Reviews for Sleep Wake Hope and Then
carocali chapter 1 . 12/9/2006
What a cool story. I don't usually go for the Jessica stories, but for some reason I clicked on it. I also don't typically like second person, but it was so well done. I guess what I'm saying is - boy I'm glad I decided to read this!

The way you get into Jess' head is really wonderful. She wants so bad to be with Sam; she even drops hints about their future. But she can tell there is something else about him. That dark secret he hasn't shared yet. She's willing to wait and take the chance. Poor girl.

Your imagery is stunning and you have a great flow to the story! Nicely done!


Ghostwriter chapter 1 . 12/9/2006
Ha ha ha ha. Too bad they didn't actually have that in the Pilot, 'cuz I can SO see that happenin'. Catch ya on the flip side.
SadeLyrate chapter 1 . 12/8/2006


So, so very sweet and...

...poor Sam...

...poor Jess...

And, damnit, why isn't there anything like this in canon?


Just like with "When by Now and Tree by Leaf", you manage to pull off wonderfully plausible ideas and words, painfully realistic dreams of a happy future, and Sam's deeply-ingrained Hunter-nature that comes up with a reasonable lie.

If only... -sigh-

That phone-conversation...Ah!

The three of them...makes me miss that there was only the very, very short of them together in the show. Dean's quips, Jess' dreams and understanding, Sam's skittishness...

Especially Sam's skittishness. I love the way you handle him.

He's simply adorable in both of these.

This is just what I needed, you know.

There are rabid fluff-bunnies outside my window, and this sort of easy-flowing what might have been is just the thing to feed them.

Thank You.

More? :)
04238 chapter 1 . 12/8/2006
Oh, gawd, this has gotta be the most perfect way to continue a fic like When by Now and Tree by Leaf.

i love how it was written in present tense, it made it really effective. beautifully written, i could picture the whole story in my head

Jess, i just love her. her dreams about what could be with her and Sam. its so sweet, and sad. when jess was telling sam about the dream, i was scared cause it seems like sam was mad, but sam, is just a sweetheart

'He was lying, and you know it. A career in fast food, no matter how horrifying for a man as intelligent and driven as Sam, wouldn’t make him break out in cold sweats and scream in his sleep. He’s dreaming about you, too. When he sobs your name the only thing you can do is clutch him tightly and press your lips to his temple until whatever he sees passes.

You can only hope that one day, he’ll trust you enough to tell you about the dreams.'

'“You tell him it is,” you tell Sam, “and that I said I know from personal experience that you don’t need compensation for anything.”' once again, i love jess

great job! what else can i say? one of my favourites

Thanks for sharing

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