Reviews for Alone
Emily chapter 1 . 11/5/2012
HI again if u saw my super longz comment on ur 'She Smiled' story and just like that story u may have my 'extremely professional awesomely accurate point of vw on this and other random things': This story is.. Deep. Sincere. Thotful. Made me cry again for the 2nd time. Loving. Characteristic. Showing. Knowing. Yet 2 based off the real thing... U have 2 make somthing up write something that pplz that already watched the whole movie would wonder about and want 2 support u and urge u 2 update more on. Give a chance (probably awkward) meeting on kagura with sesshoumaru. Don't give so much of it 2 something we already know about, like I commented on b4 on ur 'She Smile'.. Alwayz the positive mind isn't it? I hope this constructive criticism 2 u still.. 2 many quotes and direct sayings.. I hope this is not wat ur other zelda naruto and wat-have-u (yugioh?) Stories r like.. Cuz that'd b wayy 2 boring that's y most of all the diets of food contain inu-kag EPILOGUES (and do uno wat that means? It means that u make the rest of it up by heart of which u no the character buildup so much for) o and I survive on eating candy-only diets.. (JK) that's y I'm so weird and thank u 4 paying or not paying attention 2 my mega huge awesome gigabit size comments.. (Ta-dah) this must certainly be longer than ur story by now, rite? I love junking up old (but still awesome) authors' website 2 c if they reply by commenting on their own webpost commentary area or posting in my imaginary menta bank fanfic collection of stories (which the inbox is always full of imaginary requests that I trash up my brain with or ignore) altho u can't get in unless u gotta license 4 brain docter, frankenstein-creators or bff/other creepy mind-reader person..signing off 4 serious without extra PS or anything else or notes 4 real- fanfic lover and Inu/Kag fanatic! (Teehee JK! I lied ;) FANATIC!
mediouzangushatia999 chapter 1 . 4/13/2008
Yasha147 chapter 1 . 12/31/2006
So sad, poor Kagura. In the beginning i was a little thrown off by the present tense, but by the end i liked it. Very in charactor, something only a few writers seem to be able to accomplish. It seemed to ramble a little but I liked the overall theme and the mood. I think Kagura and Sesshomaru's relationship gets twisted a bit in the fanfic world so i'm glad to see it done like this. Overall, a sad but beautiful oneshot that makes you greatful for all you have.