Reviews for Everyday happenings
InsaneTrio chapter 9 . 1/22/2007
ei! Kuruu here... i was asking you on what role you want here? and your name in the fic... it will be 20-30 chaps long or if i'm rely going to have a five page each chap i'll give 15-20 chaps... i was thinking of 16 chaps... but there is lots of twis and so i need it to be in a slow pace just to make the finale look good... and crying... i'll make you cry! i hope...

ne way... have you ever wonder why kizna have cat ears instead of another set of human ears? crade has a hypothesis...

crade: maybe the hispital ran out of human ears so they killed a cat and put it's ears on her... poor her... she'll never stand for one hour here in my city... um... yeah... my city... i thingk it's mine... COFFEE to YOU! XD

kuruu: fo ryou char on "Need" the gender the job, personality, and the name is yours... the apearance is mine (the eye color is yours) and the other statuses... deal? so via previous rev... chose... i'm to timid to retype here. i'll give yoiu tine to think by chapter 4 is out you should have chosen. be cause you, my dear, will be apearing in chap 5 and be out by the and to the last chap... based on your char.

okasamyn: and youre age also..

3: till next time, ja mata! _
InsaneTrio chapter 8 . 1/21/2007
Crade: hello again! coffee for you for the fic! wih! the two older ones have clases... i came to say to you that the fic dedicated to you for keeping on upgrading this fic is here now and kuruu sait that it is goung to be 15-20 chapies long...

moth... yih... in their char. profiles it says that they are lovers but desnt seem like it...

want to be a char in the Kuruu's fic 'Need'?

the characters are: a teacher, a doctor, one of the scientist, Heaven's new producer, assisstant manager of Azeon, a fortune teller, a caretaker of the apartment where Zero and others are staying, a nurse, a director, a fan, a spy, an official of some goverment agency... a good guy or a bad guy...

ne way... what are you? male/female? he, she or maybe it?
InsaneTrio chapter 7 . 1/11/2007
hello again!

kuruu: no comment... it's hard to think of one for this chapter... and here... mocha cake to you... you know the flavor of mocha? if you dont just mix 1 part coffee with 3-5 parts of a pure milk chocolate in the cup, with or with out sugar...

yup... mocha cake for you... keep up the good work... um... yeah... and probably by next week i'll post a 2 chap premear of my MK fic just for you... i think... if i get to type that much... warning... realy weird vampires... is your age 17up?

ok. ja mata! -
InsaneTrio chapter 7 . 1/5/2007
crade: hello there!

kuruu: ... poor girl...

okasamyn: u~ new story! where?

crade: no real comment here... to you i give my most beloved coffee for the fic... coffee to you!

kuruu: er... do i have to?

crade: yup.

kuruu: a small glass of vanilla vodca to you... if you're not old enough... i'll just give you some... cake or something not liquid...

okasamyn: milk chocolate for you! the hershie's kisses in the metal pack... yup...
InsaneTrio chapter 6 . 1/2/2007
crade here...

that's Yamagi not Yagami... what sort of fly is he? (the house fly, fruit fly, fly catcher?)

noe that you put that topic up... i just realized that he is sort of in the back in their team... you're right!

keep up the good work!

in this line...

"Hiead was the silent and brooding one."

and he is also the hateful and fury type of person... Hiead compares well to Suigintou in Rozen Maiden... and, well... um... yeah...

if i put up a fic here would you R and R too?

ja mata till next chapter. _
InsaneTrio chapter 5 . 12/19/2006
crade: hello crade here... _

fan? what color? what brand? fan? in goa? o0 fan?

ja mata _ more HieadxZero
kappy chapter 4 . 12/14/2006
dude, i like these. simple, subtle, and interesting. please write more .
InsaneTrio chapter 4 . 12/13/2006
crade: hello friend! _

i'll be placing a fic. soon... just need iced coffee to kik start the fun... you have a fault in some lines...

"Eh could stop if he wanted to." "The he inhaled…"

eh and the... needs to be changed to he and then...

yup... just that... want coffee? want any legal drink?
InsaneTrio chapter 3 . 12/10/2006
crade: i see... that's how you got pepper...

the other two aint here now they have to go to school...

clay... the brainiack... how wonder foul if ants were to invade then instead of victim... ants... hahahahahahaha... candidate for bugkiller... wait... what in hell am i thinking?

i think that you misspelled "special" with "speacial"

"One of the only candidates who use BRAIN over brawn.

He knew Hiead could kill him in a single second."

does that mean Hiead uses his brains too?

and last... this has nothing to do with your fic. my friend...

do you want me to post a fic here with chaps ranging from 10 to 40 chaps? or i'll just put up a 1-10 chap story? and will you rev?
InsaneTrio chapter 2 . 12/6/2006
kuruu: i see some bits of HxZ pairing and YxR... at chap one... were they in one room then Clay walked out leaving Hiead and Zero alone... right?

crade: at chap 2... YOU'RE BRILLIANT! but why you're brilliant i don't know... maybe for zero being "no one"...

okasamyn: in chap 2... why pepper?

kuruu: we have added you to the story alert list so don't waist our efforts and stop here like the others did, ok?

crade: keep on writting! want coffee? tea? milk? juice? chocolate? tell me what beverage you like ok? (sipps coffee)

okasamyn: till next chapter... ja mata! XD