12/16/2007
Loved this chapter too. poor Haley Bop, who doesn't miss ? tear Tear. Not much I can really comment on, but I must say that i like what i am reading. Update soon

toddntan chapter 1 . 12/16/2007
Oh my gosh! This is frickin EXTRAORDINARY! I am so hooked, who killed Peyton and she seems like such a good person in this fic. Usually I hate her, but you performed a Christmas miracle and made me love the chic. I also love how Brooke was decribing their relationship and who much she will miss her. gosh, I was crying like a little bitch! Then Lucas has this incredible flash back of how things used to be when Peyton wsa his girlfriend and I usually hate those too togther, but this was impossibly sweet. Then of course Nathan's just Breaks my heart. She was his sister- well stepsister- but his sister, and i would just have a mental breakdown if I lost one of my siblings. Gosh, this was amazing. Hahahaha, yeah, I think I am totally hooked and i am about to read the next chapter.

*AS of Right Now, You Biggest Fan* -LOL

BrookenLucas12 chapter 2 . 12/15/2007
God. I can't even begin to explain how much I love this story. Not only is this by far the most interesting OTH story I've read, but it's also so darkly well-written. I love how you paint the whole picture; Peyton, Brooke, Nathan, Haley, their life.. God, it's just fantastic. I saw that you definitely didn't get as many reviews as you did for your last chapter, but I hope that that doesn't stop you from writing this. It's seriously so good that you HAVE to finish it. Wow, it's.. I'm still shocked. I can't wait for the rest.

“But you can’t swim!” Brooke yelled, terror in her eyes.

“I can’t?” Peyton asked.

“I don’t think so,” Brooke answered, sounding less than sure.

“Should I just jump in and try?”

That little conversation had me chuckling a bit.
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